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The Unexpected Benefits Of Going to a Foot Spa

Benefits Of Going to a Foot Spa

Today I want to let you in on a little secret that has changed my life.

That secret, my friends, is a foot spa. But wait wait wait. Let me give you specifics of how this foot spa can change YOUR life.

The foot spa is basically my office. 

What I do is call to book an appointment on a casual Tuesday ( sometimes I use a fake name because it’s fun – LOL ), block off the 60-90 minutes in my calendar then go, relax & WORK.

Sidenote: if you’re in Aspen, do yourself a favor & check out A1 Foot Spa. There is nothing better than skiing the slopes than coming down & getting a perfect foot massage. Trust me. Everyone goes to this spot so make sure you get a reservation in advance.

The Unexpected Benefits Of Going to a Foot Spa

What You Can Get Done At a Foot Spa:

♡ return texts to family & friends

♡ answer Instagram comments

♡ reply to work emails

♡ get an Instagram post or story ready

♡ share on Twitter

♡ make a to-do list

You guys know I’m a big fan of batching things like texts & emails so this is the perfect way to sit uninterrupted & get SO MUCH done.

Here’s the key: you need to go to a tiny, hole-in-the-wall foot spa. One that looks a bit sketchy, but isn’t. No one will talk to you, you can plug in your phone, get so much shit done, WHILE enjoying the most relaxing, deep tissue foot & leg scrub,  a massage session, pedicure- whatever. 

A 20 minute massage is a lot.  It gives me a block of time where I can get tons of little stuff done that I just can’t seem to get to since Zaza was born.

This is called passive multi-tasking. Maybe I made this up, maybe I didn’t but I do it all the time. Passive multi-tasking is all about doing one thing that uses your brain & energy, WHILE doing another thing that is kinda mindless.

Examples of Passive Multi-tasking:

♡ listen to an educational podcast while getting your nails done.

♡ hop on a work call while you take a walk.

♡ answer emails while you get a blowout at Drybar.

♡ answer DMs & social media comments while walking on a treadmill ( my fave ).

♡ listen to an audiobook while you pack/unpack.

♡ call your mom or dad while driving to catch up.

My favorite way to passive multi-task is to listen to a podcast & LEARN while I do something mindless like fold laundry, clean the house, walk to get a coffee, that kind of thing. I’ve learned so much from podcasts over the years that I think of everyone as my own personal mentor.

Ok so back to why the foot spa is the best fucking place in the world.  If you suffer from headaches, high blood pressure, foot and ankle injuries – pregnant woman – or even after a strengthening exercise, massaging the feet one to two times a week reduced symptoms and makes you feel more relaxed.

You’ll get to answer 100s of emails, answer 100s of DMs & make a new to-do list for the week. Now, let’s get into the benefits of a foot spa.

Benefits Of Foot Spa

♡ reduce headaches

♡ increase sex drive

♡ reduce anxiety

♡ a relaxing way to decompress

♡ can reduce foot swelling

♡ helps with plantar fasciitis ( my experience with that here )

♡ helps reduce blood pressure

♡ alleviates PMS

Can A Pregnant Woman Use A Foot Spa?

Definitely yes! The most frequently recommended alternative treatment for expectant women is foot spa, and for good reason. Relax your feet and ankles and unwind. Relax, particularly after a long day of standing with extra load. You deserve it for doing a terrific job of carrying that child.

Other benefits of foot massage:

+ For people that deal with depression and anxiety – daily foot massages can send a signal that stimulates the release of hormones such as endorphins, causing a relaxing effect that decreases anxiety and lower blood pressure.

+ You should know that most peoples say it’s not good to get a massage if you’re under 7 months pregnant. There are pressure points on the foot that can induce labor. During my 9th month, I missed having my feet rubbed so I went every single second.

+ People suffering from headaches and migraines can also benefit from foot spa as it may be able to relieve your pain. A massage therapist or also called reflexologist typically applies pressure to the inside of your big toe and second toe providing relief to your temporal lobes thus relieves headaches.

+ For people with sedentary lifestyle don’t use their feet muscles that much can cause pain and discomfort in doing physical activity, foot massages can help to reduce muscle soreness and joint pain. If you combine foot massages with stretching, you can potentially prevent any future injuries as well as speed up the recovery process of a previous injury. A short massage session a few times a week will lessen the risk of an injury.

+ A foot massage relaxes you and can also increase your sex life and desire. It’s been said that particular areas in the feet and ankles are energetically associated with the reproductive organs that gives a feeling of mild arousal. With a few minutes of gentle massaging with fragrant oils can produce a relaxed, sensual atmosphere.

Most foot spas do neck & back massages too, but then you can’t get shit done on your phone, so I tend to opt for the legs & feet only.

So I hope that you love this little work hack, go to the foot spa & reap all the benefits. Sure, they might look a bit sketchy, but trust me, they’re amazing.  You won’t believe how much you can accomplish, even in just 20 minutes. After the massage session, you’ll come out with an improved mood, and improved circulation, physically and mentally.

x, Lauryn

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  1. Nice post! I never realized a simple foot spa would be such a productive moment!!

  2. I have been to a foot spa & I 1000% agree that it’s amazing! I never thought to multitask with it, though! Thank you!

  3. Totally agree! It’s a win-win – you can get a ton of stuff done while taking some time out to relax. And how amazing you feel afterwards, I could get someone to rub my feet all day!

  4. I’ve started applying this while at the hair dresser too. Instead of staring at Social media while my highlights sit, I listen to a podcast or audiobook! Thanks ?

  5. How do you find a good foot spa? Any recs for finding one that’s good but not sketchy?

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