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Ummm…Seriously Dying!! Two Ingredient Pancakes…Gluten Free, Flourless, & Full of Protein

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, lifestyle blogger, and health blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, lifestyle blogger, and health blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Are you kidding me?! This recipe is ridiculous. A real LOL-er, right? Like, I’m never.ever.ever. making real pancakes again.

Lately this mashed banana + egg recipe has been blowing up the fitness/health blogs [ one lovely reader also recommended this to me + Blogilates + The Fitness Dish ]. For shits & giggles, I added my own touches: a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice, some ground flaxseed, a bit of vanilla, & a dash of cinnamon. But honestly, just the two measly ingredients of bananas & egg are perfection.

Ok. Let’s talk syrup. Buying low-sugar syrup does not equal healthy. In fact, filling your bod with fake sugars is bloating, makes you crave/eat more, & is full of disgusting, sick-o chemicals. If you love syrup on silver dollllllas, choose all-natural maple syrup & use it sparingly. Drenching them until they’re wilted is gross. I mean, is it necessary to have a side of pancakes with your syrup? Nope! Use a little & move on. I love making my own healthy, skinny syrup. It takes 5 seconds. So easy. So good.

Happy Tuesday!


Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, lifestyle blogger, and health blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

  The Skinny, Skinny Pancake

 { Serves 2-3 }

 1 mashed, super ripe banana

2 eggs

Coconut oil for the pan

My additions: a bit of pumpkin pie spice, 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed [ this really, really holds the mixture together ], a bit of vanilla, & a dash of cinnamon. Sometimes I’ll even add chia seeds!

Optional: all-natural maple syrup + berries

+ Directions: mash your banana with a fork. In another bowl whisk eggs. Mix eggs & banana together. Add my additions. Put the coconut oil in the pan [ on low-medium heat ]. Add a silver dollar-sized amount to the pan. Let the cake set for thirty seconds [ or when the center bubbles ] & flip it! Enjoy with berries & a bit of syrup. Option: if you’re pressed for time use a blender to mix your ingredients.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, lifestyle blogger, and health blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, lifestyle blogger, and health blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

    1. I find to make these edible, salt and pepper are absolute necessities, and a tablespoon of flour sure helps the consistency.

  1. This is awesome! I can’t wait to test these on my toddlers in the morning…and my husband…hell, and myself. Yum! 🙂



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  2. OMG, that sounds really delicious! I think I’ll try this recipe this weekend! I will tell you how it was! Thank you for your inspiring posts! Im so glad that I found your blog! And I am always happy to see a new post of you in my blogroll!

    Have a nice day! Here in Germany the weather is really awful… Rain, grey and 12°C…

  3. I will definitely try these pancakes! They look delicious and yet there are filled with protein and as long as they contain bananas you just can’t go wrong, right? I wil try this ASAP 🙂

  4. Oh, I’m so doing these today after gym ! Too bad I don’t know what size a silver dollar is…Google to the rescue !

  5. These were absolutely delicious! Just for future reference though, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, when heated to a high temperature in a pan, such as when making pancakes, causes the protein structure to change and that good, olive-y fat becomes a saturated fat! In some cases oils such as vegetable oil are much better because they will not become saturated when heated!

    1. Nooooo … use coconut oil – although it’s a saturated fat, it’s a very different kind of saturated fat than the ones your doctor wants you to avoid … and please be aware that almost all veggie oil is SO not good for you – it’s mostly all GMO now and besides, even polyunsaturates are stored as fat in your body. Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid that does not get stored as fat, but is used as energy immediately … it doesn’t require pancreatic enzymes or bile for digestion, and breaks down differently than poly or mono saturates, making it VERY healthy for you. Do yourself a favour and Stay away from vegetable oil for frying, and only use EVOO for uncooked dressings like that used for salads.

    2. Ounce for ounce, coconut oil has more saturated fat than butter, beef tallow, or lard. Coconut oil raises LDL cholesterol as much – or more – than animal fats.

  6. Lauryn, these are clever… Do they take on a banana flavor?
    I’ve been making a “protein pancake” recipe for years that is 3 ingredients: oats, cottage cheese & eggs [or egg whites]. I thought those were to die for but maybe this is the new trick… thanks for the tip!!
    Miss you, a group of us are going to try to visit you @ body rok!! 🙂

  7. I LOVE seeing 2-ingredient recipes w/o protein powder! au naturale, easy, and looking oh-so-delish! thanks for sharing

  8. I love anything that is gluten-free. Drizzling it with honey will make it even more attractive to eat. Will this make great breakfast for kids?

  9. I am just wondering if perhaps I am doing something wrong. I have tried making these three times and they just come out a soggy mess? Did anyone else have that trouble when you made them and if so have you found an adjustment to fix it? Right now I have only tried the egg and banana. I am not adding anything to it. I have tried with vegetable oil, olive oil and canola oil and all 3 times it has been the same. Can anyone help?

    1. Add flaxseed; it holds them together! Without the flaxseed they don’t hold together! XO.

    2. I think she means flax meal which is flax seed ground up. I only use the egg banana and a little pumpkin spice. I mix it in a food processor for a couple of minutes. Mine are not runny.

  10. Hey Lauryn!

    I tried these pancakes this morning and they are just yuuuuummmmyyy!
    Thank you for the recipe!

  11. Ohhh my gosh can’t wait until Saturday when I’ll get the ingredients to try these! Pancakes are one of my favourite things ever!

  12. I just {finally} tried these and LOVED them…plus they were husband approved! Thank you for sharing and always being an inspiration 🙂

  13. These are SO good!

    I melt a tiny bit of organic peanut butter and put that on them! The banana mixed with peanut butter….yummm

  14. These are SO good! Making them for the people I work with! Hope they love them as much as I do!

  15. I mentioned your site in my newest blog. Love these pancakes!

  16. I’M TRYING THIS THIS WEEK!!!!!! Can you tell from the all caps that this excites me greatly? 😛 Thanks for sharing!

  17. These were awesome! I took your advice with the flaxseed and it really helped keep everything together. Plus it made it that much healthier! I realized it is important to try to keep the pancakes smaller and thinner, but then again that’s just my opinion.

  18. Made them thus morning my kids love them and I did too. But I had 4 abd was not full. I wonder how many calories? I used 2 bananas and 4 eggs to maje a bunch.

  19. how did you get these to form? mine ended up being banana scrambled eggs, they were still yummy, but they didn’t look like silver dollar gems lol

  20. Very tasty! I agree, EVOO is not the oil of choice here, it’s burning temp is too low. Also needs a pinch of salt as the flavor seemed flat without it. Otherwise a great recipe and perfect for my 10 year old who is a carb hound at breakfast. Finally a way to please him AND me…he gets his pancakes, but these pancakes provide a vehicle to get a little protein into him in the morning! Win-win.

  21. I discovered this recipe two days ago from Blogilates on YouTube. All I can say is uh-mazing. I’m planning to incorporate these pancakes into my weekly meal plan now! Though one tip I have is to use a non-stick frying pan instead of coconut oil, that way you can cut down on more calories. I’ve also tried to re-create this recipe with steamed pumpkin, but I have to admit it taste better with banana.

  22. Ermagerd! My daughter lost her mind for these pancakes! We used coconut syrup and they were ah-mazing! One question though, I had a problem with the consistency of the batter. I was making them for a large group so I tripled the recipe, 3 bananas to 6 eggs, which led to more of a liquid than a batter. I added 1 cup of Krusteaz pancake mix and they came out fantastic. Though I was trying to avoid the pre-made mix, any tips?

  23. I just made these and tweaked them a little; I used one egg, one egg white, and a scoop of protein powder. They held together well and had a very nice banana flavour (although they did have a mild eggy flavour). Thanks for the inspo!

  24. My son is in love with these! He asks for pancakes just about everyday…he’s in that picky 3 year old slump. I tried these tonight and.told him it was a ‘secret recipe’ and he got super excited. After tasting then, he told me they were the best pancakes he’s ever had. So glad I found something healthier for him! Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  25. i cannot wait to get home to try these babies. . .healthy pancakes not so much when i’ll slather them in nutella. . .but if they taste as good as they look they may become my not-so-naughty treat when i’m off chocolate for lent! thanks for sharing!

  26. i tried these last night – they were excellent! totally changed my life – SO EASY! no weighing of anything! and while there was a very subtle banana taste, not so overpowering as i was expecting so could easily make them savoury. though of course i counteracted the healthiness by slathering them in nutella…. delish! x

  27. It seems, people are gonna “try” this recipe… well I’ve just whipped up these little pancakes, added seedless raspberry jam, chocolate spread and a touch of maple syrup. delightful !

    But before I got all extravagant, I did the recipe as it stand and my Girlfriend and I thought they were very good! New breakfast coming right up!

  28. Absolutely delicious!!! and because I’m dieting and I need to count my calories for now (it keeps me on track) I checked the pancakes calories on my favorite tool and it’s really low in calories:) !!! Thank You for sharing – your recipe is great:)

  29. So I tried these tonight and after a few I got tired of my pan sticking so I poured the rest of the batter ( I doubled the recipe) into a loaf pan, added a little cinnamon, and baked it until it was firm. Cut it into strips and it almost tastes like french toast 🙂

  30. So I tried this recipe out this morning. Sugars from banana scorched although I had it on low. Had trouble getting it all to stay stuck together while turning over. Likely, it’s because my silver dollars were about the circumference of a small coffee mug—which is the silver dollar size you get when you order this size pancake at a restaurant. Flavor was still awesome, however. Thinking I may add a couple tablespoons of coconut flour and see if it gives the egg more to bind to? Coconut oil is perfect for these! Thanks for the inspiration.

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  32. This is such an amazing recipe, can’t wait to try it out!!

  33. I literally make these 3 or 4 times a week. Made them for me and the man tonight for a “breakfast” dinner. I spread a little peanut butter on top and chop up a banana. HEAVEN

  34. My daughter woke up early and made these for the family for the first time. We were all shocked at how amazing they taste.

  35. I love maple agave in place of maple syrup or honey. Goes perfectly with these. Also a little pb or almond butter works too!

  36. OH MY GOD ITS SOOOOOO GOOOOOODOOODODOODDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OHHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. ok just a word of advice to anyone truly calorie counting…firstly you shouldn’t be… you just need to eat a balance and everything will balance for you…restricting is never good…. it usually causes weight gain rather than loss because your body is freaking out trying to survive on little nutrients….

    but I just wanted to say that making these you actually don’t need syrup at all…we’re used to it but if you make one and taste it youll see its actually super sweet already since its bananas…. I made my own version today with banana and apple blended in the blender with eggs and it was so sweet…I bought honey to put on it but ended up just leaving it behind…lol 5$ spent for some other time I guess….they were great and I just wanted to leave that note because if you need to watch your sugar think about it and try one without honey or syrup and you’ll see it actually needs no sweetener or anything…imo it doesn’t even need spices but thats just me 🙂 happy eating guys 😀

  38. Just tried making these with egg-whites only.. Epic fail. Added a little bit of gf flour to the second batch and awaiting results but this time I was able to flip them at least (as opposed to the soggy mess that happened the first time around….)

    1. Nope. I definitely wouldnt make them again without egg yolk – im sure that’s what is holding them together better for everyone else.

  39. I made the pancakes with 1 tsp of cinnamon added, and fresh strawberries on top. Delicious!

  40. Yummo! Husband loved these! I added in the flax, vanilla, pumpkin pie spice, and cinnamon. He said he didn’t need syrup or jelly, they were great by themselves.

  41. Okay. THOSE WERE GOOD! OMG! And I hardly had to put any syrup on them. The bananas made them sweet enough. Thanks for posting this!

  42. I’m gluten sensitive, and trying to stay on a “paleo” diet. I just tried this recipe, and it is indeed easy, the pumpkin pie spice is really genious! Have you tried incorporating coconut flour into your pancakes recipe? It’s also really easy and makes really tasty pancakes 🙂

  43. jz tried this yesterday! however i found it quite difficult to flip whole pancake as theres no flour…and burn quite easily? did you flip it with no difficulty? mines just ended up become a ‘pancake mixture’…:(

  44. Thank you – I’ve been seeing these posted on FB recently but couldn’t find the recipe. I followed your advice and included flaxseed, vanilla and cinnamon. After the first two pancakes I added a half tsp of baking powder and it made them a little fluffier. Also a tiny bit of salt. Trader Joe’s now has a coconut oil spray that works very well for this. The other thing I found is that you really have to keep the heat low – they get really dark really fast if you don’t.

  45. I’m so gonna try this on Monday! Pancakes for breakfast it is! 😀 thanks for the recipe!

  46. These are amazing!! I made them the last 2 mornings before work because they are so fast and easy to make. I added some chopped walnuts to the egg-banana batter and chia seeds (because I did not have flax around) and they held together great. Thank you for this great, simple, delish recipe!!

  47. Ohhhhh, that’s a really interesting way to make them. I really hadn’t thought of doing it like that. I made some last week: but next time I’m going to do it your way! Thanks for the recipe! x

  48. Wanna make it even better? Throw the whole mixture in a pan, don’t mash the banana so much, leave it lumpy, scramble the mixture with pumkin spice etc and drizzle with caramel a banana pudding to die for!

  49. Sadly my kids did not like these. Honestly, I didn’t either. I do like sour cream (or yogurt) pancakes .. another alternative for those who don’t care for these.

  50. I just tried it. My banana was on the small side, so I used only 1 egg.
    Cooked up nicely. And ummm, I’m hooked. No need for syrup. The banana
    gives it that sweetness your looking for. Next time, bigger banana’s. I guess the
    calorie count depends on the size of the banana.
    6 inch banana is about 55 calories.
    1 egg is about 80 calories
    1 teaspoon of oil 45 calories
    total breakfast calorie count is 180
    Who’s counting coffee with hazelnut.
    Time for my morning workout.

  51. Ok, I just made these and have one question. How the heck do ya flip them without them falling to bits? Tried all sorts…. lol

  52. Finally tried these pancakes. These are great! I’d rather make these than the regular pancakes with the grounded flax seeds too. I’m going to try it with just egg whites only next time.

  53. I thought palm oil was bad for you?

    Oh well, my pancake batter is now ready, and i am about to cook them!

  54. I just mede these and they are fantastic! My banana wasn’t super ripe, so I did use a bit of real maple syrup (I live in New England- no fake stuff crosses my lips). I added a little bit of chia seeds and a shake of cinnamon to my “batter”.

  55. I like the texture and also sprinkled a little cinnamon on the batter. I put our local Maple Syrup on them and they were sooo good!! I will pass this recipe on to those who are trying to find a good gluten free recipe!!

  56. I did this following Cassey’s (Blogilates) and mine turned out as scrambled eggs with banana? I mean, it was still pretty good – surprisingly – but I bet pancakes are way better. What did I do wrong? Thanks 🙂

  57. I cannot wait to try this recipe. My mother in law is gluten free and loves breakfast. I will try them out on her this weekend. Thank you so much!! I also wondered if they could be a yummy desert if you included like a raspberry and used an aebleskiver pan

  58. I’ve made the simple banana and egg recipe in the past but wasn’t to trhilled with it. I decided to look up recipes again and found your blog. I added in your extra ingredients (pumpkin spice, cinnamon, flax, and a little vanilla) and these are spectacular. I am eating them right now with a touch of maple syrup. Your recipe says serves 2 or 3 but I made these all for me. 🙂 YUMMY! Thanks!

  59. I whipped these up today and they were amazing! I didn’t have any of your add ins, but put a little cinnamon and raw agave nectar in mine and also added another half of a banana to thicken it up a bit. Yum!

  60. I do not have coconut oil.Can I use peanut butter or olive oil or something like this?I want to try this tomorrow!

  61. So sorry to have the only negative thing to say, but I made these and each pancake was soo burned! It was probably just me, but can you think why? I used a thawed banana that had been in the freezer, and just added a little cinnamon. I cooked them on med, and then med-low heat, and they all were black on the bottom before they even started to bubble or get firm enough to flip 🙁 any suggestions?

  62. That made my wife very happy 🙂
    It’s a nice way to brake up her eggs in the morning 🙂

  63. I have seen this recipe loads of times, but you somehow manage to make it look so much more appetising than anyone else! Definitely giving this a go 🙂

  64. Goes perfect with The Daniel plan Im on. Cant wait to try,and hopefully add another recipe to my list. Tell u how it goes.

  65. Do you think adding some raw honey to the egg + bannana would go well??? I have seen a lot of recipes that add a tablespoon or two of penaut butter to the egg + bannana and I figure the raw honey is about the same consistenancy as peanut butter.

  66. Just tried these today am. They are delish! So easy to make! I will be telling my friends who are living gluten free carb free lifestyles! Must try!!! Makes about 5 pancakes, Instead of maple syrup, I used agave nectar as a sweetener, since it has low glycemic index!

  67. I have a recipe that adds walnuts, and in a pinch I resorted to Almonds this morning. If you can add the nuts I highly recommend it! super tasty and a great way to get some walnuts into your diet. 😉

  68. Loved these! Made them this morning as an alternative b-fast to my green smoothie. I added some blueberries to the mix along with hemp hearts for an extra pump of protein and good fiber. Instead of maple syrup I used organic, unsalted peanut butter (the one from TJ) and they were awesome!

    Love your blog girlie!

  69. Thanks for this!
    I just tried these, very handy as I was debating on what to have for breakfast and had 2 over-ripe bananas staring at me!
    Just one thing though, I found them to be a bit ‘watery’, would adding a few wholegrain oats work? And if so how much would I use and would I need to adjust the cooking time?

  70. Tried them this morning. Tasted great. I suggest not using the blender though. It made the “batter” too thin.

  71. Hey, I made these post gym! Yum! I added a tbsp coconut flour (for flavour & as I had some in the pantry!) & a dash of milk. I work out 240 kcals for whole recipe though? [eggs ~70 each, banana ~100] how did you arrive at 2-3 servings at 230 each? Thanks

  72. Hey, I made these post gym! Yum! I added a tbsp coconut flour (for flavour & as I had some in the pantry!) & a dash of milk. I work out 240 kcals for whole recipe though? [eggs ~70 each, banana ~100] how did you arrive at 2-3 servings at 230 each? Thanks

  73. have you ever tried this with just egg whites?
    I just tried it with egg whites and a bit of my protein powder to help bind it, and i basically had vanilla scrambled eggs…. they were delicious though 🙂

  74. I’ve tried this 2 ingredients pancakes this morning for breakfast… One of the most delicious (and easiest to prepare) things I’ve ever eaten!!!
    Thank you for the suggestion!

  75. Great taste and easy to make. A bit on the sweet side. I actually went with 1 banana and 1 egg and the pancakes were still good!

  76. Excellent pancake recipe! Just made these delicious morsels for my family with a pile of blueberries and strawberries and a few drops of maple syrup, and they loved it! Definitely going to be making these again 🙂

  77. I’ve made them but they seem a bit soft in the middle. Is this right? Scared I’m going to give myself food poisoning and I have cooked them for the right length if time too!

  78. Just tried the recipe…..freaking awesome! Been so long since I had pancakes, it was heavenly! I used peanut butter and my homemade maple syrup and couldn’t even taste banana at all. They just tasted like pancakes!!! Even better!! To make homemade maple tasting syrup….. 2 cups brown sugar with 1 cup of water. Bring to slow boil. Boil up to 5 minutes to how thick you like your syrup. Store in glass bottles in fridge. That’s almost as easy as pancakes!!! Thank You So Much for the recipe…you have made my day believe me.

  79. Honestly, it’s not the same texture than regular pancakes. It’s a little like a omelette texture. But the taste is good! A good variation for regular pancakes. 😉

  80. I must make my pancakes too big because they have a hard time setting in the middle. I’m going to buy a food processor and see if it helps (and make them smaller)

  81. I tried this with one egg and it serves one! So yey! You can also use peanut butter on the side. The sweetness of the banana is balances by the peanut butter 😉

  82. Fantabulous!! Tastes delish!!!! U don’t even need fatty and sugar-full syrup!! Cuz it’s naturally sweet!! Dur!!! Love this recipe!!!! P.s: I just use PAM!!!

  83. I just made this for breakfast and I’m really quite impressed. I used the additional flaxseed in the mixture and added a bit of maple syrup. It’s a good, quick recipe that tasted quite yummy. I’ll be adding cinnamon to it next time just for a spicy addition in flavour and definitely going to serve it with strawberries. Thank you for this healthy alternative to a breakfast I crave and love a lot!

  84. I just made these, and I am not the cook in the household. I served with Greek Yoghurt and Strawberries and they were delicious. Thank you, really enjoyed them. New breakfast for me.

  85. Hello Lauryn, This is Ayan from Bangalore, India. My wife and I were looking out for a simple banana pancake recipe and stumbled across yours. I must say, it was really, very easy to prepare and cook, and in the end, the pancakes were delicious. Adding flaxseeds was a great idea. Thank you.

  86. Just tried these this morning and they were amazing! Super easy to make to.
    Had mine with low fat live yogurt and blueberries.
    Life changing

  87. These are delish!! Agree with Lily-Ann, gotta use coconut oil. We consume a lot of coconut oil in our family, the readily available energy and the lack of fat storage is amazing. We even add it to our morning coffee. It truly does wonders for your overall health, and skin!!! Try adding a dab of local honey, especially if you are allergy prone instead of syrup!

  88. I made this healthy pancakes, after cooking them I added peanut butter on top and a bit a lite syrup. I will make them again, however I will add a teaspoon of brown sugar to the mixture in addition to the recommendations above.

  89. I just tried to make these… failed quite epicly! Gonna give them another try soon. They were just all wet and floppy.

  90. A little disappointed. I wanted to like these pancakes, as I’m trying to eat healthier, but they just didn’t do it for me. I grew up on sugary, fatty, gluten-y bisquick pancakes so it’s no wonder my taste buds rejected this imposter. Additionally, I wasn’t able to fully follow the directions. We only had fresh ripe bananas, and I ended up using 2 because the hand mixer made the batter really soupy. I added cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and a little honey. I forgot the vanilla (oops.. Don’t think it would have made that much of a difference though) and we didn’t have flax seed. I ended up adding chocolate chips to help the flavor, which I know kinda defeats the purpose. Anyway, glad I at least gave it a shot so I can stop wondering!

  91. Made these this morning and OMG I love them even better with the flaxseed!!! But me and my boyfriend put a new “jam” I made on them! It’s just 1 1/3 cup strawberries, 2/3 cup rhubarb, 2tbsp chia seeds and honey to taste. Just put them all in the blender and blend well, put into a container and refridigate over night! So yummy!!!

  92. I don’t get it. How can this be called delicious? Ok maybe. As a substitute if you really can’t or won’t eat pancakes.

  93. I first came across this recipe on your blog and I am still obsessed. I just posted about it and how inspirational TSC has been for me. It’s amazing how much your blog has evolved over the last few years. Keep kicking ass! 🙂

  94. These are so delicious! I added a little peanut butter and didn’t even need syrup!
    How have I lived 24 years of my life without these?

  95. I just tried these and maybe my eggs were too big or the banana was too small but way too runnie, it was more like scrambled eggs with a banana in it. Maybe one egg with one banana ?? Anyone else have this problem?

  96. SO GOOD! Eat these every day. Ran out of syrup, so i used yogurt on top, which is amaze. also, if you feel like switching it up, pour on the mixture and fry like scrambled eggs, then mix with yogurt! It sounds weird, but it’s super good.

  97. I typically buy rather small bananas about 8-9″ long. do you have any idea how much bananas should be mixed with the eggs… 1/2 cup -1 cup?

  98. Just made this cuz I had a lonely rip banana. My changes, 1 egg, 1 tsp flaxseed, salt, pepper, ground cinnamon. Made in coconut oil. Topped with honey n a bit of guac. So nummy!

  99. These were great! I used your recipe except only 1 T. ground flax seed. I put thawed blackberries, picked last summer, on the first batch, then added plain Greek yogurt to the blackberries on the second batch. Both were yummy. Saved one for my dog and he gobbled it up!

  100. Thank you for 2 ingredient pancakes!
    So glad to see our young ladies eating and living healthy…you are a great role model for our children!


  101. Can you taste the banana in these ? I’m not a big fan of bananas so am worried I wouldn’t like them!

    1. I always love your useful food recipes. Today, i was trying to make similar like yours ;). But not get enough success 🙁

  102. Can’t wait to try this as soon as possible! 🙂 The things is good for bodybuilding. Can you share another recipe idea with us in your next article like this? I am waiting. Anyway, great work.

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