Ugh! I Hate Getting Sick

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[ Westin, Michael, and I at Wood & Vine in LA ]

Yesterday we had to go up to LA for the day/night & today I can feel myself getting sick [ ugggghhhh -_- ]. And I.Am.Not.Happy.About.It. Sorry for the short the post but to fight this off I need tons of rest, gallons of water, Vitamin B, C, & D, Echinacea, a little TLC, & some maybe even some spaghetti squash [ it has cold fighting vitamins in it ]. Hopefully you’re all feeling amazing!

Oh! And the winner of the Sweaty Betty Giveaway is: Rebecca Dodd- congrats!





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5 replies to “Ugh! I Hate Getting Sick”

  1. Hey Lauryn! Feel better soon! But I have to tell you to look into Vemma (a liquid vitamin, essential minerals, and mangosteen product). I ALWAYS used to get sick at least once a winter/spring and I haven’t even come close to being sick since I started taking Vemma in October. I know you are on top of your vitamins and supplements, but this stuff is seriously amazing. (You can shoot me an email if you want to know more).