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Typical At-Home Date With Boone, Pixy, & Michael

a date night in | by the skinny confidential

a date night in | by the skinny confidential

As you know, the theme around my house lately has been date night IN…Definitely not date night out.

My recovery from my recent surgery was much more intense than I anticipated, so I’ve been doing what I can, AT HOME.

MAN, is it hard to be creative when 1.) your face feels like a balloon, 2.) you don’t really want to leave the house, 3.) you’re more tired than normal, which presents a problem when you want to make a nice night at home for your man.

Also if we are being honest? An at home date night is way more difficult to host when you live together. Can we talk about this for a minute though? When you live apart it’s easier to get everything set up & order take out & pretend that you spent a gazillion hours in the kitchen, sweating over a hot stove. When you live together…you can’t really fake it.

Thank God for Postmates because I literally ordered fresh chicken, soup, and veggies & secretly set it up as quickly as possible when Michael wasn’t looking.

a date night in | by the skinny confidential

a date night in | by the skinny confidential

For clothes on this particular night, I wanted to look pretty but comfortable. When I set up a date night at home, I never want to go too overboard. Too overboard would be like a skin tight mini dress with 5 inch heels and way too much makeup. I found this site called Golden Tote which is basically an online personal shopper. The site asks you some questions about your style & basically puts together a cute little bag o,f chic goodies. This white & blue get up was perfect for a date night in because it was comfortable AND super cute. I especially love the tie around the waist feature.

I kept my makeup simple & did a Sleep Bun to curl my hair ( braid was from night before )— fancy, smancy right.

a date night in | by the skinny confidential

{ top | lace skirtpumps | clutch | watch }

Lastly, I set the tone with champagne scented candles, smooth Nova Lapa jazz, lemongrass essential oils, & grapefruit mocktails.

Mocktails have become a staple in our house on the weekdays. All you do is add a bottle of sparkling water over ice with 1/2 grapefruit’s juice, a few dashes of grapefruit bitters, a splash of pomegranate juice, & your favorite herb (I like basil lately).

Anyway, our latest at home date night ended with THE BEST MOVIE EVER: Along Came Polly.

Very much looking forward to my swelling going down so I can rock this outfit OUTSIDE!

Chat soon, lauryn x

{ pics }

+ Golden
Tote ( more options here too ) also sent me this hot number— another fabulous dress for women on the go who don’t have time to shop! I’m for sure rocking this on a future date night:

a date night in | by the skinny confidential


a date night in | by the skinny confidential


  1. Great movie choice! Another suggestion is Sabrina (with Audrey Hepburn) if you haven’t seen it yet.
    Another great way to set up an at-home date night while preserving SOME of the mystery is to kick the SO out of the house for a bit. In the nicest, you’ll-thank-me-later way + push him out the door with a mischievous smile. 😉

    1. Hi Dana, LOVE IT. I’ll have to think of some errands for him to run for me, lol! Love multi tasking. Thanks for reading :))

  2. Love this – I always love seeing how couples spend their time – at home – and typical date nights. Those nights are really the most special! I’m with you, staying IN is so much more fun than going out – even better with the pups! Also +1 to Sabrina mentioned above – SUCH a great movie!!

  3. I love date nights in! Most times we order some sushi and watch a movie together. But I never look so stylish though. More sweatpants on haha. Maybe should rethink that

  4. I loveeee date night’s at home! Seriously the best. Now I just need to find myself a bf… LOL 😛

  5. Hi from a fan downunder! Love your blog, the watch you are wearing in date night at home (doesnt seem like a Nixon)…. I need to get one, please share the brand. Take care, you are fabulous

  6. Absolutely LOVE that last pink/red number. Cannot wait to see a date night featuring that! You always have the most adorable outfits.

  7. First off, love the prominent feature of the pup – our dogs are always a featured part of our nights in. : ) I really hope you feel better enough to go out for real by the time you get back from Europe. I love staying in – last night we did a hybrid in/out night with home-made Thai chicken burgers and wine followed by ping-pong and trivia at our local bar. Fun. I wore j brand flare jeans and a silky top.



    1. Thanks Catherine, love your date night idea. Michael and I have some great bars near our place so we can just walk down there. Thanks for reading :))

  8. I do date night in too for my hubby, I usually like to make it picnic style with cheese and wine, in front of the tv.

    Love the hair, so simple yet so pretty!



  9. I recently broke my ankle, not as much pain as your surgery, but my French bulldog Eloise was a huge part of my healing process. Eloise new I was in pain and never left my side. The healing power of an animal is much stronger than any other medicine. I wish you a speedy recovery

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