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TV Personality & Sportscaster Alex Curry: Skinnista of the Month

Alex Curry and Lauryn Evarts talk Angels, skinny tips, and weight loss tricks.

Alex Curry is hot, talented, toned, & completely gluten-free. Her & I attended SDSU together and since then, her career has skyrocketed. She’s currently a popular TV personality- check her out on LA’s top sports news channels!

It was so much fun picking her brain on all things healthy [ let me tell ya, this girl knows how to eat right ]. And so, without further ado, I’ll introduce the Skinnista herself:

+ Describe Yourself:

I’m a life lover, music fanatic, sports fan, health nut, yogi, & adventure seeker. I’m very passionate & hard-working. I’m a dreamer & believer. I’m motivated & love to motivate others to follow their dreams!

+ Since your profession requires you to always be on the go, how do you stay healthy?

I stay consistent with my workouts, eat healthy, & get lots of sleep. If I’m having a crazy busy week, I’ll prep food on Sunday so that I have healthy quick meals on the go. I usually make a cup of quinoa, peel a rotisserie chicken [ stored in Tupperware ], grill some veggies, & buy pre-cut lettuce. If I’m out all day, I pack a lot of snacks so I don’t miss a meal.

+ Let’s talk gluten-free…

My family and I have been gluten free for four years, & since being on the diet I have been bellyache free. It’s awesome! I used to feel sick after every meal, & now I feel healthier than ever. My tip for any new gluten-freak would be to focus on all the amazing foods you CAN eat. My favorite brands can be found here.

+ Quick skinny tip?

A week before a shoot I go into skinny mode: two work outs a day paired with the quinoa diet. I rotate my workouts between yoga, circuit training, running, & two hundred crunches before bed. I’ll start my morning with a protein smoothie, snack during the day then make a veggie, & quinoa medley for dinner [ always before 7:30 pm ].

+ Weekly workout schedule?

I try to be active everyday; I love being outside so if I miss a daily yoga class or circuit training session I’ll go for a walk, run, &/or bike ride. Most importantly, I don’t stress if I miss a day.

Alex Curry and Lauryn Evarts talk Angels, skinny tips, and weight loss tricks.

+ Favorite go-to healthy food?

I LOVE quinoa, it’s kind of a weird obsession, but it’s the perfect diet food. Quinoa is exceptionally high in protein, amino acids, iron, fiber, & magnesium [ key for everything from mood support to electrolyte balance ]. Being fiber-rich it fills you up and gives you slow-burn energy [ meaning you feel full longer, thus reducing your appetite ]. Finally, quinoa’s high protein helps you burn fat and calories. The quinoa diet works every time!

Favorite snacks would be cucumbers and Trader Joe’s edamame hummus, tempha, avocados, gluten-free granola, & apples.

+ Motivation to stay in shape?

Knowing how happy & healthy I feel when I’m in shape. Also, being on camera everyday is a nice kick in the butt to stay in shape.

+ Best beauty product?

My Temptu airbrush machine! It’s been a lifesaver now that I have to do my own make-up on camera & Dior mascara.

+ Natural beauty remedy?

No remedies; just lots of water, sleep, exercise, & eating organic close to the source foods.

+ Secret model tip for diet & health?

Portion your meals! If you’re eating out or making food, only eat half and save the rest for later…you’ll be surprised how full and content you will be. Also, eat on smaller plates or bowls. We tend to overeat, but if you portion what you eat you’ll be on the right path for any diet.

Alex Curry and Lauryn Evarts talk Angels, skinny tips, and weight loss tricks.

+ Easy recipe you love? 

++ Green Monster [ breakfast ]:

1 banana

Handful of blueberries

2+ leaves of kale

Almond milk


Directions: blend together.

++ Coconut Veggie Quinoa [ lunch/dinner ]:

1 cup quinoa

Chicken broth  [ or veggie broth ]

Coconut oil






Pinch of sea salt

Pot w/ lid

Sauce pan w/ lid

Directions: cook 1 cup of quinoa in 2 cups of chicken broth. Bring to a boil, then cook on low for 17 minutes [ w/ lid on ]. Chop veggies, then sauté eggplant, zucchini, & squash in a spoonful of coconut oil on medium/low. After 7 minutes add the spinach & lid. Broil broccoli [ I usually broil until the edges turn light green, but still dark in middle ], strain, then set aside. Once all is cooked, mix the veggies and quinoa in the sauce pan and stir it up. I usually season with two pinches of sea salt.


+ Ummm…yum! To follow Alex on Twitter, click here. For more info on Alex, you can find her cute blog here.

Alex Curry and Lauryn Evarts talk Angels, skinny tips, and weight loss tricks.

Alex Curry and Lauryn Evarts talk Angels, skinny tips, and weight loss tricks.

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