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the skinny confidential talks negativity | by the skinny confidential

Raise your hand if you know someone who’s ALWAYS negative!!!

I feel like we ALL have that one person.

You know the person that just can never see the positive? Or someone who always spins something fun into something…MEH? Oh my God. Do you know what I mean though? Is this rude of me to call this out? I can’t deal with the negativity. Like, listen! STOP. The negative energy is just suffocating really.

Unfortunately there’s a tremendous amount of people who are well, negative.

So yes, it’s a topic that needs to be discussed, you know?

This post comes at an ideal time because the latest episode of TSC Podcast is LIVE & the theme is just very clear throughout: positivity is obviously incredibly more powerful than negativity.

To begin, negativity in any situation is horrid. That’s what it is. Listen, if you’re constantly spewing it, eventually it’s going to end up all over you. Plus it really does NO good. Like, think about it though. What good does negativity do? So, yea – negative vibes, that’s one thing I think needs to just be unacceptable.

I get it though. Sometimes you just feel shitty & need to get it out BUT if you’re trying to live a positive life, project positive energy…OVERALL.

The worst thing on earth is when someone comes to YOU with a negative situation & you join in on the conversation in a cynical way.

This past year I’ve really watched myself.

Instead of being a part of the problem, I fire back with positives.

Basically think of it as a battery. Someone throws you a negative, fire back with a positive. What happens when they mix? Neutral.

Accept that there are good days…& there are bad days. And on bad days you need positive, uplifting people surrounding you. Not people who are making your situation worse.

My advice for anyone who’s struggling with this topic: take a PEOPLE INVENTORY. Seriously, I did last year & wrote down a list of people who added life to my life. Anyone that sucked me like a Dementor’s Kiss from Harry Potter was put on the back burner. And I’m not sorry about it. At all, in fact.

( A Dementor’s Kiss, by the way, is the act of a Dementor sucking out a person’s soul. It was sometimes used as a sentence for criminals by the Ministry of Magic, and is considered a fate worse than death… ).

Point: whenever you’re feeling negative, try to be positive because ultimately, it doesn’t just hurt other people…IT HURTS YOU.

On that note: KEEP moving forward, stay in your own ( positive ) lane, & screw negativity. Really, it does nothing.

Guys, we’re getting so deep today!

Ok, ok – who’s listened to EPISODE 13? Thoughts?

& if you’re wondering – yes, it really does take Michael 20 minutes to do his hair.

For more about THAT…& this topic, head over to the FREE TSC Podcast on iTunes!

See ya tomorrow, lauryn x


  1. Definitely a crucial reminder and message on the power of positivity – it can be hard to ignore the negativity, but it gets easier with more confidence and strength. As for the new podcast episode – I clicked on Episode 13, and it was playing Episode 12 content (I even refreshed the podcast a few times to make sure I wasn’t selecting the wrong one). As much as I loved Episode 12 and 1-11, I’m dying to hear the latest episode! Haha. Just want to know if I’m doing something wrong or if the wrong file is listed as Episode 13. Regardless, thank you and Michael again for creating such a fun, informative podcast!

  2. SO agree. A family member very close to me tends to be more negative and even gets upset with me for always finding a positive (“taking the other side”). Hopefully positivity will brush off on others! Really enjoying the podcast BTW 🙂

    1. Stay bright Katie and the positivity will have to brush off!!
      Thanks for all of your support with TSC : )

  3. I am so beyond in love at your Harry Potter knowledge!

    But for real…PREACH girl. Negativity is something I struggle with and it really does no good. Such a waste of time…and it leaves you feeling worse than just moving on and working past it. Taking this to heart, for sure.

  4. Preach! I love my dad to bits,s but he can be SOOO negative about things & it really brings things down, ya know? No matter how negative I’m feeling about things in my own life, I always try to be a positive light to the people in my life, & luckily that positivity is usually given right back!

  5. Negativity & anxiety is something I deal with too and the people close to me sometimes have to deal with it, it sucks!

    I think I’m going to start feeling less guilty about who I cut out of my life & start to focus my energy on people who bring me up.

    1. YES! It’s so important to focus on people who bring you up Akansha.
      Thanks for your support : )

  6. Great post mama. I definitely think about the people in my life and what each person is going to bring. It’s so key to constantly check and re-check who you surround yourself with. Also, to see if you’re possibly being negative, or putting off any vibes to them too! Works both ways but theres a reason for certain feelings.

    Thanks for sharing – love it

  7. Easier said than done, but it’s DEFINITELY possible. Shit happens, but we can pick ourselves up, learn from what happens and move on and become stronger afterwards! It all starts with a positive and hopeful mindset, as well as gratitude for everything that we already have.

  8. I love this post. So true. Life is just too short to deal with people who’ll drag you down. Getting “older” I also did an “inventory” of my friends and maybe there are fewer now, however life is so much more on point.
    lauryn I wanted to ask you, why one can not go back and forth while listening to your podcast here on the side. I think that would be VERY great. You are really flourishing here with your TSC. x, liz

  9. I was having such a bad day yesterday and when I came home I lit some candles and read this post and it literally turned my night around. Thank you!

  10. How I really wish that those people I know that just suck the life out of every situation could read this blog post. I cannot agree with you more, positivity is key! And there is no reason to go on in life being a miserable person when there’s an opportunity to look at the bright side of everything.

  11. ok but seriously this reminder is SO real! When i was in college i took a class on happiness, and for 2 weeks we were asked to NOT be negative like literally be conscious about it. and we recorded our thoughts after every day and then reflected back. it’s literally amazing. like how cool that it can change your mood, and everyone else’s mood if you are just simply positive instead of negative?! so smart!! xo


    1. WOW that class sounds so interesting!! It really makes such a difference.
      Thanks for the support Lauren

  12. Love this article Lauryn! I have a real aversion to negative people and I have had to deal with loved ones that just didn’t have good energy. It’s so important to keep our energy clean and positive and have people around us that have the same vibe. Keep up the amazing work! Love the podcast too! Geneviève xoxo

  13. You can’t stand negative folks?! Well, suck it the hell up! They’ll always exist no matter what! So fuck your positivity and let negativity be!

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