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Turmeric Golden Milk Fulfilling All Your Fantasies

turmeric golden milk recipe | by the skinny confidential


TURMERIC GOLDEN MILK. I originally posted this a few years ago, but recently saw a video on TikTok (that I can’t find now) and it totally got me craving Golden Milk again, so I wanted to update.

Have you heard of it?

It’s one of my favorites! A lot of you have asked about nighttime drinks & for me it’s either peppermint tea with real mint leaves, Pique Ginger tea or Golden Milk.

Like 8 years ago, this recipe was originally recommended by my friend, Marie. Marie is AMAZING. She’s from Sweden & has the most beautiful skin. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s constantly inspiring me to feed my body goodness.

So when she recommended golden turmeric milk, I was sold and IMMEDIATELY whipped the golden potion up.

Ok so what exactly is turmeric milk?

Basically it’s “a traditional Ayurvedic drink to boost your health and vitality. It is usually taken at night to promote sleep and heal an array of ailments including common colds, sore throat, indigestion, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, menstrual cramps, headaches and arthritis.

It also fights cancers like that of the breast, liver, colon and prostate, relieves depression, promotes digestive health, detoxifies the liver, purifies blood, boosts circulation, accelerates wound-healing, relieves pain, protects against cardiovascular disease and helps with neurological disorders.

Most benefits of turmeric come from its key compound, curcumin, which has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiseptic properties. Turmeric is also used as a carminative herb in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine.

The health benefits of turmeric are further enhanced by adding black pepper to it. Research shows that black pepper contains piperine, a compound that helps the body absorb curcumin better.” { via }

golden turmeric milk | by the skinny confidentialturmeric golden milk recipe | by the skinny confidential

The Benefits of Turmeric Golden Milk:

♡ really, really helps treat a nasty cold/cough
♡ detoxifies the body
♡ boosts immunity
♡ helps with sleep
♡ reduces period cramps
♡ makes skin GLOW
♡ speeds up weight loss (turmeric helps breakdown fat)
{ more benefits }

We all know that turmeric is fab for swelling and was a helpful healer throughout my entire recovery from jaw surgery. Not only did I drink this magical potion but I also took turmeric tablets & made TSC Pink Detox Drink at least five times a week.

Enough about that, let’s talk about the recipe shall we?

Turmeric Golden Milk Recipe:

1.5 cups of Malk
2-3 teaspoons of turmeric ( sometimes I add 10, LOL )
1 teaspoon honey
1 teaspoon cinnamon
A few sprinkles of black pepper ( helps with absorption )
1/4 fresh ginger, peeled
Pinch of cayenne pepper


+ put everything in a saucepan and heat for 5 minutes on low/medium.

+ I use a frother to combine, but the new Beast Blenders look so chic & you can totally blend everything before or after.

+ Heat it as much as you like, but don’t boil it.

+ Add some honey right before serving and enjoy in your favorite mug. Love these ones by Miranda Kerr, this or this tumbler for on the go.

Note: you can use regular milk or almond milk too!

You can use powdered organic turmeric or grab that crusty thing that looks like a gnarled old finger at the grocery store and use a fine grater for it.

This all may sound overwhelming but I’m here to tell you guys: IT’S NOT. In fact, it’s so easy.

x, lauryn

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+ photos


  1. Wow, I never heard from it! But obviously it’s so good that now I want immediately to try it out!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena
    International Time-Related Giveaway: Bad News and More

    1. Hi Rena! You will LOVE it! It’s become one of my absolute favorite recipes. Let me know what you think if you try it! xx

    1. Hi Tila! YAY! Thanks for following my snaps. Did you watch today? Had a pretty hilarious Q&A sesh with Panicky Susan. LOL!

    1. Hi Marina, you could definitely try it with cow’s milk. I am pretty much 100% done with cow’s milk, but if you like it better you should try it! You could also use almond or cashew milk :)) OR unpasteurized cow’s milk! Just make sure your source is 100% safe. xx

  2. I’ve been hearing a lot about turmeric milk lately but have yet to try it. Ps. I absolutely adore your copper sauce pan. So SO pretty!

  3. Oh wow I had no idea numeric-ginger-milk was a popular thing! My boyfriend kept raving about this special drink he tried at his yoga studio last year and when we tried to recreate it at home we fell in love with it!
    Now we make it almost every single evening – especially cause it’s getting pretty cold in London and warms you up from inside. We use maple syrup instead of honey and our version doesn’t have cayenne pepper in it. We shall try yours next time!
    xx Alex

  4. LOLLL. throw a thumb in you green drink. I’ll have to try that. 😉 This recipe looks delicious, not a huge fan of coconut milk though, might try it with almond milk or something else.

  5. I can totally vouch for the efficacy turmeric/curcumin! Not only have I used golden milk to relieve throat issues, but my dad successfully rid himself of chronic knee pain using a curcumin regimen and then was asked to speak about it at his local health food store. Lol. It really works! And actually tastes quite good 🙂


    1. Hi Briana, so cool! Your Dad’s story is amazing! The benefits are seriously insane! Thanks for reading

    1. Hi Lavinia, yes you can definitely use almond milk. The link is working for me! It’s not working for you? Try this one:

    1. Hi Erin, I eat turmeric daily so I don’t have to take the tablets. I have them though, just in case! xx

  6. A friend of mine sells pre-made packets of golden milk for those looking to save time,

    Almond milk tastes great in the mix too.

    1. Hi Jen, it adds a little sweetness. Ditch the honey for the sake of your diet. How is it going??? How long have you been on the diet? How are you feeling? Good luck!

  7. Love all of the benefits of turmeric but do you find that it literally dies everything yellow? Including a fresh mani? Every time I make it, I end up with yellow stained nails, teeth and toothbrush. It takes days for the yellow to come out from my nails and I usually end up having to replace my brush head :-/.

  8. In India it’s known to have amazing anti-inflammatory properties; my dad drinks this every night! Usually he adds a bit of ginger and lemon to it too 🙂

  9. I need to make this ASAP! I had the best turmeric latte at Cafe Gratitude a few months back and have been wanting to recreate it so badly!

  10. I’ve been struggling with rheumatoid arthritis and keep reading about the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric! I made this tonight and it was so good! I’m definitely going to make it regularly and hopefully it helps. Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. I just read this…and I just ran into my kitchen to make it!! Soooo good!! Definitely my new bedtime drink. I think I will try it with almond milk tomorrow night. This is the perfect nightcap!! Thank you so much for sharing!

    xo Annie

  12. My family is from India so I grew up on Turmeric milk and I used to hate it! However, I’ve found myself liking it recently and even wrote a blog post on it with a slightlyy different recipe. Delicious either way :).

    Here’s the link:


  13. Wow I’ve never heard of this before but it sounds really good. I’m definitely going to give it a try! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  14. Hello! I too have discovered the miracle know and as turmeric! This may have been addressed already, but can you make ahead? So, how long do you think it would last in the fridge?

  15. This looked so good and turmeric is so good for you, so obviously I’m drinking it right now and it is amazing! Plus I love ginger everything, gingerbread, ginger chicken, I even like my men ginger (see ginger hubs) I think I’ll be drinking this every night forever.

  16. WOW it looks amazing! I’m going to try it tonight! Love that you have video instructions 🙂 Thanks for sharing this recipe!

    Anna @

  17. THIS SOUNDS AMAZING! I start my day with Tumeric Ginger tea, but this is a great way to end the day.

    x Belle

  18. I absolutely love this recipe, I am using it in a blog post (crediting you, obviously!), but the photos are so eye-catching. What camera do you use, if I may?

  19. I have fallen in love with this! I’ve played around a smidge with the ingredients for flavor. I’ve cut back on soy milk due to its given me some digestive issues and mix half almond milk and half coconut milk. However, I add a shake of cayenne pepper and it gives it a nice kick. I also use pumpkin pie spice(ginger/nutmeg/cinnamon/all spice/clove).

  20. I have been putting fresh turmeric in my morning smoothie for several months. It has CURED my psoriasis. I swear by it. My skin all over feels and looks better. I have SUFFERED with psoriasis for 3 years. Did not make my smoothie for 2 weeks on vacation and had a relapse. Back to it and instantly better. Just made a cup of golden tea and will make it forever. Turmeric WORKS.

  21. Lauryn, do you know if it would be okay to prepare this in advance – blend all the ingredients, and then warm throughout the week as you desire? Thanks,

    1. Yes, you can make it in advance. I do. My recipe is a little different, but all the same “main” ingredients. Make sure you pour into separate container, like mason jars, per serving right after blending. Or if you put it in one container, you may want to blend just before heating a single serving.

  22. I had no idea golden milk was a “thing” now. It was recommended to me for my insomnia, and guess what….. IT WORKS! I have had to endure several sleep studies, to only find out I have chronic insomnia, something I already was aware of,but you know how doctors are.
    Anyway… I love golden milk, I drink it every night, right before I head upstairs to bed, and I’m falling asleep within the hour! Not only am I sleeping, but when I wake up, I feel refreshed, and in a great mood! The recipe I have, calls for making a paste with 1/2 cup water & 1/4 cup turmeric. You cook this over gentle heat until thick, then you can store the paste in a glass jar in the frig for up to two weeks. When you make the “milk”, or “tea”, it calls for 2 cups coconut milk, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon coconut oil, 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of the paste, 1 teaspoon chopped fresh ginger, 4 to 6 whole Peppercorn’s, and a pinch of Stevia. I don’t use Stevia, I use raw organic honey from a bee farmer friend. Put everything in a saucepan, and simmer for 10 minutes, then strain to get the Peppercorn’s & ginger out & top with a sprinkle of cinnamon.
    Thank you for sharing your recipe, I’m going to try it tonight, seems to easier to put it all in a nutribullet!

  23. Thanks for sharing!! I absolutely love, love, love golden milk and Ive tried a few recipes of golden milk now. Sometimes I dont have the time to make them myself so I’ve been getting them from shops and one of my favorite has been from this local shop I go to called The Golden Number, if anyone else wants to give them a try, they even have an Etsy shop and ship to Canada and the US.
    I find that when I have the golden milk every day before bed, it really helps with my acne and redness on my face. I notice that when i stop drinking it, the redness returns. It has really helped me and it tastes great too! Turmeric is also good for a lot of other things so there are benefits all around!

  24. Totally trying this tonight. Just had a friend who was raving about turmeric milk but I haven’t tried it since I was a kid (mom used to force it down my throats when I was sick so bad memories!) now that I can have control over making it I will totally try again ❤️ By the way…do you find this daily intake of tumeric yellows your teeth? Any tips for combatting that?

  25. Its really easy,flavorful & healthy recipe. Turmeric milk is a wonderful drink & gives so many health benefits.
    Thank you for sharing it!!!

  26. “2-3 teaspoons of turmeric ( sometimes I add 10, LOL )”
    10 teaspoons is about 15-20grams. That’s way too much for daily intake. The recommended safe daily intake amount is about 2 (2000mg) MAX.

  27. I think our bodies take these things harmoniously and it really works! I take my daily dose of turmeric in a glass of milk every morning!

    This is good stuff! Turmeric has so many health benefits who would have thought.

  28. Hello, wanted to know your thoughts on if you can use these ingredients with hot water as I purchased the Gaia brand in a powder and add to hot water?. Also does this stain your teeth, it leaves the cup very yellow? Thank you.


  29. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful drink that is not only tasty but also wholesome for our body & mind. its so much easy to make. I liked it so much!

  30. This key nutrient, chlorine, found in milk helps to fall sleep. This is important for people who are suffering from insomnia. Doctors recommend that to drink milk along with honey to get a better result. This drink will definitely calm your nerves and help you to fall asleep more quickly.

  31. This sounds to be a very delicious drink, all my favorite ingredients. I am happy you choose coconut milk over cow milk. Being a vegan I always prefer plant-based milk, almond is my favorite. If I recall correctly Starbucks UK also launched golden milk.

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