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TSConf ‘Sweat the Holiday Cookies Off Your Ass’ Playlist

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and workout tips.

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and workout tips.

Can we talk about my rose gold/white leather headphones?

Like, can I sew these to my face?

Soooo cute, right?

They’re super light & perf for travel too…I’m even thinking they’re a great Christmas gift too ; ).

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and workout tips.

Ok, now let’s talk about the nitty gritty…The cookies/cocktails/candy cane/peanut brittle/cider/wine/stuffing face holidays.

I mean, I get it: ’tis the season to indulge. We’ve all been there; ya know, ya know a couple of LB’s chilling like a villain during the month of December/January.

Not fun.

Welp, no fear, The Skinny Confidential ‘Sweat the Holiday Cookies Off Your Ass’ Playlist is here.

& um, seriously? This particular playlist is bomb. It’s sooooo good.

Together, my GF, Jordan ( from the site Volkalize ) & I have worked for months to perfect this playlist just for YOU.

So ya. It’s indulging time, I get it. But don’t let those holiday LB’s sneak up on ya.

Excuses are like assholes, everyone has one.

Holidays, smolidays.

SO. Grab your neon Nike’s, some super cute headphones, & go run your ass off.


Peace out. x

{{ To become a subscriber to TSC’s ‘Sweat the Holiday Cookies Off Your Ass Playlist’ click here or find me under ‘Lauryn Evarts’ on Spotify ( other sassy fitness playlists can be found here | here  | here | here | here ). Oh! & for anyone who can’t access Spotify, here is a visual on TSC Tumblr }}.

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and workout tips.

  1. LOVE THIS. Love love love! Thank you for sharing – I tend to over analyze my workout music and you have just solved that problem for me. xoxo

  2. Those headphones are perfection!! Can I still add them to my Christmas List, ugh! So excited about the playlist. I’m in desperate need of some new jams! I get bored so easily!!

  3. Wearing these glamorous “Ella B” earbuds and a pair of brand new neon Nike’s and hearing to your Spotify playlist, I just promise I’ll sweat all those Christmas cupcakes and cookies off my ass. Little things, great help!
    Thank you

  4. The Nike Lunar Eclipse shoes are so cool. I’ve started working out at home and I still have my Nike Shox but I need new shoes for things like running, working out at home, not slipping when doing planks or pushups. Do you recommend the Eclipse for stuff like that? You are such a fitness guru 🙂

  5. I’ve found this playlist is good to listen while doing uni work! Still working hard either way! xox

  6. Love this idea…however Spotify isn’t available in Canada yet – boo!!! Any way you could send along the names of the songs on your list?
    Hope your holidays were great xx

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