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tsc amazon store essential picks by the skinny confidential

Get in closer, we’re going shopping.


THIS, my friends, has been requested for…forever! A very curated TSC Amazon Shop.

I literally sat down & strategically picked each item. Items that I order over & over again, just for you. Nothing too crazy. Most are under $25. Just the essentials, you know?

Like hello GG crackers!

As you know one of my favorite places to shop is Amazon. Just like the rest of the world! LOL. Amazon Prime is a lifesaver and the perfect place to buy boxes of GG crackers. And I mean BOXES. Amongst other things.

Anyway, DRUM ROLL PLEASE: today I want to share with you The Skinny Confidential’s CURATED AMAZON SHOP. The complete TSC Starter Pack for ya.

This shop was created so you guys can see the EXACT products & items I use on a daily basis. Products that I would recommend to my best friend. Products I’ve used 100 times & LOVE. This is clearly the easiest way to show you exactly what I like in one spot.

Right now it’s loaded with 30 of my ride or die items. From skincare and beauty to tech and business, I cover the essentials in my life. I’m POSITIVE you will love each product.

IN FACT, if you don’t- e-mail me & tell me why? Yes, yes, yes, I love feedback.

Let’s take a peek, shall we?:


Rose Hip Oil

Oils, oils, oils! If there’s one skincare tip I can leave you guys with it would be USE OILS ( and SPF! ). Oils are my obsession. I use oils everywhere ( literally though…remember my post on coconut oil as lube? ). They’re incredible for your skin AND they’re typically budget friendly. Rose hip oil should be in everyone’s cabinet. It’s insane as a makeup remover, at night & mixed into your foundation. Just trust me, it gives the foundation a dewy, pretty finish. Just one drop and you’re good to go. Rose hip oil also reduces wrinkles and dark spots. Win-win.


The right tools make healthy living MUCH easier. That’s why it’s essential to have a strong blender. I use this blender every single day. I start my morning with a green smoothie. Sometimes it’s spinach, kale & herbs, other times it’s a whole lemon. But seriously, the whole lemon.

This blender is by far the best one I’ve tried & can really handle it all. You can use it to whip up hummus3 ingredient pancakes & soup too. The options are endless really.

Time Cube

Time blocking. If you haven’t heard of time blocking let me give you a little rundown. Time blocking is a way to manage your time while boosting productivity. In fact, I’m time blocking right now as I write this post- HA.

Essentially you focus on ONE task and one task only for a certain amount of time. That’s where this little cube comes in handy. You will find me using the cube for things like answering emails, writing a blog post, & even doing my makeup. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Time blocking just works. It’s easily increased my focus SO MUCH SO.

Hot Shave Razors

Do you ever wonder why men seem to age more gracefully than women? One of the reasons is because they shave their face. Shaving exfoliates the skin which encourages your skin to create new layers thus preventing wrinkles. I’ve been shaving my face since 2014. And NO, the hair doesn’t grow back darker. ACTUALLY my skin is smoother and makeup goes on like a dream. You can get your face shaved professionally by going for a dermaplane ( LISTEN TO THE PODCAST WITH LINDSAY MERRELL FOR MORE DETAILS ON THIS ) or you use these razors to shave your face at home. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Acupressure Mat

This item was actually discovered because Michael randomly purchased it off Amazon. At first I thought he was nuts. Then I laid down on this mat and it was instant love. What is an acupressure mat? The bed of nails stimulates the body to release endorphins. This provides relief for muscle tension, stress, insomnia and more. My favorite way to use it resting my head on the pillow before bed. I do this every night.

In the shop you’ll also find my go-to camera, lighting tools, & giant, heavily obnoxious sun hat to protect your face, neck, & chest from the sun.

To find the shop simply go to EASY.

SO now I want to know: What products do you think I should add to The Skinny Confidential AMAZON SHOP?

Happy Monday babes,

x lauryn


  1. Those tinkles are seriously lifechanging!! I wish I used them when you first posted about them a few years ago but I am SO glad I use them now. I desperately need a timeblock cube xx Shannon ||

  2. Love that all your recommendations will be right there and easy to find! I think I have purchased almost ALL of these because of your recommendations and I have been happy with every one (seriously… all I’m missing is that blender).

    The acupuncture matt + pillow are amazing – I got them for my basketball player bf and stole it for myself. Time blocking is essential or I procrastinate for HOURS on end. I just got the little razors but so far I love it for between my brows for extra exfoliation… and the rose hip oil was a life-changing tip. I had used argan in the past because my skin gets super dry. The first time I saw my derm she said my skin looked congested and to quit using that. I switched to rosehip after reading about it here. I actually went to the derm today (coincidentally!) and she started by saying how great my skin looks! Thanks girl xo

  3. Hi Lauryn!! I started using rosehip oil about a week and a half ago. The first few days were awesome, and then came the blemishes. Tons of little bumps, some worse than others, all around my chin and mouth where I usually breakout. Has this happened to you or any other readers? I read online that it could be my skin “purging” itself, but also read that skin purging is a bullshit myth. Not sure what to believe, and if I should stop the oil. I bought a blemish banishing product to help tame the bumps and was planning to scale it back a bit on the oil for now. I really wanted it to work though because my skin is dry and loved it so much in the beginning, as does my wallet! Any advice on this, how to properly introduce oil to your skincare regimen and when to know when to stop trying would be so appreciated!

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