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THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL STARTER PACK: Purchases That Will Make Your Life Better

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A lot of you have asked how to stay healthy while traveling or what to do when your schedule gets super busy. The busier my schedule gets the more important it is to have some sort of ‘routine’. Maintaining a routine while you’re away is challenging AF though. I ::try:: to bring my healthy habits using a few key products. These products & tools help me be the best version of myself everyday no matter where I am. SO I WANTED TO SHARE! Let’s dive into the TSC Starter Pack, k?



My latest beauty obsession is definitely this Chanel powder. Dab some of this powder in the inner corners of your eyes. It brings out the whites of your eyes & provides an instant glow to your face. Plus it whitens the teeth. This is especially great while traveling when you’re feeling tired. It’s officially a staple in my makeup routine. Get on BOARD!


CALM powder is part of my nightly routine. It helps me wind down with a daily dose of magnesium. Magnesium is a crucial mineral guys. You can find it in dark, leafy greens, flaxseeds, almonds, salmon, & avocado. Magnesium helps relax the muscles, keeps things regular ( winky, winky ), & provides a AMAZING sleep. My favorite way to drink it is the TSC Beauty Sleep Tea. Hello natural Xanax!


Face shaving is the beauty secret that no one talks about BUT it needs to be discussed. Kate Somerville says EVERYONE shaves their face in Hollywood. I’ve been shaving my face for years with these tiny razors. It’s become a staple part of my beauty routine. After I shave I lather my face with rosehip oilShaving your face exfoliates your skin which creates the smoothest base for flawless makeup application. I like a men’s razor too. Shave up!


Cupping & acupuncture have been GAME-CHANGING for my anxiety, stress, & overall wellbeing. Since I’m always on the hunt for the best products imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this acupressure mat. It’s full of tiny points that stimulate nerves to release tension throughout the body. Even my dogs are obsessed with the mat. Seriously- they sit on it. The mat is great but my favorite part is the pillow. I use it right before bed- it helps me fall asleep instantly.


After double jaw surgery I became OBSESSED with fighting inflammation. That’s how I found this gem of a beauty tool. An ice roller is a more efficient/convenient version of the ice facial celebrities and models talk about. Use an ice roller when you wake up in the morning to reduce puffiness & swelling. It’s also a lifesaver when you’re hungover. ROLL ME DOWN.


Rosehip oil is probably my favorite oil. I use it everyday. Rosehip oil helps to lessen the appearance of wrinkles, scarring, & brown-ass hyper pigmentation. It’s great to use as a makeup primer & it’s fab before bed. I typically mix rosehip oil with my CC Cream to provide extra moisture/dewiness to makeup.


If you take any one piece of advice from The Skinny Confidential I hope it’s that you wear sunscreen EVERYDAY. Sunscreen is SO SO SO important for protecting skin. This caffeine sunscreen is my absolute favorite. It protects you from the sun & the caffeine wakes up skin. It tightens pores AND is basically a mini facelift. YES. CAFFEINE TIGHTENS.


Do you want to boost efficiency? Time block! You can always find a time cube in my purse. I legit take one with me everywhere. Time blocking is the ideal time management tools & the cube makes it super easy. I time block my showers, makeup, e-mails, etc.

OH & don’t forget the eye masks! Anytime I travel I make sure to put some under my sunglasses to keep my skin fresh.

What are some of your tips & tricks when traveling?

Have a LOVELY Saturday,

X lauryn


  1. Head’s up: spelling mistakes on that photo of all the products. should be: Acupressure, Nature’s, Xanax, Inflammation

  2. So do you use this daily even when you’re wearing it cc cream? Or do you reappl with this throughout the day? I wear the cc cream with spf 50 but I put it on on the morning and then idk if the spf wears off throughout the day. But sunscreen and spf 50 cc cream seems like a lot. Thoughts?

  3. I use skin cream with sunscreen in it, but I would love to try out caffeine sunscreen- you talk so much about it (in a good way)

  4. Great post! I follow so much of your advice, it’s crazy 🙂 But one thing I was wonder was if you had tried these black charcoal masks which are all over the internet right now? What do you think about them? If you haven’t blogged about it yet I’m guessing you don’t like it but would be interesting to hear your thoughts 🙂

  5. I use it as a primer for my makeup ( ) & I’m also NUTS about the sun ( ) LOL. Typically I don’t reapply it since I wear hats and limit how much I’m in the sun to begin with. xx

  6. YOU FORGOT GRAVITYMUD PEEL OFF GLAMGLOW MASK!!! Ahhh Lauryn You are obsesed!!!

  7. Hey Lauryn! I have been dying to try the Rosehip oil but have a couple of questions! Do you use them at nights with other oils? What is the order? and what kind of eye cream/oil do you use at night? Can’t wait to try the Rosehip oil! Thank you!! Xx

    1. No they don’t! You can read all about them here: You will love! xx

  8. Just got the caffeinated sunscreen a couple weeks ago and I am in LOVE. Thank you so much for the recommendation! Also was told by my doctor last year to start taking Vitamin D3, which I need to thank YOU for. So careful about the sun now. haha

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