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TSC Snapchat Series: FACE

snapchat makeup series face | by the skinny confidential

It’s mini SERIES time !!

A little background for this one: a few weeks ago, I featured my go-to skin & makeup routine for the face, eyes, lips, & all of the essential products on Snapchat. Since there were so many snap DM’s asking for specifics, t I decided to just lay it all out with a three-part series.

Here’s what’s coming up on this Snapchat inspired series:

Today we will talk face products, Thursday eye essentials, & Saturday will be all about the lips. Definitely check back to get the full details & product info.

Snapchat Inspired Series: FACE

Rosehip Seed Oil:

If you follow along on Snapchat, you already know this oil is A MUST. Michael secretly loves when I surprise him with a quick spritz of a little rosehip ( HA! ). Seriously though…rosehip seed oil helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, eye bags, fine lines & more. Studies have shown that it can also help to reverse the adverse effects of prolonged sun exposure. Need I say more?

Mineral Face Sunscreen:

Not only is this mineral sunscreen SPF 50, it’s water resistant. So if you’re at the beach, a pool party, or outside working out, this tinted sunscreen is IDEAL. It’s super light, great for sensitive skin types, & is packed full of antioxidants to protect your skin from free radicals. Apply it EVERY DAY, before your foundation. This sunscreen has a matte finish so it’s a great primer.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream with SPF: 

Alright, this stuff is NO JOKE. It’s illuminating so it will give you that gorgeous, dewey skin texture ( YES, PLEASE ), while it protects your skin from both the sun rays that BURN & AGE you. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!! This stuff is clinically shown to improve skin texture & brightness, PLUS increase skin hydration. If you use this cream regularly you’ll notice long-term brightening & color-correcting benefits. Obsessed.


If you’re not using a beautyBlender by now, you NEED to try one. It’s my favorite ever. Really the only way to blend & create a perfectly even skin tone appearance. It’s washable, re-useable, AND recyclable. You can use it with all types of makeup while it’s damp or dry. I personally prefer to use it damp— try it.

Watt’s Up Highlighter:

This highlighter is JUST YES. I use it on my brow bone, cheekbone, you can even use it for contouring. It’s almost like adding a touch of champagne toned brightness to your face. Blend it in with the beauty blender, you’ll love it.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Natural Medium:

This little compact is great for setting makeup & giving it a little pick me up throughout the day. I actually have two, LOL. One for the house, and one for my on-the-go makeup bag. It’s super light, mineral based, & even has a little Vitamin E in it which is a total plus. Use the brush below to apply.

Best Powder Brush:

This little guy is seriously the perfect size. You can easily take it with you in a purse or makeup bag to blend your makeup throughout the day. It’s super soft, and just the right shape for smoothing makeup to create an even finish.

I’m super excited to share the rest of this three-part Snapchat inspired series with you guys so stay tuned!

What is on your face product essentials list? SPILL.


+ follow along on Snapchat for more: @laurynevarts.

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  1. I’m totally curious about that face sunscreen! The only struggle I have with them is that SPF smell. Does it have that?? I currently use the Aveeno moisturizer which I LOVE but its only SPF 15.. lame.

    1. Hi Julia! Honestly it’s not the usual SPF smell, but it has a different smell. I love it! I’m literally addicted! It’s not too bad I promise. xx

    1. WHAT? Try it Nicole. It’s so effective. Use it regularly and you’ll totally notice a difference. xx

  2. You NEED Mary-Lou Manizer in your life ( I loooove to put it on top of Watts Up for that ultimate glow! Also obsessed with Supergoop’s Refresh Setting Mist for SPF touchups throughout the day when it’s sunny out – it resets your makeup with a light mist and has SPF 50! (

    1. Thank you for these recommendations Christina! You’re seriously the best. I am always trying to expand my collection of face products, lol! xx

  3. Def need to try the juicer. I have smoothies a lot, but having a juicer at home would save so much time and money and keep me healthy!

  4. Hi! Do you put the sunscreen on after your moisturizer? Which moisturizer do you use? Thank you!!!!

  5. I just discovered and truly love your blog! I wanted to say, be careful with MAC powders, they contain talc which is bad for you 🙁 Super shitty because their makeup is beauuuutiful…

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