TSC HIM & HER SHOW: Kristin Cavallari, entrepreneur & mother

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( 3:00 ): Welcome back to TSC HIM & HER Show. This week we are joined Kristin Cavallari who you may be familiar with from Laguna Beach and The Hills. Now she’s a mom with three kids and an entrepreneur. We discuss parenting, routines, grieving and more.

( 6:40 ):  We spoke at Loyola Law School last week which was an ironic switch. It was very fun and we’re glad we got to have the experience.

( 7:15 ):  Forget about taking a million different vitamins and try my latest favorite Ritual. It includes K-2, D-3, B-12, boron, iron, vitamin E, folate, magnesium and omega 3. We will discuss the importance of omega 3 later on in this episode – even Kristin is obsessed.


( 10:45 ): HIM TIP: There will always be saturation in mediums where people have success. Even if an industry is saturated there are still opportunities. Look for new strategies.

( 14:40 ): HER TIP: It’s SO important to me to support other women in the blogging space. I want to shout out my friend Julia from Gal Meets Glam who just launched her own dress collection. I’m obsessed with the Ellie dress: think 50’s with a modern touch.

( 19:55 ): Kristin Cavallari is a powerhouse. She has written two books, raised 3 kids and created chic jewelry and home line. You might be familiar with her from Laguna Beach and The Hills which she used to create a strategic future.


( 21:00 ): Lauryn asks: “How would you introduce yourself to our audience?” 

( 21:30 ): Lauryn asks: “How do you have 3 kids and look the way you look?”

( 22:30 ): Lauryn asks: “What’s a day in the life like with 3 children?”

( 23:35 ): Lauryn asks: “What’s an easy recipe for lunch from your book?”

( 24:40 ): Lauryn asks: “How has reality TV evolved?” 

( 27:00 ): Lauryn asks: “What can we expect from your show?”

( 27:50 ): Lauryn asks: “How do you balance being the boss and being your employee’s friend?”

( 28:50 ): Lauryn asks: “How do you handle haters?”

( 30:20 ): Lauryn asks: “Walk us through your morning routine.”

( 31:45 ): Lauryn asks: “Do you take any supplements?”

( 32:50 ): Lauryn asks: “What’s your workout?”

( 33:35 ): Lauryn asks: “How do you relax and turn it all of?”

( 34:00 ): Lauryn asks: “What is your advice for the mom that wants to have it all?”

( 35:30 ): Lauryn asks: “What’s a resource that has really made a difference in your life?”

( 36:10 ): Lauryn asks: “What snacks do you love?”

( 37:25 ): Lauryn asks: “How has social media changed the landscape of your business?”

( 37:55 ): Lauryn asks: “What’s one piece of jewelry every girl needs?”

( 38:25 ): Lauryn asks: “What’s your favorite failure?”

( 39:40 ): Michael asks: “What would you tell someone going through the grieving process?” 

( 40:35 ): Lauryn asks: “What’s a resource that has helped with your spirituality?” 

( 43:40 ): Lauryn asks: “What’s a beauty tip?”

( 44:50 ): Michael asks: “What’s next for you?”

Kristin’s Supplements

+ probiotic
+ fish oil ( more EPA than DHA )
+ coq10
+ magnesium
+ vitamin D
+ vitamin B
+ milk thistle

++ Kristin loves Garden of Life vitamins 

♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡


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