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TSC HIM & HER SHOW: Dr. Michael Gervais, High Performance Psychologist

michael gervais psychologist him her podcastThis week on THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HIM & HER PODCAST…

( 2:45 ): Welcome back to TSC HIM & HER Show. This week we are joined by Michael Gervais and discuss positive self talk, therapy, success and failure, meditation and much more. PLUS, we have some fun announcements.

( 3:40 ): We will have 6 episodes starting in July. What do you want to hear in the new solo episodes? Let me know on my latest IG. We also have a HOT LINE! To call the Him & Her Hotline call: 1-833-SKINNYS (1-833-754-6697). Leave your name, city, state and social handle with a question or comment for a chance to be featured on the show. Next week we have a REALLY fun announcement about a LIVE podcast.

( 12:10 ): WHY we chose to interview Dr. Michael Gervais.


( 13:10): Lauryn asks: “Describe your upbringing.”

( 14:25 ): Michael asks: “Were you interacting with other kids or mostly nature?”

( 15:00 ): Michael asks: “How did you go from the farm to studying psychology?”

( 22:00 ): Michael asks: “How do you step in to help high performers?”

( 23:50 ): Michael asks: “How do people stay in the present moment?”

( 25:00 ): Michael asks: “How do you train someone to get into an optimistic mindset?”

( 30:40 ): Lauryn asks: “What is your thought process in regards to fear & obstacles?”

( 34:20 ): Michael asks: “Do you think we’re creating a softer generation?”

( 37:35 ): Michael asks: “How do you define authenticity?”

( 39:00 ): Lauryn asks: “How do you create a philosophy?”

( 41:55 ): Lauryn asks: “How does ego intertwine into your work?”

( 48:10 ): Lauryn asks: “Let’s discuss failure. What advice do you have for people dealing with failure?”

( 49:55 ): Lauryn asks: “What’s some of the worst advice you’ve ever heard?”

( 52:15 ): Michael asks: “How do you define success at this time?”

( 53:35 ): Lauryn asks: “What’s a book or resource you recommend?” 

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+  find more Dr. Michael: Instagram | podcast | website | Compete to Create | Tao Te Ching

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