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TSC Series: The Best Damn…

The Skinny Confidential talks jeans.
**Goosebumps** over these jeans.

They’re SO good.

Seriously though, I have three pairs & wear them ALL the time.

(( First things first, little disclaimer: as posted last week, this is a new series I’ve started to showcase my favorite…everything. These aren’t sponsored posts…just some real deal realness. If you want to know a specific product fav, let me know below & I’ll make it happen )).

Ok so back to biz: these jeans…are well, phenomenal.

They’re perfect for a day super profesh day at the office, a night out on the town, &/or lounging around the house.

These aren’t the type of jeans that you want to unbutton when you’re in the car because they’re so damn uncomfortable. No, no the material is like stretchy butter ( if that were a thing? ). So not only are these babies the most flattering jeans ever, they’re superrrrr comfortable. Literally so comfortable you could practically workout in them.

Uhhhhh…so do you blame me for buying three pairs? Plus they’re a measly $59 bucks ( not that $59 bucks is measly, but seriously in this day & age, for jeans it’s kinda a steal…right?! ). I’m not interested in owning a bunch of $300 dollar jeans— because honestly jean trends come & go.

& let’s be real: jeans are hard to find. So when I find a pair I love, I freak out gnarlier than Oprah’s audience during Christmastime.

Anyway I’ve worn these black dimes for three years (!!!). THREE.whole.years— same pair. These jeans have obviously seen some shit ( kind of like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants but without the sisterhood stuff ). They’ve been everywhere!

Oh, & the best part? If you get these jeans & they don’t fit you like a freaking glove, have them altered. For some reason these particular black skinny jeans are a dream to alter!!! The material just melts to your bod.

Note: they’re kind of high waisted ( which I personally love ).

What’s your favorite pair of black skinnies? Do tell.

Here’s how I rocked these jeans for a business casual Monday:

The Skinny Confidential talks jeans.



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  1. Could you share your favorite moisturizer? I’ve been trying to find one that is good quality for under $20. Any recommendations?

  2. Sounds silly but best damn wallet!? Currently using a yellow hobo wallet. It’s was hardly yellow after the first week of use 🙁 ugh.

  3. I’m def going to have to check these out–never would’ve guessed they were only $59!!!

    I, really REALLY! like this series! Mah-velous idea <3

  4. I’m a huge fan of a little higher rise too. For those of us that have a bit of junk in the trunk, this is the perfect option for saying buh-bye to crack. It’s so uncommon to hear about swoon worthy jeans under $100. Thanks!!


  5. Express Mia black jeggings. I just got a pair and can’t take them off. I’m 5’11” so I need a tall inseam which I thought doomed me to shelling out $$$ for designer denim, but nope. Express jeggings in general fit me better than my designer denim. Go figure. I should probably buy another pair..

  6. omg, lauryn! I have loved these jeans for so long. i buy them in so many colors and totally adore the “seamed high waisted” with crop tops b/c of some bellybutton coverage… now I’m feeling like i need another pair! : ) <3 love your blog!

  7. These!!! I have 2 pairs- one is the high waisted seam style. I wear them so much. I first discovered them 4 years ago and now just keep being news ones!!

  8. Lauryn, when I saw this post, I knew exactly what jeans you were talking about in less than a second.
    As an Urban employee, I have at least 3,000 pairs of the BDG jeans and the black ones are by far my favorite because of the extra stretchiness. I wear mine LITERALLY 24/7. Yeah, after months of wash and wear they do fade and I’ve had mine get holes, zippers break, and belt loops pop off but I always buy another pair IMMEDIATELY because they are just the best damn jeans EVER!!!

  9. I love me some skinny jeans… But being a bit curvier, 5’10 and size 10/12 I find that when I buy skinny jeans, the ankle always get huge.. Then looks shitty and slouchy when I wear booties, etc.. Ugh… I’m a tall athletic girl.. Just cause I’m a 10 doesn’t mean I have cankles… Sheeesh… Any help would be great…

    1. I’m curvy, a size 8 in tops and 10 in pants with thick calves and I’ve always had the same trouble with the ankles on skinnies. Honestly, the best jeans I’ve found are the Old Navy Rockstar jeans ($25-30). They are stretchy enough to be comfy around my calves and still fitted around my ankles. They’re kind of hit or miss though, I have pairs that look better than others and I always size up to a 12 in them. They’re really durable too considering the price. J. Crew toothpick ankle jeans are usually good too but more expensive so I only get them when I can find them on sale and they still aren’t as flattering as the rockstars. I’m 5’6″ though and the regular length rockstars are perfect on me so I’ve never tried the tall ones.

  10. Question: how tall are you? I ask b/c the jeans look kinda high-watery on the model but a little longer in you. I’m 5’11” so inseam is important to me! Do you like this length with sneaks or ankle boots too? Thanks!

    1. I just bought a pair in the longer inseam and they fit perfect. The inseam is 29 on the longer one and I’m 5’9

  11. Love this series SO much! Any chance you could do a post about the best damn self-tanner (for face and body)? Plus your tips and tricks for application and faking it till you make it? Thanks:)

  12. These used to be my fave too (and as a 5′ shortie, that’s saying a lot). Unfortunately, lately they seem to have all gotten longer and the ankle isn’t as slender as it used to be. Plus the sizing seems to have gotten a little variable. Totally bummed because I loved them! I’m sure they fit great on others though, so just try them on first. My new faves are madewell, which fit great and have free in-store hemming!

  13. I have several BDG Jeans…..and love them also!!! Been loving there BDG shorts all summer too!! You go to try them!!

  14. Hi Lauryn! So I have tried to order that purse like 284258964347875 times! I’m not sure why but I am unable to do it. Just curious, did you have problems ordering it?

    1. Dry cleaner!! And I don’t ever wash them. Dry cleaner once a month works wonders and actually save you money in the long run!

  15. Hello,
    Interesting blog, I love to wear black jeans, it makes the pair on all type of tees and shirts, and when we wear casual footwear, it looks more elegant. We can wear black jeans casual and formal both in both ways.

  16. It is actually disheartening whenever you unintentionally spill your early morning coffee on your jeans, only for it to create an unsightly stain for the rest of the day. Choosing black jeans, however, will give you a source of concealment for small stains such as this. The usual understanding should cause you to believe that black is way better suitable at covering up stains than other shades like white or blue. For that reason, if you happen to spill a drink on your black jeans, the spot will always be fairly invisible.

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