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TSC x Sara Montazami: Child of Wild Giveaway

The Skinny Confidential and Sara Montazami host a giveaway with Child of Wild.

The Skinny Confidential and Sara Montazami host a giveaway with Child of Wild.

My girlfriend/top European blogger, Sara Montazami & I have teamed up with Eileen from Child of Wild ( again! ).

Remember Sara and Eileen? Whelp, they’re both hot, sweet, & rad. A while back, I interview Sara here & for more info on Eileen, click here. Sara is the brunette babe who’s rocking a hot COW necklace below & Eileen is the gorgeous blonde below who’s the face behind Child of Wild. They’re both inspiring because they kick ass at being women entrepreneurs. Nothing better than teaming up with these hotties:

The Skinny Confidential and Sara Montazami host a giveaway with Child of Wild.

The Skinny Confidential x Child of Wild.

Anyway today we’re giving away the seriously insane Liberation Indian Armband & Vishnus Love Belt that I’m wearing. AND— get excited because on Sara’s blog we’re giving away the jewels she’s rocking TOO! Sara’s wearing the Hmong Healing Spirit Tribe Necklace & the Liberation Indian Armband.

Cool, right?

The Skinny Confidential and Sara Montazami host a giveaway with Child of Wild.
The Skinny Confidential and Sara Montazami host a giveaway with Child of Wild.

What I love about Child of Wild is that it pays attention to cultures— each piece of Eileen’s jewelry has a story & there’s depth behind it. So when you’re wearing her jewelry, it’s special. Eileen pays attention to detail like no other business owner. Her Instagram is perfect example of how she brands her beautiful pieces in the most creative way possible. She’s one of the most passionate people I know.

Ok, so let’s talk about the contest. Here are the super easy requirements:

The Skinny Confidential and Sara Montazami host a giveaway with Child of Wild.

So. Here’s how you enter to win the arm band // belt:

To win, make sure you: 

 Follow @saramontazami & @theskinnyconfidential on Instagram

  Post the picture below with the #wildbabes and @saramontazami @theskinnyconfidential & @child_of_wild

  Leave a comment below telling us how you’ll wear your dope jewels

 Picture to Instagram:

The Skinny Confidential hosts a giveaway with Child of Wild.

You can find Sara’s giveaway here ( <<—— to double your chances of winning, duh! ).

x L

{ Black dress found here }

{{ Photos by: Katherine Rose }}

The Skinny Confidential and Sara Montazami host a giveaway with Child of Wild.

* Giveaway winner will be announced next Monday, June 9, 2014 // everyone eligible to enter.

  1. I’ve been looking for the perfect jewelry to go with my high-waisted maxi skirt and lace crop top for my birthday celebration later this month. These are classic, one of a kind, and I would wear them proudly!

  2. I would honestly style it exactly as you did with a long black maxi dress… just looks so chic and lovely! Throw on some strappy black sandals and good to go!

  3. If I won these awesome jewels I would also wear them with a beautiful maxi dress. I would love to wear them at some of my favourite places to hang out on the lake. They’re perfect!

  4. I would wear this armband ALL summer long. Such a great piece! I would totally rock the belt with some maxi dresses to make them a little more edgy for going out! Love, love this giveaway!

  5. I honestly think these would look best with some more layered necklaces and a birthday suit ;D gorgeous art needs a blank canvas!

  6. I love the look you did with the black dress!! Would rock them with simple dresses love how it turns a casual outfit into something much more fab xo

  7. These are too adorable!! I’d wear these with a bikini, or with a pair of jean shorts and a cute tee.
    Wish I could pull the flowy dresses off like you do, because they’re gooorrgeeouusss!! Just like those jewelry pieces!

  8. I would absolutely wear these beautiful pieces with a monochromatic ensemble – perhaps black harem pants and a plain black tank with some electric blue pumps, or with a fitted, black maxi, or with a flowing mini shift dress! Love, love, love them.

  9. I’m definitely going to wear these with my sexy club dresses when I go to Vegas next month! For my 21st birthday!!!!! 🙂

  10. I absolutely love Wild Child jewelry. It’s always gorgeous! I would wear these with a pair of high waisted cutoffs, a distressed UO tee and of course lots of other jewelry. Definitely my everyday outfit.


    PS- that dress looks great on you Lauryn!

  11. I love this so much and I would rock this all summer long! I feel like it could look super adorable with a mini skirt and tee shirt out with some chuck taylors– I really love the way the belt looks with a maxi dress- or maybe i could even rock it in a bikini out in the beaches on Minnesota! 🙂

  12. I’d wear the belt with a maxi & crop top & arm band with e’rythang! So hot. So my style.

    1. Oh, and I’d wear it like a million ways:
      ~big hat, tshirt dress, booties
      ~with one of the 4,638,197 rompers I own
      ~in a bikini
      ~with a maxi, duh
      ~under a colorful kimono with a fitted tank dress
      ~to a soirée in a conservative town to turn some heads 😉
      ~maybe even to Whole Foods while I shop for overpriced produce

      You get the idea

  13. I would wear these amazing dope jewels with a flowy white lace summer dress. I love to combine cute and ladylike clothes with a cooler edge. These treasures would be perfect when I perform with my band, so I can show them off and rock in style.
    Love, Tara.

  14. How would I rock these yummy-bum accessories? I’m going to be off to the sweltering humidity of Japan in August and by gum, I gotta look sweet with something! Lots of easy breezy maxi dresses need an accent of cuteness and these would be just the ticket! Fingers crossed for meeeeeeee!

  15. I am very excited to participate in this giveaway as I’ve wanted a belt like this for ages!!!

    You would find me wearing it all summer long over a slim-fit maxi dress/skirt, or even low slung over a swimsuit.

    Thanks Lauren, Sara, and Eileen for the awesome giveaway! Instagram is @lubell18.


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