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Scrambled Salad

This scrambled salad was thrown together in a total of five minutes. I successfully managed to make a healthy brunch

Quinoa Salad: Dorm Room Edition

Ahhhh! I feel so refreshed. Per usual, Sunday we attempted to relax. Turns out, I was exhausted [ sleeping thirteen

Why Organic?

Recently I sat down with Jake Moss, owner of U Grow Organics. His company teaches people how to maintain &

Valentine’s Heart Cookies

Certain occasions call for sweet treats. This quick cookie recipe is not the healthiest, but these are way too Valentine’s

Oatmeal Protein Pancakes

[ Protein packed pancakes ] It should be declared mandatory that Sundays are dedicated to pancakes with warm maple syrup,

DIY Antioxidant Infused Water

[ Organic berries & Smart waters ] I am a firm believer in keeping my taste buds happy in a

Creepy Halloween Mummy Wieners

[ Mummy hot dogs: 5 grams of fat…as opposed to a beef hot dog with 16 grams of fat ]

Crunchy Kitchen Sink Cookies [ G-F ]

Recently, Pure Barre Solana Beach celebrated their third year anniversary with free classes, beauty treatments & other goodies. I was

Broccolini Veggie, Low-Calorie Pasta

Pasta is a universal staple. Its texture, diverse shapes & the way a big, red wine complements it- is all

Frozen Gummy Bears

Sometimes you just crave candy. No matter how healthy you are there’s something SO satisfying about enjoying some chewy candy.

Fruit Cup Treats

Fruit is so useful when it comes to concocting the ideal dessert. It’s light, full of nutrients & sweet. This

Berry Icicles

These berry ice cube beat the heat. I was sooo dehydrated, so adding these mini hearts to my sparkling water

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