TSC Him & Her Podcast Episode 78: Raina Penchansky

influencer strategy management podcast This week on THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HIM & HER PODCAST...

( 0:25 ): This week we are joined by Raina Penchansky, co-founder of Digital Brand Architects. DBA is a top influencer agency who represents content creators. Let’s welcome Raina!


( 1:40 ): Lauryn asks: “Tell us your background and how you got involved in the influencer space.”

( 3:30 ): Michael asks: “How did you start DBA in New York?”

( 4:35 ): Lauryn asks: “You guys started out of your kitchen. How do you take a brand out of your kitchen and get to where you are now?”

( 7:35 ): Michael asks: “How did you and Lauryn connect?”

( 10:40 ): Michael asks: “What does the selection process look like?”

( 13:40 ): Michael asks: “When did you really see the shift that you knew this would really be successful?”

( 15:05 ): Lauryn asks: “Where do you see people doing things right and where are they doing things wrong?”

( 18:00 ): Lauryn asks: “How important do you think it is to create and cultivate a community?”

( 21:30 ): Michael asks: “How do introverts compete in this space?”

( 23:00 ): Michael asks: “How do you manage the talent?”

( 26:00 ): Lauryn asks: “What’s your real advice for someone starting out in this industry?”

( 28:00 ): Lauryn asks: “Where do you see this industry in 5 years?”

( 29:15 ): Lauryn asks: “Where do you see product going?”

( 30:15: ): Lauryn asks: “Do you see a lot of creators content marketing what they’re going to launch before they launch?”

( 32:00 ): Michael asks: “Do you think there is resistance with influencers making large amounts of money?”

( 33:25 ): Michael asks: “Do you still see a large level of disrespect to the industry?”

( 34:50 ): Michael asks: “What are brands thinking in this space? What are the mistakes and where are the opportunities?”

( 40:05 ): Lauryn asks: “What is something you live by everyday?”

( 41:20 ): Michael asks: “What’s next for DBA and you?”

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+ find DBA: Website | Instagram 

++ mentioned in this episode: What’s Gaby Cooking

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