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Travel hacks, tips for travelers on episode 75 of tsc him & her podcast | by the skinny confidential This week on THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HIM & HER PODCAST...

( 1:20 ): Hello from France everyone! We’ve been out here for a while & we’re definitely on French time. We’re hanging in St. Tropez with a revolving door for family and friends. It’s been a real fun time.

( 5:00 ): I’m a little sick from traveling. Time to up my vitamins. Michael is fine and just thinks I’m jet lagged.

( 5:45 ): This episode is all about travel hacks & tips.

( 8:45 ): Let’s begin with PACKING.

( 16:45 ): Now let’s discuss how to beat JET LAG.

( 31:00 ): Tips for traveling on a BUDGET, CREDIT CARDS & POINTS.

( 39:20): Looking to make the trip a little extra special? Ask for HELP from locals & always TIP the valet / front desk personnel.

( 42:00): PLAN so you’re prepared but leave some room so you can BE SPONTANEOUS.

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Michael definitely knows his stuff when it comes to travel. Me, not so much. However, I learned so much from this episode & hope you did too. We really appreciate you listening & subscribing. If you rate and review the show please screenshot it and send it to and I’ll send you my 5 secret beauty tips.

– lauryn, x

+ mentioned in this episode: Tumi packing cubes | Mooseknuckle

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  1. Jet Lag is the worst! I love the Podcast, I so need your skinny girls guide for fitness!


  2. I love using packing cubes on trips! Ours tend to have a lot of theme nights, so they really help me keep everything organized so I can find exactly what I need for a specific night without searching through the suitcases. I also plan outfits to make sure I’m going to like what I have for lunches/dinners out. Otherwise I get really indecisive and waste a whole bunch of time & don’t wear half the stuff I bring. I have a list that I keep for every trip with all the essentials that I’ll need to make sure I don’t forget anything (toiletries, supplements, snacks, workout gear, kindles, etc) and then copy it & start adding & creating outfits for that specific trip so then when I go to pack I just get everything on the list out, put it in cubes with a card as a label by day or need (ie: workout gear has its own cube) and then put all the cubes in. It’s a little more time up front, but keeps me so much saner not worrying about forgetting anything, or trying to find things when we’re on vacation! Plus you can pack things back in their cubes once you’ve worn them so packing to go home is really easy too!

  3. Such amazing suggestions ? most probably this is it what all I want to hear. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas. Keep posting, looking forward to more from you

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