TSC Him & Her Podcast Episode 74: Minute Man with Taylor O’Connor

premature ejaculation | podcastThis week on THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HIM & HER PODCAST...

( 0:55 ): This week we’re back with the one and only Taylor aka The Bare Naked Cucumber. If you want to get familiar with Taylor take a listen to some of his prior episodes. Begin with Mr. Piss Pants.

*Please do not listen near young children*


( 6:45 ):  Michael asks: “Tell us what’s really been going on in your life.” 

( 6:20 ): Michael asks: “What happened with you and Annabel?”

( 12:20 ): Michael asks: “What has been going on in your personal life?”

( 16:05 ): FB GROUP asks: “How would you explain our sense of humor – are we mean to you?”

( 19:20 ): FB GROUP asks: “What lessons have you learned from dating in 2017?”

( 35:00 ): FB GROUP asks: “What are the pros and cons of working for your friends?”

( 40:55 ): FB GROUP asks: “My boyfriend is a taker in the bedroom. How do I get him to give more?”

( 45:20 ): FB GROUP asks: “What would you be doing if you weren’t working for us?”

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+ mentioned in this episode: Taylor O’Connor 33 & 52 | Podcast FB Group | mini trampoline

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2 replies to “TSC Him & Her Podcast Episode 74: Minute Man with Taylor O’Connor”

  1. I can’t stop laughing / cringing at this entire episode. ?? ESP when Michael said “you just described rape.”