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TSC HIM & HER PODCAST EPISODE 32: What’s Gaby Cooking?

tsc him and her podcast with whats gaby cooking


( 3:00 ): We introduce this week’s guest, our friend, ex-celebrity chef, & badass food blogger Gaby Dalkin of What’s Gaby Cooking. Gaby grew from private chef to full time blogger, author, & is even launching a product line soon.

( 5:52 ): How Gaby & I met and bonded over our awkwardness at networking events.

( 6:50 ): Michael might be the only person that doesn’t like Hawaii. Don’t worry though, I stimulated Michael with my smells.

( 8:50 ): Gaby shares some tips for people that are not experts in the kitchen, the one time I tried to get Michael to eat waffles with raspberry vinaigrette, & Michael’s ONE drawer of snacks.

( 12:15 ): Gaby’s journey from private chef to full time blogger, PLUS how Gaby gets the most amazing food photos and efficiently stockpiles content.

( 15:28 ): Why Gaby’s editorial calendar is ON POINT, the importance of storytelling, & our bachelorette/bachelor party plans.

( 23:55 ): We share our tips of the week. Michael has a new bedtime ritual and I share all the info about what I’m wearing on my face during the show.


( 29:32 ): Michael asks: “What has it been like being an influencer in the niche field of food and cooking? How have you been able to grow your brand and stand out in an industry that is becoming highly saturated?”

( 34:15 ): Michael asks: “If you could give a new influencer / somebody going into a niche space one piece of advice on how they can make themselves stand out, what would it be?”

( 34:50 ): Lauryn asks: “Let’s talk about brands. How do you pick and choose who you’re going to work with while still staying authentic to the What’s Gaby Cooking brand?”

( 37:41): Michael asks: “You also work with your husband, Thomas. Is it as awesome and chaotic as Lauryn & I’s relationship?

Hope you guys enjoyed meeting Gaby, definitely check out her website. Her recipes are INSANE.

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As always, thanks for listening!



  1. Another excellent podcast episode! I particularly enjoyed this episode because I’m recovering from wisdom teeth removal surgery (had it yesterday), so your podcast is fun and enjoyable to listen to while trying to relax and heal.

  2. LOLing because I’m with Michael and totally thought you were talking about Apple iPad… even though I use the collagen eye pads you recommend EVERY SINGLE DAY. Obsessed. You guys are all amazing at what you do and I love listening to you!! xoxo

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