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TSC Pink Detox Drink ♡

The Skinny Confidential talks detox.

The Skinny Confidential pink detox drink.

The Skinny Confidential pink detox drink.

I’m such an extremist.

Spiciest of spicy.

Super, super, SUPER lemony.

Burn my skin off showers.

Red lipstick needs to be BLOOD RED.

Freezing cold sparkling water.

There’s no medium. IT’S HIGH OR IT’S LOW, YA KNOW?

And today I want to do nothing more than discuss what is currently helping me fight MAJOR bloat.

At least the extremist in me does…

The logical side though? Thinks this may be too much for some.

And hey, no biggie. That’s fine, totally chill. This post may very well not be for you because IT’S EXTREME with the ingredients. Maybe you have your own more relaxed way of fighting bloat & detoxing.

First of all, let me break down the ingredients.

The Skinny Confidential pink detox drink.

♡ TSC Pink Detox Drink:

6-7 cups of water
3-5 tablespoons of organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar
1/2 grapefruit
Tons (like TONS) of mint leaves
1-2 tablespoon organic cayenne powder (LOL)
1 tablespoon organic turmeric powder

Directions: I add ice to an extra large mason jar. Then on top of the ice, add water but don’t fill it to the top, like leave about an inch of space (I’ve never measured out this recipe, so bear with me ). Then add apple cider vinegar, squeeze half a grapefruit on the top ( being real: I don’t care about the seeds, if you do, strain it ), & as much mint, cayenne, and turmeric as you want. Option: sometimes I add a couple drops of 100% grapefruit oil to speed the metabolism too. This detox drink was adapted from The Suja Solution. I modified the spices, switched up the lemon for grapefruit, & added fresh mint.

** use the amounts you like//my amounts are EXTREME!

Here’s the deal: it’s not really the ingredients that are extreme though, it’s how much of each ingredient used. My cayenne obsession runs deep…& weird. I USE A LOT:

The Skinny Confidential pink detox drink.

You could full well make TSC Pink Detox Drink with a little bit of each ingredient.

ME? NO WAY. I need heaping, huge-ass amounts.

It’s how I like my food/work/life…extreme.

So totally feel free to DIY, in your own way, to your taste.

Am I making sense or rambling like a psycho?

If you follow me on Snapchat you know I drink this every single morning. EVERY.single.morning. It’s like this routine that’s ingrained in me. I wake up, make TSC Pink Detox Drink in my XL half gallon mason jar, make the bed while I drink it, listen to relaxing music, & check e-mails. The whole process is extremely calming for me.

Benefits are endless: this drink is cleansing, alkalizing, filling, full of Vitamin C, speeds the metabolism, & ultimately the perfect way to begin the day.

The Skinny Confidential pink detox drink.

Off on a tangent for the second: such a fan of making the bed when I wake up. It starts my day on the right foot & a lot of studies ( AKA Facebook pop-ups ) have said the act sets the tone & productivity of the day. I believe it. Thoughts?

So. Anywaysssss! That’s my detox drink. I’ve never had more questions on Snapchat in regards to this drink so I knew I had to share!

If you love this recipe, there’s a ton more like this in TSC Bombshell Body Guide.

Cheers! lauryn, xx

{ snapchat username: laurynevarts }

ps. & HOWWW CUTE are these coasters of my TSC Instagram quotes??? Use them in the AM too:

The Skinny Confidential pink detox drink.

The Skinny Confidential pink detox drink.tsc pink detox drink by the skinny confidential

  1. That DOES sound extreme! But I’m the same way though, I love extremes and contradictions haha! And I totally agree with the making your bed in the morning, its like the easiest to-do on your list first thing in the morning haha.


  2. This looks so interesting! I’m a huge fan of spicting this up and have honestly never thought of putting Cayenne Pepper into a smoothie!
    And FYI, those coasters are pure perfection 🙂

  3. Ok, you had me at detox drink. I will literally try ANYTHING for the sake of a health high and a de-bloat to boot. LOL. I will let you know if I survive. Xx

  4. Love the coasters!! And I totally get where you’re coming from about extremes. Can’t wait to try this!

  5. Can’t wait to try this! I used to drink ACV with lemon and cinnamon everyday and it helped a lot with keeping my stomach flat…not sure why I stopped lol. But I will for sure be adding this to my routine.

  6. You’re a girl after my own heart! I am the exact same way with extremes – especially with garlic, cayenne, mint, cinnamon, lemon (especially on raw/chilled seafood or if I’m being bad FRIES- I’m talking like 10 lemons a plate – restaurants hate me) – the list goes on. Like, I want my jaw to fall off because there is so much heat / flavour. Sooooo this drink is right up my alley! It sounds so refreshing. I love the mix of cayenne and grapefruit! Grapefruit and mint are so delicious together so I love the contrastof the cooling mint, and hot cayenne. Also, I’ve never seen that ACV and honey mix! That, and the addition of grapefruit oil, is SO smart. Will def try this one out. Thanks, Lauryn! PS – THOSE!!! COASTERS!!! You def need a TSC home goods line!

    1. sorry, but i made it for first time and its deep orange and very peppery. why is mine thick orange and yours is pink? what am i doing wrong

  7. Omg, that does sound a little extreme. I’m super new to juicing/drinking/being healthy in general. I still wanna try a 3 day juice cleanse one day. I feel like this would be a good idea, it’s just a matter of whether or not I can actually drink it!


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  8. Ugh, I can’t wait to try this! You always have the best health tips- I’ve loved trying all your various drinks + recipes over the last few months!


  9. Will add this drink to my routine! I obsessively make the best first thing in the morning. Second thing clean the kitchen. I need to start my day like this errrr day

    Katie @ Katie Wanders

  10. This sounds amaze! I use Slim and Sassy blend by Doterra every morning! I just add a few drops to my hot water and sip through a straw while I’m getting ready! Its great since I am usually pretty rushed in the morning!

  11. I usually drink hot/warm lemon water in the morning to de-bloat but this will be good to change things up a bit… I use the same brand of ASV in my morning smoothie, but I haven’t ever seen the one with honey! MUST FIND IT! Thanks for all the amazing tips, reading your blog on my break at work is something I look forward to every day 🙂 XOXO

  12. Oh la la very excited to try this! Lemon/cayenne/turmeric water has been part of my morning routine for everrrrr so I’m very excited to switch it up! The inspirational coasters are very cute, but it’s too bad they spelled Russian wrong.

  13. That sounds delicious. Thank you so much!! Does the turmeric make it taste overwhelming? Cannot wait to try this.!

  14. Sounds amazing! Thinks for sharing the recipe! However, girl, you don´t got THE BLOAT! You always look fab:) (but I know how it is when you feel like you got “the bloat”…THE WORST!)


  15. I’m going to a music festival in TWO WEEKS FROM YESTERDAY! I’ve been rolling through my mental rolodex of cleanses/detoxes/diets- EXTREME style (no one around here gets me- glad you do) & I had just decided to do a good water cleanse for 3 days when I clicked my TSC bookmark & gasped. I take 2 tablespoons of ACV (same Braggs but not this curious mix with honey!), grapefruit juice, water, ginger & turmeric powder with red pepper flakes (closest thing my too lazy to go to the market ass has to cayenne) every morning. But let me tell you- IT IS THE WORST part of my day. I DREAD it. I absolutely hate vinegar of all types. I hold my nose the whole time & while gasping for air I get it all down and before I unplug my nose I drench my mouth with anything I can find. A tablespoon of coffee grounds! I want to do this exact mix err day all day for two weeks & a light raw diet but is this super vinegar’y’? I have to find this Braggs version you have. Ok. You’re the one with the book- not me! (can’t tell)

  16. Its actually a good idea to throw your covers back and let the bed ‘air’ for a few hours before making it.
    I usually fold the covers back when i get up, and then make the bed up when i get back from work.

  17. Love this! I’ve been drinking warm water with lemon and honey every morning and night, but I’ll have to start throwing in some of these spicy extras!! I like how the routine of it makes you feel good, so even if you over-indulge a bit later you already know you did at least one healthy thing that day. Cheers xx

  18. I have a question about the mint leaves, do you muddle them, put them in whole, what do you do? it sounds intersting and I’m definetely a fan of anything to get rid of bloat and that’s a metabolism booster..

  19. I can’t wait to try this! Does it matter when you drink it during the day? i know you mentioned you drink it in the morning, do you think it matters if I drink it at night???

  20. I love that you’re an extremist. I don’t push myself nearly as often as I should. I totally want to try this!

  21. I’m a newb and trying to get into a healthier lifestyle. I love your site! So the mint leaves, do you reuse them in several days drinks? Those things can be expensive!

  22. I tried this and literally run to the restroom to throw it up… I really don’t feel like trying this drink again. Do you have an other drink like a special tea with Apple cider vinegar to detox in the morning? Thanks a lot :))

  23. Do you make it a day in advance and do you just shake it up in the jar and let it sit overnight?

  24. I must be missing something but do you put it all in a blender? What do you do with the mint?!?

  25. This was way nasty to my taste…BUT you inspired to go back and amp up a detox concoction I tried a year ago (cinnamon instead of turmeric, a LOT less cayenne and a packet of Stevia in the Raw) so it’s all good! I’m loving it nice and icy with grapefruit instead of lemon!

    FYI, the link here for the grapefruit oil is for a product meant for aroma therapy purposes only. Glad I read the label first!

    1. Whoops! Link is fixed now. This is the exact one I use that’s for drinking:

      Thanks for letting me know! Sorry you didn’t like it!

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  27. Tried it today (finally) and it worked well! For some reason I’m bloated during my holiday and it sucks so I went for it this morning and apart from beeing harsh on my teeth with the vinegar and grapefruit it did make a difference! I also tried to chew fennel seeds and this works as well!

  28. I tried this and i cannot lie to you it made me vomit. actual vomit. it was so hard to get down that i had to come back to make sure i made it right..and i did. SO i think i will have to play with the amounts a little bit haha!

  29. I’m a big fan of this in the morning but I normally have it warm.. looking forward to trying grapefruit instead of my usual lemon

    Not really related but where is the white mason jar from?? did you paint yourself? Love it

  30. I feel so stupid, but…once you combine the ingredients, what do you do? Just shake or stir? You don’t blend them? Does the ice bruise the mint leaves and release their benefits or do you actually consume the leaves? You drink the entire half gallon in the morning?

  31. Thanks for sharing Lauryn! I’m wondering how long you wait to eat anything after drinking the detox drink? I’ve heard with lemon water it’s a good idea to give it time to cleanse your system?

    Thanks 🙂

  32. I love this drink! What are your thoughts on making a huge pitcher ahead of time for the week ahead? Would it last?

    Thanks Lauryn! Always looking forward to your blog posts & snaps! 🙂

  33. Oooooh my God! This is amazing!!! i drink hot water with a little bit of lime every morning because i heard that was good for burning fat and increasing your metabolism. but thiss? this is just great! i will drink it everyday and im sure i will totally love it. also i heard that having cinnamon tea or spice coffee, drinks or smoothies with cinnamon helps you burn fat faster and reducing abdominal fat! i look forward to seeing changes that this detox drink might have!
    thanksss 🙂 <3<3

  34. Hi Lauryn! I’ve been drinking your detox drink almost everyday for about a month. I definitely notice the “un-bloating”? benefits as well as it keeping me full longer. How did you come up with this drink? Are there specific studies or things you’ve read that describes the benefits? I’ve heard citrus fruits boost metabolism but I’ve never heard that about the other ingredients. Do you mind elaborating?

  35. I’ve been drinking Golden Milk for about a week and I’m worried about all the calories in the caned coconut milk.
    Love your site!!

  36. I would like to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in penning this site.
    I really hope to see the same high-grade blog posts from
    you later on as well. In truth, your creative writing abilities
    has motivated me to get my own website now 😉

  37. Great advice. Ive been looking for new detox drinks to mix into my route. Lately I’ve been using The Red Detox drink. So far so good. But ill also have to give this recipe a try.. here is what i have been using

  38. I reallly love this drink 🙂 I also recomend red tea detox which I have recently tried and it really works. Here is the link:

  39. 6-7 cups of water? Do you drink this all before breakfast? I currently drink a 16oz glass of water with 2 tbsp acv, 1 tsp turmeric, a dash of cayenne some cinnamon and half a lemon.

    I’d love more insight

  40. Can you think of anything to replace the grape fruit juice with? I’m on antidepressants so I can’t mix. Pineapple juice maybe?

  41. What do you recommend for readers who cannot have grapefruit, but want to try a version of this drink!?

  42. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. I’ve been doing it with a flavored seltzer though tastes so good

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