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TSC Monthly Book Club – April | by Michael


Hey Guys,

I hope your April has been treating you as good as mine has been treating me.

I have spent a lot of this month working on new projects and working on bettering myself. It has been a really interesting year for me, putting myself out there in ways I never have before.

Lauryn and I started the podcast, Snapchat entered my life, and I have been getting some really good feedback from all of you which has really inspired me to create some new things that I hope to share with everyone soon!

On that note, I have included some really good books this month. Some you may have heard of, and some maybe not.

Check them out if you get a chance!

When Breath Becomes Air by: Paul Kalanithi:

So I saw this book on Amazon and every book shelf for the last couple of months and finally gave in and read it. I can now see why I was seeing it so often. This book is nothing short of amazing.

It covers the life and death of Dr. Paul Kalanithi. At the age of 36 after finishing his training as a neurosurgeon, Dr. Kalanithi was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. What do you do in life when you go from diagnosing and helping patients to becoming one? What do you do when all of your goals and aspirations face the shadow of death? This book may sound really depressing but it was actually both depressing and uplifting. It was a very unique look at life and death.

I highly recommend.

You are a Badass by: Jen Sincerno:

I usually steer clear and shy away from books with titles like this. I am all about bettering yourself but some of these “self-help” books come off a little cheesy. I mean we get it, love yourself, life is great, we are so fortunate, blah, blah, blah. I personally think a lot of those books prey on vulnerabilities.

This one was different though, the author has some really good insights and does a really good job laying it out. She is also funny and authentic. When you read this book you don’t feel like you are being preached to.

Here are some quotes from the book: “Our fantasies are our realities in an excuse free world” (you know how I feel about excuses, so that was A+) “Most answers reveal themselves through doing, not thinking” (again, loved this one, big proponent of more action and less talk).

So check this one out. It’s worth it!

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts:

Lauryn and I read this book together years ago and we both really loved it.

It’s a fiction book based off of true events that took place in the author’s life. Roberts was born in Australia and became addicted to heroin at a young age. After committing robberies with a fake gun he was sentenced to 19 years in Australian prison. He escaped (over the front wall!) the prison and ended up fleeing to New Zealand, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Many of those years were spent in Bombay, India. During those years he worked for the Bombay Mafia, established medical clinics, smuggled guns and worked as a counterfeiter.

The Procrastination Puzzle by: Timothy A. Pychyl

Why do we procrastinate? What is the science behind it? Why are we constantly putting off tasks that we know will make our lives harder? Why not just bite the bullet and get it done?

This book is a really helpful (very short! For all you procrastinations) look at why we procrastinate. It offers up some really helpful hints and tools to help conquer procrastination and up productivity. If you have some time, check this book out. I think you will find that you have even more time if you implement some of these tips into your tool box.

Confessions of a Celebrity Bodyguard by Thomas Fitzsimmons:

Lauryn and I have a really good friend in NYC named Tom. He used to by a NYC cop during some really rough times. Whenever Lauryn and I have a chance we get together with Tom and tour the city and listen to his old stories. It’s wild to hear about the life he led as a cop. My hat goes off to anyone in that field of work, it’s not easy.

Tom is also a really a fantastic writer and has written a series of books loosely based around his life. They are really interesting, quick and entertaining. Not to mention he’s a REAL life celebrity bodyguard, pretty badass right. His newest book may be his best one yet. Check them out and let me know what you think!

I hope you guys are still liking these books posts! I really enjoy sharing them with you.

If you follow me on Snapchat I also post daily on the books I am reading.

Happy reading guys!


  1. Love these books posts! Thank you! Do you have any recommendations for books on getting over fear?

    1. Hey Lindsey, just a thought, one book I REALLY enjoyed was the Gift of Fear. by Gavin deBecker. It’s about trusting your fear (as long as it’s based on your intuition and experience, vs. a mental roadblock.) Check it out!

  2. I want to read the one about the bodyguard! Hopefully it is at my local library or bookstore.

  3. i love these book club posts and look forward to them every month (also love when you post them on snapchat). great recommendations and i am even inspired to read books i would never pick out otherwise!

  4. Love these posts! Can’t wait to read Shantaram. Anything you’d recommend on time management? I’m starting to work from home and am realizing time management is not my strong suit- which is no bueno!

  5. I recently read When Breath Becomes Air and it really affected me. It was heartbreaking and uplifting all at the same time. I really admire Dr Kalanithi and his attitude in the face of a tragic diagnosis. I’m intrigued by Shantaram and just added it to my library list and I’m seriously considering the Procrastination book (which really means it should be must read for me – ha!). Thanks for the recommendations! I love this series!

  6. Does Michael have a Goodreads account? I love these posts and I’d love to follow what else he’s reading or planning to read!!

  7. These suggestions are great. I refuse to get snapchat to try and limit the distractions, so I rely on these posts for some great nonfiction reads! Thank you so much, and keep up the great suggestions 🙂

  8. When Breathe Becomes Air is an amazing book. Another great read is The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday- highly recommended 🙂

  9. I just finished When Breath Becomes Air, and I love that it is one of those books you can recommend to anyone. You may already be aware of this, but the blogger from A Cup of Jo, is Lucy Kalinithi’s twin sister and has written numerous posts about Paul, including a few before he passed away. She posted a link to his New York Times article, “How Much Time Have I Got Left?”, Lucy’s interview with Diane Sawyer after his passing, and some of his other contributions. Although there is some overlap with the book, I think it’s worth the time to read and watch these if the book had an impact on you. I’m loving these book recommendations, thanks so much!

  10. I really liked Jen Sincero!! She’s funny and authentic in a way that the book title doesn’t necessarily suggest. The stories of her days in a band had me laughing out loud. Thanks Michael!

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