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the skinny confidential in New York City | by the skinny confidential
It’s rather fitting to have Susan ( Michael ) back on The Skinny Confidential discussing what he knows best: TRAVEL ITINERARIES.

As promise with the new site launch: more travel vlogs & itineraries, so VOILA. Your wish is my command.

There’s NO one better to be talking itineraries. Literally I’ve never seen someone so involved in laying out travel like Michael. He’s like a travel scientist.

…But you know that if you watch him panicked & ABSOLUTELY OUT OF HIS MIND on Snapchat. SO, let’s let Panicky Susan do his thing, shall we?:

Hey guys!

Michael again, back for some more fiery content!

This time we are talking travel, and not just travel but travel itineraries. If any of you have seen Lauryn’s Snapchat you already know that I don’t fuck around when it comes to the travel game.

I like to plan plan plan and knock out as much as I can in the smartest way possible. I mean why go somewhere and not get as much out of it as possible? For you spontaneous people, yea I get it you don’t like to plan, you like to be spontaneous. What if being spontaneous means you end up at a terrible place, after waiting in line, only to be disappointed by the people in the place? It’s just something I can’t risk!

The key is to be spontaneous but also have some cards up your sleeve.

Most of the time I won’t even tell Lauryn what we are doing and then bang! Amazing place and atmosphere! To me, this is a much more impressive approach than standing around with your hands in your pockets waiting 45 minutes for a shitty table at a trendy place.

Anyways… we just got back from NYC ( my favorite city in the world, yes the whole world ) and because NYC is so big I didn’t put together a traditional itinerary. I just compiled a list of all my favorite places. I did not include things like museums and central park. Guides on that stuff can be found all over the web. I also didn’t include which hotels to stay at because again, big place and lots of options.

When we go to NYC we either work work work or…eat, eat, eat & drink, drink, drink…& shop…So maybe think about bookmarking this page for the next time you are in NYC as a reference and hit up these spots when you have time!

+ Here’s one major tip I would add: when going to NYC, pack light, pack the essentials. NYC is one of the shopping capitals of the World. If you are going there it’s a good idea to save up before and get some good shopping done while you are there. The emptier the suitcase the better!

Ok so let’s get into it, there is no particular order to this:hot spots in New York City | by the skinny confidential


*Cipriani – Midtown: this may be Lauryn and I’s favorite lunch spot. The food is A+, the people watching is great, I could eat lunch here every day.

*Rubirosa – SoHo: best vodka pizza in the game. Go in the day for a pie and some drinks.

*PizzArte – Midtown: one of our favorite pizza places. We stop in here in the middle of the day for a Campari soda and a pie.

*Balthazar – SoHo: French food, good for brunch or a late lunch.

*The Smile -NoHo: I love this place for breakfast or brunch, they have good drinks as well

*Minetta Tavern – Greenwich Village: get the black label burger, trust me.

*Bar Pitti – West Village: great patio scene, place to “see or be seen”. Go in the day.

*Jack’s Wife Freda – SoHo  ( another one opened recently too ): trendy brunch scene but the food is great.

*Katz’s Deli – Lower East Side – do yourself a favor and go get a pastrami sandwich and let me know if you ever find one better in the world. Get the pickles. Don’t forget your ticket!!

*The Spotted Pig – West Village: go for brunch or lunch, great food and cool scene. I also think Jay-Z owns the building or did?hot spots in New York City | by the skinny confidential


*Blue Ribbon Brasserie – SoHo : date night. Great late night food.

*L’Artusi – West Village : Italian food, groups, the bar scene, get the olive oil cake for dessert, you wont be sorry.

*Gramercy Tavern – Gramercy: American cuisine, fine dining establishment.

*Peter Luger Steak House – Brooklyn/Williamsburg: steaks…best in the world steaks. Place has been around for 120 years which means they have learned a thing or two. Cash only! That’s right cash only.

*Scalinatella – Upper East Side: some of the best Italian you will have in NYC if not the best.

*Campagnola – Upper East Side: old school Italian joint. Lauryn & I went here and had one of the best dinners and night’s we have ever had in NYC. Highly Rec.

*Perla – Greenwich Village: really good Italian food, great for a date night. Lauryn and I love this place.

*Il Buco – NoHo: Italian, date night, really good.

*Locanda Verde – Tribeca: see & be seen again. A lot of action at the bar, good place to meet people.

*Babbo – Greenwich Village: fine dining Italian.

*ABC Kitchen – Flatiron: place is ok ( Lauryn likes it more than me ).

*Acme – NoHo: food is ok, great for a night out. Go downstairs after ( speak-easy down there ).

*Blue Ribbon Sushi – SoHo: must try, it lives up to the hype.

*The Standard Grill – Meatpacking: go on Friday or Saturday night, the food is meh but it is always packed and fun. Good pre-game place. Then go upstairs the roof for some spots in New York City | by the skinny confidential


*Bathtub Gin- Meatpacking: speak-easy bar, a lot of fun!

*Employee’s only -West Village: this bar won an award for best bar or something but I want to tell you, I went in here and had the worst old fashioned ever! I was pissed because I was so hyped and it was a big let down. Still maybe check it out.

*The Standard Beer Garden – Meatpacking: go here on Sunday, it’s a lot of fun.

*The Mercer Hotel -SoHo: fun bar scene downstairs, the restaurant is also really good.

*The Bowery Hotel Bar – Lower East Side: rad place to grab an old fashioned and people watch.

*The Nomad Hotel: all around good vibes.

*Maison Premiere – Williamsburg: get some oysters as well if that’s your thing.

*Barrio Chino – Lower East Side: love this place! Really cool.

*Berlin – Lower East Side: go downstairs but be careful, it’s a scene.

*The Clocktower Bar in the ONE hotel – Midtown: drinks are amazing but do not do dinner there! Whatever you do! I felt like a prisoner for an hour and a half.

*Library Bar at Hudson – Hell’s Kitchen: this place is cool.

*The Jane Hotel – West Village: Lauryn likes this place. Their decor is rad & drinks are flowing.

I hope you guys find this itinerary useful. It is definitely not your typical trendy hot spot list but I swear by all of these places.

Every place on this list is somewhere we have been and would go back to multiple times.

Have fun and enjoy the best city in the WORLD!

– Michael


  1. I agree with Michael 100%! When I travel to a new city I like to at least have dinner reservations made, and a solid list of places to check out / see… then I can feel like it’s somewhat planned, but open for some wiggle room. I’m a huge foodie, so my dinners are very important!

    My last (and first!) trip to NYC we stayed at The NoMad and the food was GREAT… we also had a fun dinner at Wildair with friends that live in the city… and then a bucket list meal at Eleven Madison Park (I thought Providence in LA is better, but it was SUCH a cool experience with so much table side).

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. Such a great list of places to try out next time I’m in NYC. I’m located outside of Philly, so NYC is just a quick train ride away.

    xo- Nicole @

  3. Totally wrote all of these down just because I have never been to NYC! I have literally been ALL over the world but never NYC and I die to go! Thanks for sharing xo

  4. This list is awesome Michael! My husband and I are going next month for our one year anniversary and this is going to help us navigate nyc!!!??

  5. I have not ever been to NYC….can you believe it?!

    I tend to stay west coast {traveling from Vancouver, Canada to CA is my most traveled to destination} but it’s on my must see places this year! I have it on my vision board and I want to see NYC in the winter time, with all the lights and window displays!

    So…I’ll be referencing this post for places to go and see!


  6. This is so helpful! NYC has SO many options for food and I’m always scrolling through Yelp on my phone when I’m there, to figure out where I want to eat. haha.

  7. Super duper helpful! I’m visiting my sister in NY next week (and she just turned 21) so the best places for cocktails will most definitely be used! Thanks a bunch for that!

  8. Ah as a former NYC babe, this list is SO LEGIT.

    Always good to walk around and go EVERYWHERE.

    Loved this one, loved watching you guys there.

  9. Oh my gosh Michael is everything right now haha, I needed new restaurants in NYC..I am actually going in May with my boyfriend and his business partners to meet with Gary V (saw your episode…aka stalked your snapchats…LOVED) and I’m seriously so excited to try some new places to eat because I feel like there’s only so many times you can eat at Mercer Kitchen, did you guys try the Polo Bar? We’ve only been to the one in Paris which I died for but I haven’t heard anything about the one in NYC. Tell Michael thanks so much for the awesome foodie guide…coming in clutch!


  10. These are some great suggestions! But if you want to check out great, chic, but more low key places, I would go to Mermaid Oyster Bar in Greenwich Village. Their happy hour is to die for ($1 oysters.) Also, by Chloe is a block down and it’s a cute little place that has amazing vegan food (great for lunch.) Last time I was there Miley Cyrus also had shown up that same day.

    Also I know you probably get great tacos in San Diego, but y’all should try Tacombi in Nolita if you need a taco fix while in New York– it’s super casual but so quaint, cute, and really good. Also there is some great shopping in Nolita.

    Also, if you haven’t done cocktails at Beauty and Essex, you definitely should. Really fun place.

  11. Just moved to SD from NY about 6 months ago and I have SO many suggestions I dont even know where to start. I see you guys are digging the speak-easy scene in NYC, I HIGHLY recommend going to Raines Law Room. its really neat. Also the Flatiron Room and Eataly are INSANE.

  12. I recently returned from New York, and I’ll make sure to use these tips next time I’m in the city. Love your whole layout of your blog as well as your writing style. Huge fan!!

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