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TSC Itinerary: Full On Guide To Venice, Italy

Venice itinerary | by the skinny confidential

Susan is BACK ( aka Michael ) on The Skinny Confidential discussing his favorite subject: TRAVEL ITINERARIES.

You know we promised more travel with the new site launch so ta-da: VENICE, Italy. Florence will make an appearance this month too.

We want to make sure that if we’ve traveled somewhere, you guys get the 411 on what to do, where to go, & of course, the eating/drinking details.

So I’ll let Mr. Professional Itinerary Connoisseur take it from here because to be honest, I’m very much absorbed in Game Of Thrones right now:

As some of you know Lauryn & I recently went to Venice, Italy for her surprise birthday trip. If you follow along on Snapchat you have seen that I really took some time to plan out what I thought would be a really special trip to celebrate Lauryn’s birthday.

Before you ask or wonder, yes Lauryn really was VERY surprised & I was even more surprised that she didn’t figure it out! You would think after hearing 7 announcements, passing by 4 screens with the destination, getting on a connecting flight and watching video clips on the location that she would know exactly where we were going. She didn’t though! So thanks iPhone, social media, Snapchat, & email for keeping her so distracted…

Ok, let’s get into it. This was our second time in Venice & let me tell you… the second time around went much smoother than the first. The first time I had no clue what I was doing. Venice is a little confusing because you get off the plane and have to get to the dock and get on a water taxi or shuttle to get where you are going. It’s a real pain in the ass if you don’t do a little research in advance.

PRO TIP: Spend the extra money on a private water taxi and if you really want to be efficient, have someone from the hotel meet you and escort you. A little expensive? Yes, but trust me when I say the convenience factor is well worth it. Hold off on the stupid tourist mask and avoid sweating while stumbling around with that confused, lost look.

Ok so I am going to list 5 things I think you should do once you get to your hotel. In my opinion, you need 2-3 (3 max) days in Venice before it’s time to move on. Efficiency! That’s just my opinion. It’s a beautiful city but it gets repetitive after day 2 ( maybe 3 ) and there is plenty more to see in Italy.


1.) When you first get there, walk around ( if you listen to TSC Podcast you know to get the map of the city from your hotel concierge ). Venice is a really awesome city to walk around in. Grab some gelato, have a Campari soda. Walk over the bridges and finish with some drinks in Piazza San Marco. They usually have some smooth jazz or Bossanova playing & it’s a really good vibe.

2.) Before dusk go to Harry’s Bar, have a Bellini and people watch. This bar was a favorite of Ernest Hemingway’s and is a must if you are in Venice. Don’t screw this up!

Venice itinerary | by the skinny confidential

3.) Have dinner at one or both of these places: Terraza is one of Lauryn’s favorite restaurants in the world ( it’s where we had her b-day dinner ). It has amazing views and it’s one of the most romantic restaurants we have been to. Terraza is located on top of the hotel we stayed at ( Hotel Danieli ) — it’s a must-see. Club Deldoge is where we enjoyed some amazing seafood & chilled martinis, YUM.

4.) If you don’t get seasick, take a gondola boat ride around Venice. We did this the first time we went but Lauryn got a little sick so we skipped it this time around. However, it’s one of those things you should do and it’s a great way to see Venice.

5.) On one of the days, take a boat to Murano and watch some of the old glass blowing masters at their craft. This is one of the most amazing things you will see in Venice. It’s awesome to see what these guys can do by hand with glass. Then head over to Burano or Torcelo for lunch. We did this and it was a nice change of pace. The lunch was INSANE. Delicious food & so beautiful.

BONUS: Walk around at night and be romantic, if any guys are reading this. If you take your girl for a stroll at night in Venice, you’re 100% getting it that night, lol.

I really think this covers everything for Venice.

It’s not a long list but for two or three days it will keep you plenty busy. I am sticking to my guns and saying Venice is an amazingly beautiful and interesting place but 2-3 days is enough. If you want to spend more time in Italy ( which I highly recommend ) jet over to the train station & head to another Italian destination ( we went to Florence, which I will talk about soon ). The train is another inexpensive & fast way to get around the country. We had a lot of fun on the train.

Hope you guys like these itineraries! I try to keep them short and simple — I don’t include the normal tourist traps as you can find those on the 50 million Google articles available on a simple search. This is the stuff we both really recommend experiencing!


– michael


  1. Love Venice! And totally taking you up on that private water taxi rec next time.
    Your pics are gorg-looks like you had a great time!

  2. LOVE the travel itineraries. Keep them coming! My hubs and I have referred to the NYC one regularly and are using it to help plan our upcoming trip there.

    Now I’m working on trying to convince him that he, too, should surprise me with an epic trip to Italy. Ha!

    P.S. Lauryn, your birthday dress was incredible! You looked absolutely gorgeous.

  3. I love the short & sweet itineraries. Honestly, I totally feel you on 2-3 days being enough. We recently did 24 hours in Amsterdam and was able to get enough in where we felt like we did enough… though a few extra days wouldn’t have hurt a fly! Bellini’s at Harry’s is def on my list.The Hotel Danieli looks like a dream. Glass Blowing is SO cool too! Venice is 100% on my list – now gotta lay down the hints to the boyfriend! x

  4. My husband and I are going to Italy for the first time in August, so I definitely appreciate this post! Loved following along your trip on snapchat too. Can’t wait to try out all the recommendations!!

  5. This is super helpful! My husband and I have Italy on our list of possible vacations for 2017 and I will definitely consult this itinerary! Great work 🙂

  6. So romantic! I always imagine Venice in some ways having a creepy oppressive vibe because of all the dark movies and books set there, and the beautiful ancient palazzos slowly crumbling and buckling into the murky water… but I also think that would make it very special and intriguing to spend with someone you’re close to!
    What did you think of the crowd / ambiance? Was it generally upscale in the places you visited?

    1. Venice is not creep at all in the areas you will most likely be! It’s a really beautiful/unique city. Very romantic. The first time we went to Venice the crowd was really bad but April/May is a really nice time to go. Not too hot and not too cold. Have fun!

  7. I would love to visit Italy some day its such a beautiful city

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  8. Thanks Michael! I really love these posts and how genuine they are. I absolutely love that I am getting travel tips from someone I actually trust rather than just googling around. I have not been able to travel internationally yet, but having these itineraries on TSC is totally inspiring me. So helpful to get started in planning. Anyway, love you guys and I can’t wait to hear about Florence!!

  9. Hii,
    Its a great idea to visit Venice,it is a beautiful place.Terraza is famous restaurant in the world.I really like it.

    Thanks,for sharing this valuable information about Italy’s restaurant.

  10. You are so right, Venice does tend to get repetitive after 2-3 days unless you fall hopelessly with the place and can resist the temptations of visiting Florence, Siena, Chianti that are nearby. You were lucky that you found good food because in the prime touristy areas food served is very basic and overpriced, you need good advice of a local in this regard.

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