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TSC Itinerary: Full On Guide to Saint Tropez, France

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Hi guys, Michael here! As promised, a full on St. Tropez itinerary ( you guys know I love my itinerary, traveling is my thing! ). Ok so, Saint Tropez…how do I begin here? Well for starters let’s just say…be prepared to drink some rosé!

St. Tropez is a small town in the South of France that you definitely need to visit ASAP! Make sure you don’t go in the off-season though because it’s dead! The prime months in my opinion are July & August. So let me tell you a little about the place before I get into the itinerary.

This is not a place for tourists.

Some tourists go there but it’s not the place if you catch my drift. This is a place to take a vacation. Relax, eat well, read, sleep, party, relax, party, eat, & relax some more and act like you know what you are doing. Hopefully after reading this you will!

As usual my itineraries will be short and to the point to give you the optimal experience with as little wasted time as possible. For the boring stuff refer to Google.

Ok so here we go. St. Tropez could possibly be my favorite place on earth. I think Lauryn would agree but I don’t want to speak for her. It covers every spectrum! Great weather, beautiful people, awesome beaches, great pools, amazing food, crazy parties, and the most relaxing places to read and rest! I have been to many different places in the world and after a few days I am usually ready to head home. I could stay in St. Tropez for a month, easy!

Ok so lets start with basics:

Go to the beach and relax during the day. The beaches in St. Tropez are always nice and relaxing. The water is perfect for a quick swim, so don’t be shy!

If the beach is not your thing and you like pools better hit up a nice hotel pool. I prefer the Byblos or Chateau De La Messardiere.

Make sure you go into town, eat some ice cream, grab a Campari soda, & do some shopping. You can walk the whole town.

If you are feeling adventurous rent a car & hit up all the different beaches.

If you are in town and looking to get a drink go to the Hotel De Paris rooftop for a drink.

At night, if you decide you want to get crazy visit VIP Room or Les Caves Du Roy. Those are the best clubs. Go to Nikki Beach in the day for a wild time.

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& now some details:

For a romantic dinner, head to The Strand. Lauryn & I love this place. Get a bottle of champagne and enjoy the scene.

If you want an upscale dinner that’s a little more trendy go to Kori. This place can also turn into a bit of a party so be careful

For a completely crazy dining experience go to L’Opera. This place is ballistic! Order the truffle pizza and thank me later.

In the day, for lunch you can’t beat Le Club 55. Make sure you call ahead of time for a reservation as this place gets very busy. Trust me it’s worth the hype.

Another option for lunch is Bagatelle. This is in between 55 and Nikki Beach in terms of energy. Lauryn and I loved it.

Guys, bring your girl to the Dior Café for a coffee while in town. Girls, go get your Instagram at the café.

Le Quai and L’Escale are also great for dinner. Both are in the harbor and right next to each other so if you are there for a few days and want a change up try these places.

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Some other places we love:

Le Tigrr ( go at sunset ), Brasserie Des Arts, Hotel de la Ponche ( classic & casual ) & Sénéquier ( one of the oldest cafés, iconic, right on the port ).

Enjoy Saint Tropez! It’s one of our favorite places in the world. Drink some rosé for us!

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– Michael

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St. Tropez Vibes:

  1. Thank you for this!! I loved watching you two on your wild adventure in St. Tropez! I can’t wait to some day visit there, it looks so beautiful and relaxing yet a great place to celebrate and get a little crazy/froggy. lol.
    Please Please Please do a post on packing for a trip like this! I always wonder how you both fit so many great outfits & shoes into those bags.


  2. Saint Tropez is breathtaking, I have a folder with over 50 images! I’ve never been to France but if I get there Saint Tropez is first on my list, this place is amazing! Then, the second spot on the list, the lavender fields in Provence.

  3. Book recommendation! Valley of the Genius is about Silicon Valley culture and how all these huge companies came together. It’s crazy how all these geniuses just jumped from company to company and knew each other and the crazy ways they worked. The author did all these in depth interviews and research so it’s more like an oral history. I think you guys would both find it interesting but especially your husband.

  4. Hey Lauryn,

    Did you go to Tahiti Beach? I’m about to go to St. Tropez and feel a little overwhelmed with all the choices!

  5. Hi there, we just returned from 5 days in the French Riviera. We followed your trip day by day and just want to say thank you for an awesome trip. We enjoyed the views, the food and the drives.

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