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Let me begin by saying THANK YOU! Thank you everyone for all of your support on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER PODCASTIt’s crazy to think how we started this 2 years ago sipping on margaritas ( spicy jalapeño to be specific ) and now we’ve received over 18 million downloads.

We would be nowhere without YOUR support. Thank you for listening and for your time. Michael & I really appreciate it.

NOW, as you guys may know, during the podcast episodes we dive DEEP. Our guests are knowledgable in a wide range of topics from business, wellness, relationships and of course skin care. The experts that join us on the show share a lot of information which is why we’ve launched TSC PODCAST SITE. This is your one stop shop to stay up to date on the latest happenings. You can listen directly to the latest episodes, find detailed show notes, podcast resources and ways to contact us!

podcast show notes detailed him her call in by tsc


This site is your home base for all things TSC HIM & HER. You will find detailed show notes for every episode. This means that while you’re listening when driving, cooking or running you can forget your pen and paper. We take the notes for you! From the book that a guest suggests to the exact eye cream I’m using, everything that’s mentioned is loaded here weekly. EASY.

If you’re curious on where you should begin, here are some of our top episodes:

Jillian Michaels
+ Sex With Emily
+ Dr. Dennis Gross
+ Lewis Howes
+ Kristin Cavallari
+ Dr. Michael Gervais
+ Kate Somerville
+ Dr. Daniel Barrett

podcast show notes detailed him her call in by tsc


We LOVE to hear from you guys. So much so that we created TSC HIM & HER HOTLINE! Yep, a hotline. Vintage. Do you have a question or want to share an idea? Call us at ( 833 ) 754-6697. We will also be featuring callers on the show to bring back some of the original Q&A vibe from when we started.

You can also reach out to us via Instagram. On the TSC Podcast IG ( @tscpodcast ) you will find behind the scenes content from recordings, highlights from guests and much more. We read all of the comments and do our best to respond.

PLUS we also have TSC HIM & HER Facebook group for direct access. If you have any guest recommendations or feedback please share! This is a platform where we can provide value to you so let us know what you want more of.

podcast show notes detailed him her call in by tsc


The podcast is a place where we share our tricks and tips. We work with brands that we truly use and love. We’re talking about companies like Thrive Market which delivers organic groceries at wholesale prices, and Four Sigmatic which creates superfood mushroom blends to support your vitality. We want to share what we love with you guys so all of our sponsors and their promo codes can be found on our resources page.

If you haven’t visited the podcast site, now you know! We’ve also gotten a bunch of questions on our podcast equipment and tips for starting a podcast so stay tuned. We’ll be sharing more on those topics soon.

Who do you want next on the podcast?

What topics are you dying for us to cover?

We’re here to provide interesting and valuable content to YOU so reach out and let us know.

Thank you for your attention,




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