TSC HIM & HER PODCAST: Flared up, Razor Burned, & Out Of Control


This week on The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast:

( 1:18 ): The Bare Naked Cucumber & winner of the BETTER BODY CONTEST is BACK. He explains why he has to buy all new clothes & shares the struggles of his single life on Tinder & Bumble.

( 6:20 ): We’re still excited & inspired by last week’s episode with Danny.

( 8:35 ): Taylor’s two-year old suit, a little wedding stress, & we announce the details of the Michael vs. Taylor workout competition.

( 10:34 ): Taylor is helping Michael record every single moment of his life. Thoughts? Plus more on the secret project that is coming soon!

( 13:55 ): Our thoughts on the controversial VOGUE article that was talking trash on influencers & bloggers at Fashion Week.

( 19:38 ): We share our tips of the week! I share a super easy weight loss tip & Michael talks about why confrontation is a good thing.


( 23:45 ): We take our VERY FIRST live caller, MIA!! Taylor tries to explain to Mia why he’s “awesome.”

Mia’s question: “What keeps you guys focused?”

( 30:22 ): Caller #2, Lacy. Taylor asks Lacy the creepiest question EVER, she gives him some serious grooming tips.

Lacy asks: “Have you ever worked in a hostile work environment and how did you deal?”

( 37:02 ): Taylor can’t avoid creeping out caller #3, Victoria, & somehow asks her an even creepier question.

Victoria asks: “How do you balance maintaining your blog when you’re on a trip & still stay in the moment & enjoy the trip?”

Would love to know if you guys like the new call-in function! We had a blast with it. Thank you for calling us Mia, Lacy, & Victoria!

Listen to the full episode HERE.

If you want to call in to a future show, email Podcast@TheSkinnyConfidential.com for all the info.

ALSO!! So excited! Mimi & I join my friend Jackie on her show, The Bitch Bible. We talk weddings, how to handle high maintenance men, & why fear is a good thing. You can listen to that episode HERE.

Thanks for listening!



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