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Quick little hello on a Sunday to let you know: our latest episode of The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER PODCAST is live!

EPISODE 7 is all about delegation, maintaining your independence in a relationship, SEXXXXxxxXX, & MORE. Getting feisty.

Listen, let us know any feedback, & PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!

Here’s the cool thing about podcasts:

You can listen to a podcast when you’re at the gym, commuting to work, in bed ( yes I’ve put ear phones in before my nightly cup of CALM tea kicks in ) &/or while you’re cleaning the kitchen.

I’m actually guilty of doing all four of these things while listening to iTunes podcasts…everyday. Kind of having a huge podcast moment. They’re really the perfect medium. You can get shit done while you take in some info.

There are all kinds: business, comedy, Real Housewives, tax tips, TED Talks, & OURS— of course:

The Skinny Confidential Him and Her Podcast snapchat-michael&lauryn

See? If you’re not into podcasting yet— you’re missing out! Really, I’m FULLY, very addicted.

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To make it easy for all you computer lovers: you can listen to EPISODE 7 right now:


April 17, 2016
Episode 7

Him & Her Podcast
The Skinny confidential
Expanding your team and delegating, maintaining independence, jealousy, your friends and your Snapchat, Sex on the first date? #askhimandher

Sticking with the whole podcast theme here: recently we were invited on Cristina Q’s podcast: Refashion. Basically it’s all about the fashion world…meeting the tech world. Fabulous idea, right.

Cristina had us on the show, fed us vodka ( gluten-free, hold the olives please ), & made us LAUGH…a lot. We talked about a bunch of random-ness…including branding, how long it took to break into the blogging world, & why it’s important to keep at it.

She also featured me & Michael on her blog. Check it out; I’m talking the magic of consistency, Snapchat, & all about the hustle. Michael’s talking about the importance of embracing social media:

TSC PODCAST | by the skinny confidential

Cristina is a fucking hustler & an absolute doll. A total go-getter. My kinda girl.

We had a ball going on someone else’s podcast…especially because there was chilled Tito’s. HA!.

Subscribe to her podcast & listen to our episode on reFashion. Again, if you’re on a comp, here ya go.


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SUBSCRIBE here for all our latest updates…& leave any topics you want to see below with your Instagram/Snapchat username so we can feature your question on the next episode. We’re filming tomorrow night, so ask away.

Ok, ok, off to bed to watch the new season of Game Of Thrones ( OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, so excited ).

See you tomorrow, lauryn x

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  1. These podcast episodes keep getting better and better! I really appreciate the sound advice, humor, and continued genuine nature that you guys present in each episode/post – that’s why The Skinny Confidential is a great resource – you always keep it real 🙂

    1. Thank you Liz! We are loving the feedback both positive and negative. We’re trying to improve every episode! Your comment is honestly so sweet & it makes us feel great knowing someone out there likes what we’re putting out into the universe! Thank you

  2. Not sure if those are the Champagne Bears from Sugarfina on the desk, but if they are, they are my absolute favorite! So good! <3

    1. Hi Hayley! Yes they are! They’re literally SO GOOD. I am completely addicted. Sugarfina makes create candy. Have you tried anything else from them? xx

    1. Thanks for listening Edith, we really appreciate your support! Let us know if you have any feedback ( positive or negative ), we want to keep improving! xx

  3. You should so a post on podcasts you listen to! Obviously already listen to yours but the whole podcast world is a little overwhelming when you’re not used to it!

    1. Hi Lexie, yes it definitely takes some getting used to. If you need any help definitely email me at, I’ll help you! xx

  4. Definitely would love to know what pods you enjoy! I’ve been addicted to them since getting into the whole world about a year ago but it can be quite overwhelming (there are SO many!) to navigate and reccs from like minded people are always appreciated.
    I love yours, the vibe is very casual but full of great information. It’s like sitting down with a group of friends for a real-talk conversation. I always find myself nodding along or commenting/laughing out loud.

    1. Hi Virginia, right now I’m loving Stassi, Gary vee, Ted talks, and the bitch bible. Definitely check them out! Let me know what you think :)) Thank you for the sweet comments about our podcast, we’re having a blast recording it for you guys! Send any feedback our way! xx

  5. By far one of my favorite podcasts, I guess because I can really relate. I have been in a relationship for 3 years and sometimes I find myself so caught up in that person. I also loved the tips on the jealousy issue. As my relationship grows I found that trust is key. Thank you for the podcast and keep up the great work, I love what you are doing with it.

  6. Love the realness and I love you two as a couple you guys really compliment one another well and it’s so clear during the podcast, I enjoy listening while driving to California from Vegas! Xo c

    1. Hi Courtney, THANK YOU! I’m so glad you like it & hopefully it’s making your drive go back faster. Thanks love! xx

  7. Starting a podcast is a dream of mine! I still think the TSC podcast is my fav. Love it for beach time (reading isso hard in a beach chair), road trips (just listened on my way through Jordan), and when I’m getting ready in the morn.

    You guys rock. Don’t ever change 😉

  8. I just finished listening to episode 7 and I loved it. The jealousy subject was my favorite. Awesome episode!

  9. Obsessed with the podcasts. I literally can’t wait each week to hear the newest one!!! Really miss watching your YouTube vids too!

  10. That was a great podcast and I think that Cristina is an excellent podcaster (just as you guys are!). Glad that she is back and looking forward to seeing what she does next.

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