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TSC Him & Her Podcast Episode 46: Ally Hilfiger

tsc him & her podcast episode 46 ally hilfiger | by the skinny confidential This week on THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HIM & HER PODCAST...

( 1:50 ): We’re SO excited to have Ally Hilfiger joining us on the podcast. This babe is a writer, artist, designer, author, mother, producer & the daughter of Tommy Hilfiger.

( 3:00): Ally’s book, Bite Me is a GREAT read. I loved it. I felt like we were having a conversation. It’s real, authentic & raw.

( 3:40 ): Michael & I have started documenting our day to day lives. Taylor is following us around with a camera. Think extended Snapchat! What do you guys want to see?


( 9:55 ): Lauryn asks: “Tell us a bit about you & your book.”

( 14:10 ): Michael asks: “Did you always know it was lyme disease or were you unsure what was going on?”

( 16:40 ): Lauryn asks: “Can you explain what lyme disease is?”

( 18:45 ): Michael asks: “How did you figure out it was lyme disease?”

( 20:45 ): Lauryn asks: “How can someone approach their family & bring awareness to lyme disease?”

( 22:30 ): Michael asks: “Can you describe the conversation with your family & loved ones once you had a diagnosis?”

( 23:45 ): Lauryn asks: “What are symptoms people should be aware of?”

( 25:15 ): Michael asks: “How did you start to get better?”

( 27:20 ): Lauryn asks: “Tell us about your process of writing Bite Me.”

( 31:25 ): Lauryn asks: “What do you have to be careful about? Can you drink?”

( 31:45 ): Lauryn asks: “As you were writing the book were you still struggling with lyme disease?”

( 34:00 ): Michael asks: “What is your method for finding focus & creating your future?”

( 34:45 ): Lauryn asks: “Since lyme disease doesn’t really go away how are you coping with it now? What is your day-to-day with lyme disease?”

( 36:45 ): Michael asks: “What’s next for you?”

We hope you enjoyed this episode! As always thanks for listening & for all of your support.

Remember to send in your questions to, tweet us ( @laurynevarts & @michaelbosstick ) with #askhimandher or leave your questions in the comments below.

lauryn, x

+ to learn more check out Project Lyme.

+ Dr. Richard Horowitz – Why Can’t I Get Better & How Can I Get Better


  1. I too watched Rich Girls way back in my high school days, so I especially enjoyed this podcast episode. Ally is truly inspirational, working hard to raise more awareness about Lyme Disease and building a brand of her own. I definitely am going to check out her book as well!

  2. As someone who has chronic Lyme disease, I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast and literally just bought Ally’s book. I went undiagnosed for years and then misdiagnosed for years. I never had the bulls-eye rash and never found a tick on me. You really cannot rely on the tests which is why I think so many people remain sick, not knowing they actually do have Lyme. I became extremely sick in college and actually had to withdraw my senior year because of extreme seizures and constant migraines, along with many other things, especially cognitive problems like forgetting how to spell words like “should.” I’m thankful that I have a support group online but it’s also depressing to see others’ struggles. I’ll stop there with my story–just wanted to share a bit about my Lyme journey. I really am so glad you interviewed Ally and I hope you have her back on soon!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Chelsea! You’re story is incredible. I am so glad you enjoyed the podcast this week! xx

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