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TSC HIM & HER PODCAST EPISODE 28: IS IT LEGAL? | by the skinny confidential featuring san diego small business attorney Nico Becerra & Jordan Bosstick.


( 2:50 ): I’m working on a secret project.. would love your input!

( 4:29 ): The BETTER BODY CONTEST details & results PLUS the Bare Naked Cucumber’s razor burn.

( 8:02 ): What’s Gaby Cooking had us over for dinner.

( 11:23 ): The controversy over Michael’s blog post… College: Is It Necessary?

( 14:28 ): We share our tip of the week. I share a life saving beauty tip & Michael explains why you should, “stop swimming in the same direction as everyone else.”

(18:55 ): Meet Nico Becerra: lawyer & friend. Nico explains what kind of lawyer he is & the NICHE of influencer law.

( 22:48 ): Breaking down ornament tradition.

Audience Submitted Questions That We Answered:

( 29:35 ): I have been blogging & it has just started to become my main business. Starting to work with different brands & contracts are scary. Do I need a lawyer?

( 40:14 ): On EPISODE 7 you talked about the chase and making a guy wait for sex. How do you keep the chase going & keep it spicy for you and your man long after you’ve had sex for the first time?

( 46:24 ): Do you ever find it hard or intimidating working with high-level professional people or especially high level men? I work in a law office, I am 22, and am often the only woman in the room. I find it really hard to be heard in meetings or to even have the courage to speak up and give my opinion.

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