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TSC Healthy, Skinny Syrup…For Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast, You Name It

   The Skinny Confidential talks favorite syrup recipe.The Skinny Confidential talks favorite syrup recipe.

I have this weird thing for syrup.

It’s just so good.

I remember when I was a “I’m too cool for school” Sophomore in high school. Like clockwork I’d wake up, pop a Buttermilk Eggo in the toaster, & heat up Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry syrup with a cube of butter.


Times have changed.

Now I actually look at the ingredients I’m putting in my mouth. Eggos are out, three ingredient pancakes are in. Knott’s Berry Farm GMO filled fake-ass syrup is out, TSC syrup is in.

I hope this recipe changes your waffle/pancake/French toast game, as much as it’s changed mine.

The Skinny Confidential talks favorite syrup recipe.

This recipe is very similar to TSC jam. If I’m being honest, I like my routine & I like clean foods so there’s no need to go f-ing crazy when I make up recipes. Keep it simple, stupid.

The difference is this has coconut nectar & lemon in it. You can also use maple syrup but PLEASEEEE check the bottle to make sure it’s 100% organic dark maple syrup.

Aunt Jemima’s just isn’t cuttin’ it, ya know.

The reason I do this is because regular syrup has a lot of CARB & SUGAR. This cuts it all, you know? Make it skinny style. The berries add a sweet taste & you get some nutrients. The chia seeds add bulk so you’re not eating syrup with a side of pancake. You’re enjoying a bit of syrup in a smart way.

Easy, right?

Raw coconut nectar is a fun twist though because it resembles syrup & tastes similar. There’s some benefits too. Like what? Firstly, it’s high in enzymes, amino acids, it’s not chemically treated, & the nectar is filled with potassium, magnesium, zinc & iron. Oddly, it’s especially rich in inositol which fights inflammation & depression. You can read all about coconut nectar here too.

Here’s a quick video tutorial:

♡♡♡ TSC Healthy, Skinny Syrup

Handful of berries of choice
1 tablespoon of chia seeds & flaxseed ( or my magic seeds )
1 tablespoon of raw coconut nectar or 100% maple syrup
1 squeeze of lemon

Directions: add berries to a plate, add seeds, add nectar or syrup, & lemon. Mash with a fork. I like to heat it up a bit & add some grass fed butter! YUM.

The Skinny Confidential talks favorite syrup recipe.

Last week I made my favorite French toast with this syrup & Michael nearly had a heart attack. He LOVED IT. Didn’t even notice it wasn’t real syrup.

Swear guys, this shit is like CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT SYRUP! You won’t believe it.

By the way, share your TSC recipe on Instagram by tagging @theskinnyconfidential & I’ll feature them on The Bombshell Body Guide’s social media ; ).

Surgery update: hanging in there, will do a post next week when I have more energy. I had a horrible day yesterday but today was better. Clearly I need pancakes with this syrup tomorrow for a better day. Thank you for all the well wishes, you guys are so sweet that it overwhelms me. MWAH.

Talk soon, lauryn xx

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The Skinny Confidential talks favorite syrup recipe.

  1. hope you are feeling better!! can’t wait to try this!! that same company (coconut secret) makes a coconut aminos that I have been told is a soy sauce replacement!! still haven’t tried it but since soy is SICKO (and I’m allergic) I have been meaning to!!

    also the tanning stuff from yesterday is the stuff everyone is australia swears by! I am not from aussie but i swear every aussie blogger uses it and looks amazing so… theres that.

    you’re so on point even when your in the pits!!

    sending you lots of love and good vibes <3

    xx B

  2. Yummyyy! This looks SO delicious. I too am all about simple, natural, real foods, and I really don’t switch it up all that much. I love that this uses real maple syrup. About a year ago I swore off artificial sweeteners for good, which I am so happy I did! I’ve been sweetening my coffee with a touch of maple syrup since. Can’t wait to try this!

  3. I love how easy this actually is!! Sometimes there are really good looking healthy “easy” recipes that might as well call for 10 ingredients, a single chia seed, a spoon and a half of obscure syrup and one of grandma’s hairs. (was that gross? sorry haha). Can’t wait to try this!
    xx, Pia

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  5. This looks like an awesome way to sweeten up your pancakes without having to have all the processed sugars too, great recipe!

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