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books you should read now | by the skinny confidential

Michael & I are in  Greece! Which means LOTS of books. There’s nothing better than kicking back with a book. You know I LOVE long flights because it’s a time to disconnect, sip some champagne, & read a book without any distractions. Not going to lie, I kind of like when the wifi is spotty- gives me an excuse to read.

Whether you’re going somewhere exotic or simply reading while you walk on the treadmill these are the books you need to be reading now:

Everything About Me is Fake and I’m Perfect

Janice Dickinson is something else. After listening to her on a podcast recently I immediately had to know more. She is raw and unapologetically herself. I mean just look at her book title, Everything About Me is Fake & I’m Perfect. Get ready for a juicy read about modern culture from the woman who claims to have coined the term ‘super model.’ I loved her other 2 books too. Funny enough, I read them while recovering from a boob job years ago ( LOL ). Anyway she’s funny as hell.

How To Be Hot

Christal Fuentes is a relationship coach & the babe behind The Ladies Coach. The Ladies Coach is an online platform that helps give women tools to live a better life. In How To Be Hot ( Happy, Open & Trusting ), Christal breaks down how to have successful adult relationships – professional, spiritual and personal. If you’re looking for more, Christal even came on TSC a couple of years ago to share some of her badass tips. She’s a babe.

Settle For More

You know how it’s important not to settle? Well Megyn Kelly takes that one step further: Settle for MORE.  In her book Megyn goes into depth about the experiences that shaped her & allowed her to become a powerful journalist. This is an incredibly inspiring tale about creating your future and overcoming obstacles. I read this on a plane, of course.

The French Beauty Solution

French women are known for their style & beauty for good reason. I witnessed this first hand while in the South of France this summer. Mesmerized by their beautiful skin, I started to do what I do best: research. While investigating I found The French Beauty Solution. Mathilde Thomas interviews THOUSANDS of American & French women about their beauty routines. If you want to know the best secrets for prevention this is it.

Awaken the Giant Within

In July Michael & I went to Tony Robbins’ 3 day seminar in New Jersey- it was life changing. Tony’s messages have been on my mind every day since. Where focus goes, energy flowsAwaken the Giant Within is a must read for everyone. He provides clear techniques for taking control of your life. You can even listen to some exclusive footage from Tony’s seminar on how to live an extraordinary life through TSC Him & Her Show: Episode 77. His book is VERY helpful for someone who’s looking to take life by the balls. LOL.

OK – time to go enjoy the sunshine ( with SPF on my eyelids, of course ) & start my next book. I’ve just started Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday. What are you reading? Anything I need to add to my list?

Happy reading.

x, lauryn

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  1. Codependent No More – Melody Beattie
    This is the one I am reading right now – I highly suggest it 🙂 xo

  2. Hey Lauryn!

    I heard you were a book worm from some of your other blogs so I was happy to run across this one to see what you recommend!

    Are you audio book kinda gal or do you prefer the real deal?

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