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TSC Approved Fitness Favorites… For BOXING

seriously cute fitness gear: boxing gloves, leggings, gym bag, sports bra, & water bottle.

Just wanted to share some TO DIE FOR fitness gear…with a little twist. OF COURSE.

Do you guys remember all the tips I got during The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

WELL, the major takeaway was DEFINITELY that boxing is every Angel’s favorite workout. Not only is boxing a killer workout, but it’s MAJOR for reducing stress, anxiety, & aggression.

UM, yes plz.

On that note, some kick ass boxing gear:

Badass Black Gloves:

You definitely need gloves for boxing. Opt for these badass black gloves so you can feel super hardcore while you’re kicking major ass.

Color Block Leggings:

You’ll want leggings that are cute, light, & airy so you can move quick & freely while you’re punching away.

Supportive Sports Bras:

Boxing is a lot of up & down, bouncing around movements. Make sure you’re wearing a supportive sports bra to keep your girls in check. I’m loving this mint colored bra, & this grey & pink bra.

Reusable Water Bottle:

Obviously you’re going to sweat your ass off during boxing class. So make sure you bring water to stay hydrated! I’m loving these super cute, BPA-free, reusable & dishwasher safe bottles lately.

Gym Bag:

This bag is seriously PERFECT to throw your gloves in for class. Also pack a towel, change of clothes, extra water, & your keys in there so you have nothing to worry about except punching it out.

Okay so who’s into boxing?

There’s no better feeling than kicking the shit out of some shit ( HAHA! ). Don’t you think?


  1. LOVE boxing. I feel so hardcore when I’m done. I’ve been searching for a good pair of boxing gloves and I love the ones you posted but the ones that come up when I click the link are a bit there another link for the ones you posted? They look perfect! As always, thanks for the recommendations!

  2. LOVEEE the strappy bras. I’ve tried boxing and it just doesn’t do it for me. I have no aggression what so ever. Which is weird, because I’m kind of high strung. I would much rather go to yoga or a spin class!

  3. I’ve been boxing for about five months now and I am so addicted to it. Its the first workout in a long time that I actually miss when I can’t get to class!

  4. I wanted to try boxing real soon and I’m glad I was able to read this kind of post.Thanks for sharing your list. Black gloves really looked badass and cool. I’m going to purchase one very soon. To get your workout routine fun and comfortable. You really must have all the things you need for a specific exercise. By the way, will my upperbody tone a lot if I do boxing?

  5. I’ve thought, many times, about taking up boxing. I can’t run or do Zumba but boxing might be something I can do. I’m just not sure. Any reason someone with a chronic illness (and bad balance) couldn’t do it? I’m curious.

    Good for you. And if I ever had toned arms in my lifetime I’d go out and finally show off my arms! Yowza at 64!!!

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