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Tropi Treat Obsession

Tropi Treats
The perfect snack to sneak in your purse

My bartending job allows me to meet a lot of interesting people, both customers and co-workers. My co-worker colleagues constantly make fun of how I bring my own food to work. While they’re all wolfing down the family meal that the chef cooks for us each night [ usually consisting of calorie-filled dishes ], I am eating my pre-prepared, “skinny” meals from home. I find it hilarious when one of the waiter’s wants to sneak a secret bite of the quinoa dish I brought [ but shhhhh, he does not want any of the other guys to know this ].

One waiter, Mark, who is definitely more health conscious than the others, brought me in a skinny snack product that I am absolutely loving.  The bites are called Tropi Treats.  They are dried pineapple bites that are all natural and 100 percent fruit!  Tropi Treats are 100% chemical free [ vegan-style, gluten free, soy free, lactose free, , no sodium, no cholesterol, and hey, no sulfur ], and better yet, no sugar is added. This is VERY rare for dried fruit… yes, put down the so-called “healthy dried fruit” you’re eating because it’s probably filled with sugar. They come in a 24-count box of handy single-serve 0.5 oz packs. You can find these treats here. I would definitely recommend these for a quick, low calorie, on-the-go snack. I may even slip a few to the rest of the waiters…

Tropi Treats
Love how there’s no chemicals or sugar added
Tropi Treats
Nutritious and delicious!



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