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The Latest, BADDEST Playlist You Need To Be Listening To

tsc winter playlist by the skinny confidential

YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND. & according to Twitter & Snapchat messages, you want more music.

I’m lucky when it comes to the whole music thing because I have Mimi on my side- thank God. Mimi is very hip & up on all the latest music. So I’m very happy that she helps put together a medley of a playlist that is very evolved. AKA this one. THANK YOU MIMI. We love you.

I mean if it were up to me at this point the whole playlist would consist of Bossanova & Christmas music? Which is creepy I feel?

To be real though, I can be real lazy about my music so Mimi is constantly keeping me up-to-date.

( ….& eer, does anyone else start listening to Christmas music October 29th? I mean The Monster Mash just doesn’t do it for me so I need a I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS jingling on my speakers, you know? ).

Anyway, speaking of audio: besides music you know you can find me listening to podcasts when I’m driving or applying makeup. BUTTT when I have my ambience happening ( which is quite a lot ) I love to light candles, diffuse oils, & get some vibey music going.

Anyone else?


tsc winter playlist by the skinny confidential

I fittingly named this playlist TROOP TSC PLAYLIST. Because we are kind of like a troop, no? Between the secret FB group & getting to know so many of you on social media, that’s kind of how it feels. Squad sounds too cliquey so I needed a word.

Troop is cute.

I like it?!

Ok so before we get into the playlist- what else is new? Nothing new here besides organizing my life. I have had to just completely de-clutter. For some reason whenever things become overwhelming I have this ravenous need to organize…& organize down to my sock drawer, mind you.

Nothing is safe.

Not even Michael’s underwear drawer.

I swear something with hoarders happened to me when I was little. I hate a hoarding situation. I need organization or I just can’t think. So today was filled with getting my life organized in every area. Like down to bills, office packages, closet, drawers, kitchen, etc. So now of course I’m able to sit down at the computer, work on TSC, return e-mails, do some editing, & go down my to-do list like a psycho.

So recently I came to this odd realization that a lot of my meditating & reflecting is done when I’m cleaning or organizing. It’s a time when I can zone out & get my environment together. Please tell me someone else is like this?

Which brings me to the topic of this post! I like to organize to a FLEEKY PLAYLIST! AND THIS ONE IS perfect. Trust me, you’ll want to organize to it too. Or workout. Or dance. You know, whatever floats your boat here. AND you can access it anywhere, anytime. Listen with your AirPods while at the market ( ps does every single person have Airpods or…? I feel like not having AirPods is like not having an iPhone. It’s rare. )

winter songs spotify playlist




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Tomorrow we are up bright & early to go to LA for work. It’s time for me to stuff zucchini zoodles & lentil pasta down my throat, have a cup of Moroccan mint tea, & read. Nothing good happens this late. I really need to stop eating this late. UGH. It’s a problem- for some reason I wait to eat dinner every night! Help.

…Regardless, I have to go because our dogs are waiting for me in bed, all curled up, letting off this smell that I feel like is similar to the poppy field scene in The Wizard of Oz. You know the smell where it makes you fall asleep? I swear my dogs are the rare magical species type of flower in disguise, poisoning me with their scent. Like I’m asleep thinking about it.

Hope you’re having a fabulous start to the week. Talk tomorrow guys!

x, lauryn

+ TSC cell phone case.

{ pics }

tsc winter playlist by the skinny confidential: playlist you need to be listening to


  1. Yesss! I suck at finding new music to listen to, so this post was perfect. This is great. Thanks a ton. Cannot wait to listen to all of these songs.
    xo, Meghan |

    1. Hmm I think I must be searching wrong, I searched TSC Winter 2017, Troop TSC Playlist, and your profile on spotify, nothing is coming up! What should I search?

  2. OH thank god there is someone else listening to bossa nova. I literary don’t know anyone else who likes that kind of music.
    And organizing? I took 2 days off work a few weeks ago to organize my kitchen, and it’s so relaxing for me. I spent like 6 hours each day. When I told this to someone at work, they thought I’m crazy 😀

  3. Everyone is all about the “spring cleaning” but the clean demon in me comes out in the fall! Girl, for real, cleaning to Christmas music will get me more in-tuned to the hippie goodness of the universe more than yoga any day haha!

  4. Im still having trouble finding the playlist 🙁 Is it public? I love all of your other playlists so much! Thank you for making another!

    1. You can find it here:

      Let me know if that doesn’t work!


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