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Over the past few weeks life has been busy. Crazy, even. Non-stop. Does anyone else feel this way?

We are living half time in LA & half time in San Diego so buying a ton of groceries just isn’t the vibe right now. In fact, the vibe is either take-out, cauliflower pizza, mason jar to-go meals ( coming to TSC BODY GUIDE in February! ), or Blue Apron.

I like Blue Apron very much- we know this, we’ve discussed it before. The whole process is seamless. You get to pick your protein ( or do the vegetarian route ) & they send over these mouth-watering recipes with perfectly measured ingredients so you’re not wasting food. AND you get this legit chef card- a card that makes you feel like, YOU GUESSED IT, a real chef.

The first 50 people to sign up for Blue Apron here will get $40 off your first two weeks!

LAST WEEK’S MENU WAS SOMETHING I COULDN’T PASS UP BECAUSE IT INVOLVED WHOLE 30! Blue Apron was kind enough to send me their Whole 30 meals to try & lemme tell ya, they’re good.

How do I know?

Well, I don’t mean to brag but I cooked them myself.

For me.

AND Michael.

This is kindddd of a big deal because I can be rather selfish & make spicy cauliflower pizza for my selfish self, leaving Michael with crusty takeout. But at least I’m self-aware?

Anyway, Blue Apron makes me feel like Suzy Homemaker but like an efficient, business boss 2018 Suzy Homemaker. I mean sure the apron is on ( & it’s blue! The irony- right ), the placemats are out, & a homemade meal is on the table! But times have changed. I’m a new aged homemaker- I’m most likely listening to a podcast while I whip up my perfectly portioned meal that was delivered fresh to my doorstep.

You know how I like it!

But back to Whole 30. What’s Whole 30? Well it’s wholesome, nutritious foods that will help you kick off the New Year with a CLEAN PLATE. Just what we want. Think: dairy-free, grain-free, no sugar added, paleo-friendly, fresh goodness.

The entire situation is chef-designed too so basically you’re a chef. But a clean, healthy one.

The chicken kale salad was the standout here for me. Michael would disagree & say the steak was his favorite. Both are amazing- but the salad was MY VIBE. Of course I added some lemon, a few slices of avocado, & enjoyed it with a glass of rosé. YOLO.

What are your quick, easy, ‘fake it til you make it’ cooking tips?

We do need to address this apron– isn’t it CUTE! If I were an apron, this is what I would be. It’s the perfect denim & so perfect for the chef who’s not really a chef but basically a chef- you know? Ellen of Hedley & Bennett sent it to me after I met her at a Create & Cultivate event. She’s a badass boss entrepreneur- I very much respect the business she’s built. You can check out her kitchen swag here.

What else? I am curled up in my ride or die blanket next to Pixy who’s snoring & we are about to watch Ozark. Has anyone seen it? My latest is to eat popcorn with lemon pepper & Cholula sauce– thanks to my friend, Gillian, I am addicted.

OH! LET’S keep this post between us because Michael thinks I actually made him a steak dinner from scratch.

Chat tomorrow! Happy Sunday,

x lauryn

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+ this post is in collaboration with Blue Apron. As always all opinions are my own.

++ more recipe posts here.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to try Blue Apron because I’m just sooooooo effin lazy when I get home from work. I may give this a shot now!

  2. That apron is SO cute. I wish I would have known about Blue Apron’s Whole 30 meals last month….my husband decided that he just needed to do Whole 30 but guess who ended up meal prepping his millions of tupperware containers? Me. I was so darn sick of it by the end. These meals would have helped me out a ton!

  3. Wow this post made me so hungry! I’ve been trying HelloFresh (which just sends you spices and sauces for various receipts so you never need to waste groceries) but BlueApron sounds even better! Also love that you’re literally wearing a blue apron 😉 !

    xx Pia

  4. I need to try Blue Apron! I’m personally a little less worried about extras because leftovers are the best for work lunches, but I’ll be damned if I have to clean more than one pan after a long day working.

  5. We do Home Chef. We’ve been using it for two months and there has only been one meal that my husband hasn’t preferred, but he didn’t mind it either. Meal time was my BIGGEST stressor, and these delivery services definitely fixed that for me!

  6. Hahaha love the title! I told my husband in my vows that I would cook him a meal every ONCE in a while, haha, so this is perfect! 

  7. This post is funny yet helpful. So I would say it is amazing! I told my hubby I’d be cooking for him more so this is a perfect read. Let’s keep our New Years resolutions goin by trying new things like this new TEA to help FLATTEN our STOMACHS


  8. Such a grabbing blog post! Currently blogging about food and some easy tips and tricks to follow! Definitely going to take some tips from you. Funny how you can take something so simple and turn it into something “chef” worthy! Thanks for the cooking advice!

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