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TSC Bad-Ass Guide To New York City

{{ Well looky here, I’m wearing the jeans I talked about yesterday ^^^ ; ) }} Perhaps you guys remember

Mini DeLites: Through My iPhone

Ok so I totally left my camera at home this weekend because I wanted to kick back with my friends!

Mini DeLites: New York, New York ( Part II )

{ Michael & me at Book of Mormon on Broadway (( soooo damn funny! // dress here )) } Hi

Mini DeLites: New York, New York

{ Basil vodka lemonade at The Smile } { NY kicks } New York, you’ve stolen my heart. I LOVVVVEEEE YOU,

Mini DeLites: Capella Pedregal

Hiiiiii guyssss! I wanted to share a wrap up of my Cabo trip! We stayed at the One & Only

Mini DeLites: One & Only Palmilla

{ Flight over } { Grapefruit wedges } Ahhhh. Vacation feels good. Like, realllll good. Michael & I have been definitely

Mini DeLites + The Westin Mitchell Design Group Art Riot

[ The girls at the Westin Mitchell Design Art Riot ] [ Hanging honey ] Excuse the iPhone photos. But

Mini DeLites: Getting Frisky in San Francisky

[ The boys ] [ An avocado/tangerine/grapefruit salad @ Outerlands ] This weekend we flew up to San Fran to meet

Why I Have a Crush on Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn is a genius. After staying at his hotel this week I’m in awe of him. The man pays

Stay Out of the Sun!!! Custom Airbrushing Tips & Tricks from Weslie Christensen

No one wants to look like Magda from There’s Something About Mary [ circa 1998 ]. So call me weird,

Why the “I’m on Vacation So I Don’t Have to Workout” Excuse Doesn’t Fly

It’s cringe worthy to hear this: “I’m on vacation! Why would I workout?!” Ugggghhh..Don’t use vacation time to justify laziness

Mini DeLites | Papaya Popsicles

[ The most refreshing watermelon & papaya popsicles ] [ My babe ] Let’s just say that after tortilla chips,

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