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Last week, we traveled to Chicago & New York; the day before I picked up some travel tidbits to bring on the plane. I am constantly grazing all day long & knew the flight would be tough if I did not pack some snacks. I chose Combo Juice’s banana trail mix [ coconut flakes, almonds, dried banana chips, dried apricots, etc. ], Bare Fruit’s organic apple chips [ do not be fooled by most apple chips – they’re filled with added sugars & preservatives ] & tons of water [ it’s important to drink a ton when on an airplane, just remember that you have to buy it once you’re through security ]. These snacks kept me occupied until we landed & went out to dinner. [ Side note: storing snacks like these in the car, a purse and/or the workplace is such an easy trick to keeping slim & satisfied ].

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  1. I love traveling! This list is really helpful. Those organic apple chips seem like a great idea, I’ll have to try them out! And I hope you had fun in my city, Chicago! <3