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Travel Wish List <3


The Skinny Confidential talks travel.
Ok guys, things have kind of changed since I’ve been in Asia.


Because I’ve realized there’s SO much of the world to see. The different cultures, different foods, & different people!!! I love seeing & connecting with all different walks of life & stepping out of the bubble we tend to create for ourselves. Truthfully, it’s broadened my horizons & burst the California bubble in the best ways possible.

Meaning: if I disconnect from the computer for one day, the world isn’t going to end ( I actually thought this ).

So today I’m featuring a country that’s next on my travel list:

The Skinny Confidential talks travel.


So we did a lot of research for our trip we’re on now & while researching flights/hotels/etc. we learned a lot (!!!) so when I saw this smoking deal from Air New Zealand it sparked my interest ( the chef-designed menus x super comfortable economy seats don’t sound so bad either, lol ).

Other obvious reasons I’m dying to travel to New Zealand: it’s where The Lord of The Rings and Hobbit trilogies were filmed. If you’ve seen the movies you can see the AMAZING, plush scenery. Everything looks so green, gorgeous, & natural. Smegal/Golum is always sneaking around the most beautiful parts of New Zealand & I never thought I’d say this sentence: but I’m kinda jealous of ole’ Smegal. The scenery is THAT spectacular.

The Skinny Confidential talks travel.

Overall it seems like a place I’d want to meditate in, you know? Super calming vibes. And being naturally anxious, a place like this seems like it would balance me out.

Just watch this video & trust me, you’ll want to go too. It also doesn’t hurt that they have a special going on with flights starting from just over $1K either! My mission is to plan a trip this year or early next year.

Other places I’m dying to explore?

Germany ( the food! ), Tuscany ( hello wine/vineyards! ), Santorini ( Instagram’s popular page inspired this one, duh ) Tulum ( chips/salsa/margs ), & India ( culture/art )!!


Where have you guys traveled to that’s badass/amazing/breathtaking? Give me your recommendations…& I’ll casually slip a twenty page travel wish list under Michael’s pillow.

– Lauryn, x

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The Skinny Confidential talks travel.

  1. Santorini is to die for but Mykonos is even better! It’s calmer and cuter. You should add Capetown or Marrakech to your list. Africa is amazing.

  2. Hi Laurlyn!
    I can see that you already put Santorini on the map, but I would highly recommend adding a few more Greek destinations on your list; the Islands of Paros and Naxos. Located in the island group Cyclades, just a 6 hour boat ride with the ferry from Athens. We booked a 16 days trip were we flew to Athens, were we got to see Plaka (the old town), Acropolis and enjoy tons of amazing Greek food. Take the ferry from Pireus (the biggest ferry port in the world!) to one of the islands and stay for week ish. What’s great is that there’s ferries running all the times between islands, so you can leave anytime you want. Other than that, my parents went to Oia Santorini and they said it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! 🙂

  3. I thought that trip was still a few weeks away? Anyways, I disagree on Germany. Come to Switzeland!

  4. Oh god New Zealand is absolutely amazing! My partner and I spent 3 weeks there in August and fell absolutely in love with everything – from the lovely people to the picturesque setting to the baby lamb – and I really want to go back someday. We even went to visit Hobbiton and some of the LoTR places!

    We rented a camper van and drove around, and this was the first time for me traveling this way, and I honestly can’t recommend it enough! We even had one site that let us park right by the beach, so breakfast was out overlooking the ocean. It’s such a stunning country, you can’t help but feel super grateful while being there! Plus, Auckland has one of the best healthy eateries I’ve been to called Little Bird Organics, and there are so many small farms along the roads and even stalls with honestly buckets! It’s so beautiful!

    I would also recommend visiting Peru, doing the hike to Macchu Picchu is awesome! Oh, and Cartagena in Colombia is beautiful, especially if you stay inside the walled city. The streets are cobblestones and narrow, and the houses are painted bright colours like pink, orange, and blue with flowers everywhere!


  5. I’ve been to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands while in college for a geology trip (aka I’m a nerd), and Costa Rica and Nicaragua post college. All of them are incredible and beautiful in their own way. Travel really opens your eyes to new places and your heart to new people/cultures 🙂

  6. Hi Lauryn,
    So happy you’ve gotten the travel bug! I’ve been reading your blog for about 4 years now.
    In terms of travel, i highly suggest mixing more traveled places with hidden gems. Such as explore through South East Asia ( Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia) but also make sure you set aside lots of time for Myanmar 🙂 The more you travel the more you want to!
    If you’re interested i am working on a travel blog of some some odd 40 countries.

  7. Lauryn, add Norway. I live there and it is amazing. All of Norway. Then I would also recommend Buenos Aires, this town is gorgeous. And then Gdansk in Poland. It is just beautiful. 🙂

  8. Santorini is breath taking and magical. I know Dubai/Abu Dhabi and India are on my dream travel list. And I promised myself on my first big bonus after business school, I’m treating myself to a trip through the South of France.
    Another great post!

  9. Iceland is currently high on my list (would love to see the Northern Lights!!!) Also Morocco seems like a really interesting culture. AND you can ride elephants there!

  10. Germany is amazing but Yolanda is from the Netherlands/Holland! 😉 Amsterdam is absolutely on my list for this year, also partly inspired by her, and I’m going to Tulum for a yoga retreat in May, cannot wait!!! x

  11. I just went to the South Island of New Zealand over Christmas and it was AMAZING!!! Do not miss the Seal Swim in Kaikoura. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. You literally come face to face under water with hundreds of adorable seals. Such a cool experience! Here’s a recap of my trip if you need more ideas >>

  12. You will love NZ!! The people are incredible & you must make a side trip to Australia while you’re close by. Aussies are my favorite type of people, very warm & inviting! My dad lived abroad in Australia twice and made some amazing connections with some incredible people there!
    Iceland should be on your list too! The hot springs, people and things to see are out of this world. A coworker just went to Bali too, she said it was breathtaking!
    Can’t wait to see more posts from Asia! Have an amazing time!

  13. You have to come to Switzerland besides Germany! 🙂
    And I was 4 months in Chile, it’s really nice with all the different climate zones!
    xx Anja

  14. Isn’t it funny how once you go on an amazing vacation you come back with the travel bug ready to plan your next trip? I love your photos, New Zealand looks amazing! I’m about to head to South Africa tonight and I’m already thinking about where I’ll go next. Thanks for sharing.

  15. You need to add Italy! Not just Rome but all of Italy! Enjoy the food, the people, the fashion, and the wonderful people! & when you go to Germany you have to go to Berlin!! It’s such a lovely city! Oh, and also Düsseldorf and Lübeck. Especially, Lübeck in December. It’s just fantastic!

  16. Australia is on mine! Also, dying to go to Hong Kong & Singapore!

    PS: LOVE Yolanda from RHOBH… But I think she’s Dutch 🙂

  17. Oh man, love this list!! Australia and Greece are super high on my list, but like you, I just want to see more of the world.

    Happy Friday! | Carly

  18. I love to travel!! Peru has the wonderful Inca Ruins, Machu Pichu. It’s beautiful. Singapore is a trip! Cleanest place I’ve ever been to. You aren’t even allowed to chew gum! Went to Nepal and hiked through some of the Himalayan mountains. Absolutely breathtaking sunrises! Ecuador has so much culture and the Galapago Islands are off of the coutry. Can’t forget Costa Rica! The small country has so activities to do. Their motto is Pura Vida, which basically translates to live life to the fullest. The beaches are awesome there. Have a great time traveling 🙂

  19. You have to go to Morocco, specifically Chefchaouen! All the buildings are in shades of blue, the nearby landscapes are just gorgeous, the markets are adorable and the town itself is just so breathtaking 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

  20. Hi Lauryn!! Just to remind you that Yolanda is from Amsterdam, Netherlands 🙂
    You should definetly travel in Europe for the wine, food and the culture. 🙂
    I’m from France and I guarantee you that you will looooove it!

  21. My sister and I backpacked around Peru last August and it was INCREDIBLE! We went for adventure over luxury and hiked the Inca Trail. It’s a beatiful country with the friendlist people, lively color, and very affordable. I also hear great things about Chile and Argentina… I definitely want to go back to South America.

    I have also been to Hyderabad, India. I felt the most culture shock in India, but it truly opens your eyes. Beautiful people! Have you ever thought about doing a service trip? I taught english at an orphanage while in India and it was an experience I will NEVER ever forget.

    New Zealand and Tulum, Mexico are also at the top of my list!

  22. Such an exciting post! I moved to NZ 18 months ago from London and have traveled round the country twice. It’s as breathtaking as it looks in all the pics and videos. Am now living and working in Auckland. Get in touch if you’d like any tips and recommendations!


  23. I love that you want to go to partially because of Lord of the Rings! That’s hilarious and I totally get it. I’ve visited once and absolutely LOVED it — it’s everything you think it will be. Such a beautiful part of the world!

    I definitely recommend stopping by Australia, since you’re over there! Both are such incredibly fun places to visit.

    Always, Anita

  24. Studying abroad changed my life. I realized that there is so much more out there. I HIGHLY suggest Germany. I was in Munich and LOVED it! There is so much to see but make sure to go check out Neuschwanstein Castle–it is SW from Munich but worth the trip. Check out the Alps-obviously, they are also life changing. Lastly, the Tuscan region is fabulous. Definitely go to Florence but also venture to smaller towns as well. They have so much history and pride.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!



  25. I went to Dublin last summer and instantly fell in love and cannot wait to get back there again. Those pictures of New Zealand are amazing, I am definitely adding that to my travel wish list too!!

  26. Go to Ubud (the spiritual center of Bali)!

    I am currently here for a yoga teacher training program, and it is simply breathtaking! Nearly every cafe is 100% organic/all-natural, simply because the Balinese take so much pride in how they fuel their bodies.

    When I was “blessed” with the most painful stomach ache of my entire existence, I was taken to the local doctor, Papa. With his bare hands, he made a paste out of fresh ginger, then spread it all over my body, finally wrapping me up (like some sort of spicy-smelling sausage!) in banana leaves. Within an hour, my pain had disappeared.

    Thank you, Papa! Go to Ubud – you will never want to leave!

    Oh, and I also had the best body treatment, like, ever! Again, freshly-grated produce (this time, coconut), which my therapist used to exfoliate my entire body. Then, she started chopping up about ten different types of flowers and adding the petals to a rosewater bath. Soaking in a tub with little bits of nature floating around me was absolute heaven.


  27. I’m off to santorini in just 25 days! The place we’re staying is incredible, make sure you climb to the top of the volcanoe when you visit, its not something you’d want to miss, I’m definitley estatic to see that view

  28. European favorites:
    -Provence (France) in Summer (the landscape is amazing (lavender fields!))
    -Germany: Berlin (of course), but also Munich (absolutely beautiful and close to the Alps)
    -Amsterdam (got to love the canals, the bikes and just the whole atmosphere)
    -Finland (amazing in the summer when it doesn’t get dark at night, thousands of lakes, lapland, a very calming atmosphere in general)
    -Stockholm (probably the best of the Scandinavian capitals)
    -Italy: Rome, Milano, Florence and Sicily (food, wine, history and well-dressed people everywhere)

  29. Yay! I live in New Zealand, you will love it 🙂
    Im in auckland which is amazing, especially summer cause we have so many beautiful beaches. But I would definitely suggest Queenstown which is in the south island- its probably the most common place for tourists to go because of its scenery xx

  30. Hi Lauryn,
    I’m a Swede living in New Zealand (South Island), it’s absolutley a place you must visit! The scenery is amazing and if you’re in to extreme sports it’s the place to go!
    If you want any tips on where to go/what to see just give me a shout!

  31. The world is a book and those who don’t travel only read one page 🙂

    Visit Latin America, from Ecuador to Bolivia to Argentina to chile to Guatemala…it’s all incredibly enchanting!

  32. Santorini is beautiful, but the neighboring island Naxos is even better. It’s more secluded, so fewer tourists. My mom and I spent 5 days on the beach there, and its definitely the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

    Also, Botswana/Zambia/South Africa are gorgeous for exploring. Victoria Falls is a must-see, plus you literally feel like you’re part of the Lion King when you’re there, in the middle of lions/giraffes/baboons/elephants/etc.

    Iceland is also one of the coolest places I’ve been to–abundant in natural beauty, and the shopping is TO DIE FOR. Seriously, those Icelanders now how to dress. And all of the food is super healthy and fish based and somehow adorable.

  33. You should definitely go to Belgium! The food there is beyond amazing and Belgium waffles! There’s also Amsterdam which is so amazing!!!

  34. Also, closer to your side of the world, MEXICO CITY! It is one of the world´s greatest cultural centers, filled with so much history yet so modern. If you go, I want to be your tour guide (I live here in Mexico) 🙂


  35. YES to traveling! I’m loving your Asia photos. It looks breathtaking! The bf and I have Thailand on our list, along with Morocco, Turkey, Romania (Transylvania!), Germany, and Swtizerland.

  36. AUSTRALIA! the beaches are breathtaking, water is crystal clear, mountains give your booty a good kick and the food is so fresh, açaí bowls and juice stands on every corner plus avocado is its own food group!

  37. Do you have scuba diving certification? If so, you should definitely check out the great barrier reef in Australia; it is a stunning experience. Please take the time to explore Asia as well, so much better than Europe (although Florence, Italy & Valencia, Spain are nice) 😛 Japan is a really interesting cultural experience and would be great to go when the cherry blossoms are blooming. I have never been, but the Philippines is supposed to be incredible too.

  38. Awww 🙂 I’m from New Zealand and it always gives me warm fuzzies seeing people mention it! Air New Zealand is honestly one of the best airlines you could fly with (maybe I’m bias??) – you would love it here. Make it happen, girl!! xx

  39. Hi! This post made me wanderlust so badly!
    Would you consider going to South America? I think that you would like Argentina, Chile, Brasil, Peru… It’s expensive to go in the American winter because it is summer there, but so worth it! I am Chilean and am proud of my country and the rest of the continent!

    You would love the fruit juices, the tea-time, little cafes, and bohemian vibes… the shopping is phenomenal, too!

    I hope you get to go to Southern Italy and the Amalfi Coast one day, too… but don’t rule out Cinque Terre (close to France). You could hike the five villages and you would LOVE THE COAST, NOT TO MENTION THE FOOD AND WINE! My grandparents were from Genoa so… maybe it’s just my blood talking in this comment.

    Safe travels, Carla

  40. So, I am from Germany and recently moved to San Diego. I definitely always recommend Germany during christmas time. The christmas markets in Germany are the most romantic winter wonderland that you can think of. Berlin is a must see. Its as vibrant as London but with all of the exciting and trendy food places like in L.A. Munich is also so beautiful, there are so many old buildings and wonderful parks and you are very close to Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

  41. Definitely recommend Greece and the rest of the Mediterranean countries…Switzerland is incredible, the people are wonderful and the scenery beautiful….Panama, less-touristy and less-expensive than Costa Rica. We’re trying to plan for Peru and Iceland/Norway for our next big trips. Yay for the travel bug!

  42. I’m with you! Ever since I watched Lord of the Rings, I’ve been dying to go to New Zealand. It’s gorgeous! Those movies were pretty much a huge advertisement for the country, haha! I know what you mean about traveling opening up more for you… I thought that once I went to a country in a continent I could kind of check it off the list, you know? But instead… it added way more to the list! I looooved the Philippines 🙂

  43. Prague!!!! I studied there for a couple months. Most underrated city. So much history and its absolutely gorgeous. It’s also really inexpensive because they aren’t on the Euro! I shopped so much while there. I recommend it over everywhere else I have been, and I have been to many places!

    1. Forgot to add, it is the original Bohemia! The Czech Republic is also known as Bohemia and they have awesome fashion.

  44. I would love love love to go to New Zealand, these pictures are beautiful! Deffo putting NZ on my travel wish list <3 I would also recommend going to Australia, I spent a few weeks there a few years back now but I would LOVE to go back!

  45. I studied abroad in the fall and traveled so much! One of my favorite places was unexpectedly to the highlands in Scotland. They are breathtaking and so relaxing! I also loved Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Florence, Toledo (Spain), Copenhagen and Northern Ireland! Prague/Germany/etc are all so fun around the holidays with christmas markets that are unique in each city (and mulled wine that is TO DIE for)!

  46. Tulum is an absolute MUST! It is just hippie-chic heaven! All of the resorts do yoga on the beach and all of the food is super healthy, locally sourced. There is so much do to there and the culture is right up your alley, you’re never going to want to leave! Make certain to dive the cenotes, unforgettable experience! Enjoy, and please do a post on it upon your return!

  47. I lived in Switzerland for about 8 years…in Lugano/Ticino (the Italian region). I recommend it to everyone. Plus if you want to see multiple European cultures on one trip Switzerland is a great starting point because it’s borderd by so many wonderful countries. Monte Carlo, Paris, Croatia, Italy (Venice, Rome, Sicily…Palermo and Taormina, Amalfii Coast, Portofino), Portugal, Morocco, Japan are all places to visit. I agree that Santorini is a must! Definitely travel as much as possible…experiencing new places and cultures really opens the mind to many beautiful things. Enjoy!

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