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You know a product is legit when the glowy, dewy Cate Blanchett swears by it.

SO LEGIT that I may or may not have considered bathing in it (I’m not gonna go that far— but I DID dab some on my arms, OK?)- you will consider this too after a few uses. And hey, maybe even leave it out by your boyfriend’s toothbrush: you never know, you may just find him perched over the sink applying miracle water with a cotton ball one night. “Whoops!” he’ll say, “I didn’t realize what this was!”

( Not saying this happened…but not saying this didn’t happen. Coughy cough, Michael ).

…Because, you know, strategic placement is everything with men- but that’s a whole different post ( …series even? ).

So back to that Cate Blanchett glow everyone’s trying to achieve.

At first I was skeptical, as I always am, of this ‘miracle water’ AKA SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence…& then I tried it, and tried it, & tried it…AND I GOT IT.

FIRSTLY it is something anyone can add to their routine. It’s not some annoying product that feels overbearing. You can really commit to it without the overwhelming feelings. How you use it is just easy: basically you dab some on a cotton ball/pad ( or on the palm of your hand ) & then dab on the product. I do it in a circular motion all over my face and OF COURSE: my neck.

Side note: have we talked about how important it is to bring your skincare products from your face down to your neck? Well it’s NOT JUST important, it’s one of the most preventative, anti-aging things you can do.

Anyway, I started using this pre-summer so my skin wouldn’t be covered in lackluster brown spots. I embarked on the #onebottleawayfrom journey & the brand sent me the “miracle water” so I figured, ‘GEE I’d love to have some makeup-free moments.’ Ever since I started using it, I’ve been hooked. This could be attributed to 1.) how firm my skin looks 2.) the chic bottle or 3.) how EASY IT IS TO USE. Really, it’s for the girl who has no time but loves prevention.

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A little research for you because I love my skincare research: SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence is full of Pitera™ ( AKA 90% is Pitera™). What does Pitera™ do, you ask? Ya, me too. Wellll Pitera™ helps do the one thing I LOVEEEE MORE THAN ANYTHING: it stimulates the skin cell’s natural renewal process to balance it which makes your skin look more radiant. The product was developed in Japan nearly 40 years ago- that’s right a Japanese beauty secret! Whatever they’re putting on their non-wrinkled skin, I WANT. Uhh, actually, I don’t want, I need.

In the beauty industry this product is known as ‘MIRACLE WATER.’

I KID YOU NOT, GUYS. That’s how TSC-approved it is. Miracle Water- can you even deal?

Yes, I know you’re dying to know- how do you use it? Well I use miracle water after I’ve taken my makeup off & cleansed my skin. So before moisturizer or serum. Easy, like I said. Nothing crazy.

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I embarked on the #onebottleawayfrom journey to transform my skin. I used the Facial Treatment Essence morning & evening. I didn’t want to wear a lot of makeup in France so I was prepping my skin with miracle water about a month before. I wanted to have my no makeup, makeup look while I was there- you know? You can do this if you have a major event ( getting married! High school reunion! New baby! ) or even just to feel your best. Supermodel Behati Prinsloo has been doing it & I’ve been creeping her social. If you guys do this, use the hashtag ( #onebottleawayfrom ) so I can stalk your skin…eer, that sounds weird but you get it.

Alright, I need to go apply my “miracle water”. After, I think I’ll leave it next to Michael’s blue hairbrush. I feel like this will be more effective than the toothbrush method because his hair brush is LIKE his other wife.

Enjoy this one- it’s definitely one of my favorite finds.

X lauryn

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++ robe | hoops

* this post is in collaboration with SK-II. As always all opinions are my own.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SK-II. The opinions and text are all mine.


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  1. Girlfriend!You are killing my bank account!Love all things simple!But I want EVERYTHING!!Am 56,worshipped the sun and still love a tan,MY BAD!Am sure you absolutely can go sans makeup and kill it!?

  2. Firstly: Hair goals! Your hair looks amazing here.
    Secondly: I love that robe! So pretty and feminine!
    Finally: I love SKII FTE and have been using it for years, morning and night, and am pretty sure that’s why most people think I’m a good 10 years younger than I am. You’re going to be even more radiant than you already are!