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how to style a lob by the skinny confidentialhow to style a lob by the skinny confidential

HI!!! WELL SHIT, this IS the first time I’ve been able to sit down in front of a computer ( my inbox just hates me ). We are in NYC for work & to record a bunch of podcasts for you guys ( coming soon: F-Factor founder, a health coach, an editor-in-chief, & a motivational writer ). The hustle is real AF in New York. It starts from the second you wake up to the second you lay your head down on the pillow.

I’m into it. A little tired but I’m into it.

OH & real quick, since we’re on the topic of podcasts: there’s a new one waiting for you. We had ASHLEY TISDALE ON!! She was very nice in person- a very smart, driven girl. The interview covers everything from auditions, to her new makeup line ( she’s a huge fan of these fake eyelashes ), & her music career. Happy listening!

how to style a lob by the skinny confidential
how to style a lob by the skinny confidential

I lied. One more thing: last night we did The Skinny Confidential NYC Meet-Up at The Shoe Box. I’ll do a whole post breakdown but in the meantime, let me know where we should go next. Working on a San Diego meet-up for early December. It’s so fun to meet you guys & hear about what you’re working on. If you were at the meet-up last night, please e-mail me for TSC Meal Plans.

ANYWAY let’s talk about hair.

Ever since I got my hair chopped off, I’ve had to re-learn how to style my hair. At first I didn’t think I’d like short hair but now I love it. To be real, the reason here is because of clip-in extensions. That way I can add length when I want & take it out when I’m over long hair. I can do my own hair but I figured I’d have Shawn ( she does my hair a lot! ) come on The Skinny Confidential & show you how to professionally do it.

Shawn makes it super simple & is straight to the point.


dry shampoo
rat tail comb
dry texture spray
hair clips
3 day bender
buttercup blow dryer
unite hairspray

Keep in mind: these aren’t curls- they’re waves so they need to look effortless.

If you’re at a salon or blowout bar, micromanage the situation. I tell them: effortless, tousled waves please! Can you leave two inches out of the top & an inch out at the bottom?

Also I like to ask for a heat protector ( so important!! ) always. The heat protector is fabulous for anyone who uses a curling iron or blow dryer multiple times a week. I use a texturizing spray too ( you know this already! ). If we’re getting specific I’m not a shampoo snob- in fact, I use hotel shampoo or drugstore shampoo a lot BUT I do love a good purple shampoo. It’s the best for removing brass- you can use it on brunette hair too- just trust me!

how to style a lob by the skinny confidential

With that, I’ll let Shawn break it down for you here:

So we are doing one of our fave styles on Lauryn.

The undone, second day wave look.

This usually works a little better after a day or two of dirty hair.
+ Always start with some dry shampoo to give some lift to your root and absorb any oils. Today we used one by Amika. Smells sooo good.
+ We added a couple extensions on the sides and the back for fullness. We used  a 1 1/4″ iron, the 3 day bender by Drybar, to create the waves.  Anything smaller may give too much of a curl. Remember we are going for a SECOND day wave look.
+ Section the hair into three. I like using the alligator clips from DryBar because they hold the hair and they are great for getting a clean section.
+ Starting at the bottom take about an inch and a half piece and wrap it around the iron. Work your way up to the top. The waves don’t have to be super uniformed or going in a specific direction. Like I said, we are going for an undone look, except for the front pieces closest to your face. Those I like to curl away from the face. It gives a fresher look and opens the face up.
+ After we curled the whole head we used a few products to give it texture. Starting with Oribe Dry Texture spray. This gives somewhat of a grit and breakups the waves. I also really get into the hair with my hands to rough it up a bit and kinda sex it up.
+ To finish we used Unite strong hold hairspray. A little goes along with this spray so don’t over use it but it does give you a good hold. Again, don’t be afraid to get in there with your hands and mess it up.
+ side note: If you’re going out for whatever reason flip your head upside down and “zhoozh” it up a bit when you go to the bathroom. This way it is always looking fleeky.

how to style a lob by the skinny confidential

Does anyone else have a lob? How do you style it? I feel like it’s very Khloe K. I think I’ll keep it for a while. My next thing I want to try is: WIGS. Just for fun you know. They’re coming back in style & it’s always fun to switch it up. Maybe I’ll put on like a black stick straight wig & show up to Michael’s office in a trench coat with nothing underneath, HA!!!!

OK! Hope you’re all having a fabulous Wednesday.

Talk soon, lauryn x

+ if you want to book with Shawn, DM her on IG: @shawnkstyles. She’s based in San Diego.

++ read about my hair story here & why I love purple shampoo here.

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  1. Love this look. Thanks for the tutorial. I always try to go for this look and end up more like a lady from the 80s in Texas. But I will try this out!

  2. Glad you are having such a good time in NYC, Lauryn! What brand of hair extensions do you use?

  3. Young lady YES!!! I can hardly wait to shop the men’s area! On another note – men’s antiperspirant/cleansers are life. LMAO. Looking AMAZING as usual, Lauryn ?!

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