A Tour of the Honest Headquarters With Jessica Alba

As you guys know, Jessica Alba was recently on The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast ( if you haven’t heard it yet, it’s a must-listen ). Jessica & her husband Cash came on & we did a little him & her discussion.

Not only is Jessica a mother, actress, & inspiration, she’s also a HUGE boss. I was given the opportunity to take the day & tour Honest Beauty, make my own specific TSC-pink Honest lip tint & check out the insane team & office.

Of course, I wanted to bring you guys along on the ride so I had Arielle come with me to film the whole experience & grab some pics.

The Honest headquarters is so insane you guys. Each room has an installation- so they have a laundry room, a baby room, & a beauty room so you can really see how Honest products can seamlessly fit into your life.

What I really respect about Jessica is not only has she created a brand, she’s created a movement. Her whole mission is to keep creating clean beauty products that work.

Anyway, we went live on Instagram & showcased us making the Honest lip tint with the Head Chemist & my pantone pink that they specifically pulled for me. ( Side note: would you guys be interested in a TSC Honest lip tint? Could be fun. )

With that, here is a peek behind the scenes at Honest Beauty.

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My top 3 Honest products that I keep going back to:

Elevated Hydration Mist – I use this mist in the morning. There’s nothing that wakes me the fuck up more than a mist in the morning.

Organic Beauty Facial Oil – This oil lays so nice under makeup. You guys know I love an oil.

Magic Beauty Balm – This is really nice to put on your lips or your eyelids to give you a dewy glow when you’re running out the door. I like to use this when I don’t have a lot of makeup on.

Other standouts of the Honest Beauty headquarters:

♡ fun photo shoots were happening.

♡ they have a product development & chemist lab.

♡ there are Diva lights everywhere.

♡ lots of different feature walls throughout the office.

♡ lots of chill, creative spaces for employees.

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Hope you guys enjoyed this mini tour of Honest… more to come ( wink, wink ).

x, lauryn

+ If you’re into beauty scope this page.

++ Be sure to listen to the podcast with Jessica & Cash.



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4 replies to “A Tour of the Honest Headquarters With Jessica Alba”

  1. Do you have any recommendations for bags under the eyes? Loving your stuff! So glad I found you!

    1. facial massage will help with that! there are videos on The Skinny Confidential youtube channel for facial massage how-to’s 🙂