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A Touch of Glammmmm

The Skinny Confidential x Urban Decay Cosmetics.

The Skinny Confidential x Urban Decay.The Skinny Confidential x Urban Decay Cosmetics.

Last month I found out Urban Decay launched a makeup line for Nordstrom.

But before I share ANYTHING on TSC, I HAVE to try it out first.

So I did a little testy-test for a date two weekends ago…& YOU GUYS, it’s good.

Especially the contour kit.

I’m about contouring. A little contouring never hurt a flea.

And of course, a pop of red is always fun…

The Skinny Confidential x Urban Decay Cosmetics.

The Skinny Confidential talks makeup.

Anyway if you want to chisel those cheekbones & really pump up your assets, contouring works like a dream ( also known as Kim K’s best makeup tip ).

Debating on whether or not I should do a tutorial on this? Might be fun.

On this particular night, I was wearing this turtleneck dress ( turtlenecks > anything ) & these black pumps. Also, I definitely enjoyed a little champagne ( in the shower before I got ready? Party hardy. HA )…

Urban Decay x The Skinny Confidential.

But honestly, I stayed in with this look.

We had a date night at home with the BEST Brussels sprout salad EVER…going off on a tangent real quick because the Brussels sprout salad I get from the restaurant across the street is killer. I need to re-create it like, yesterday.

Here’s what I do for Michael when I’m in a pinch & dressed up with no freaking time ( SHHHHHH though!! ): grab two Brussels sprout salads ( the one I like has fresh Parm, basil, & lemon!!! ), a bottle of champagne ( pre-chilled ) from Ralph’s, & a thin-crusted pizza with EXTRA fresh basil & lemon ( from the same little restaurant across the street ).

Then I RUN MY ASS home, turn on sexy music, light candles, add the salad to a big bowl, put the pizza on a pizza plate, chill glasses, dim the lights, pour two glasses of Pellegrino, slice lemons, add a sprinkle of chili flakes on the salad/pizza, throw anything on the floor in the laundry room ( hide shit, it works! ), & ACT TOTALLY CASUAL when he walks in, fully like “hey babe, what’s up, oh this old set-up? PSST, just threw it together— no big deal” ( GEEZ, my God, the lengths we women must go to…we should get a damn trophy ).

& then I apply a little more lipstick & pretend to look effortless while he eats a slice of restaurant-bought AKA ‘homemade’ pizza ( #fakeituntilyoumakeit ):

The Skinny Confidential x Urban Decay Cosmetics.

So ultimately this new makeup look kinda kicked ass for my at-home date night…& so did the Brussels sprout salad.

Definitely recommend both.

Anyone else throw together a fake-ass quick date night? Gotta do a video on this too. Share your secrets below. I won’t tell.

x Lauryn

{ P.S. I have a STERN curfew, if you didn’t know, so staying at home makes things much easier for everyone involved. x }

+ Photos by: Teresa Fae

The Skinny Confidential x Urban Decay Cosmetics.

Makeup I’m Wearing: 

Eyeshadow: ‘Naked Basics’ Palette
Contour Kit: ‘Naked Flushed’ Bronzer, Highlight, & Blush Palette
Foundation: ‘Naked Skin’ Weightless Definition Liquid
Bronzer: ‘Naked Skin’ Bronzer w/ SPF 20 ( << BRONZER x SPF!! )

Lip gloss: ‘Walk of Shame’
Lipstick: ‘Bang’

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  1. That lip color is gorgeous on you. I have totally been eyeing up that contour kit! Cute post!

  2. Ha! I totally do this for Friday date nights but since my man doesn’t get home from work until like 7 he’s usually the one picking up the goods 😉

  3. Yessss! Haha this is totally me, too! I started making homemade pizza, though when I did a 90-day sugar fast and couldn’t find any without sugar, so now I make my own super-quick yeast-free dough and freeze it for date nights. Still super fast to make, but actually homemade now- just throw on some sauce/EVOO and whatev veggies/herbs I have in the fridge/garden before baking! P.S. Please do a contouring vid! I’m terrible at it! :-/

  4. I’ve actually been looking into buying that contouring kit for a while – I’m so glad you tried it out! I just can’t decide what shade to get. Online they have Naked, Native, Streak and Strip. I’m wondering which one you purchased because we have a similar skin tone, but I have much darker hair :/.

    Help a sista out?!

  5. This post KILLS ME!! Literally giggling out loud. My big secret…my husband has a weak spot for apple pie. I have no time or patience to ever make him a dang apple pie…so to this day he still doesn’t know I buy them EVERY DANG TIME! I’m just good like that, seems you have the gift, too!

  6. I’m a huge fan of the Naked collection. Can’t wait to check out Nordstrom to see all of the goodies! And yes, you should definitely do a tutorial.

    Thanks! | Carly

    1. Just realized how weird I worded that….Loving everything Urban Decay has RELEASED* this past year (grammar nerd over here haha)

  7. Omg. When you said “Hide shit. It works.” I died because that is like basically my clean house strategy forever.

    Love urban decay everything, no wonder their nordstrom line is good.

  8. I’m obsessed with that dress. It’s so adorable! I might just have to order that for a date night! Also, thanks for sharing how you fake it until you make it too because it’s nice to know I’m not the only one! Also, please do a contouring tutorial! That stuff is lost on me!

  9. Taking notes for the next date night in. I usually end up trying to make everything homemade and running superrrrr late :\

  10. I don’t think any of those products were made FOR Nordstrom…I think Nordstrom just hasn’t carried the brand before. Correct me if I’m wrong, though.

  11. Love the naked palette! I bought it awhile ago and dropped it 🙁 but bought another good one from nars.

    QUESTION. I need your advice on business casual dress code? I’ve really struggled coming up with outfits.
    PS it’s cold where I am lol

  12. This is good inspiration. I’ve got an almost one year old so hubby and I are in most nights. That usually means yoga pants and a ponytail. But hey, no need to let it all go right? I’m so having a “date night in” this weekend… A few candles and a sexy getup go a long ways, thanks for the post!

  13. Did the Naked makeup make your skin breakout or anything? I use bare minerals Barre Skin liquid foundation, which I like, but it comes off pretty easy. I need something that is light but actually lasts a busy day!

  14. Yes, please make that vid about contouring! I’ve tried it and it just looked weird O_o

    P.S. I love your blog <3

  15. Haha love it!! Just wish I had one of those restaurants over the street!! I tend to spend days in advance shopping, prepping food etc for when the boy visits, and that throwing/hiding stuff definitely works! He’s never been in my spare room for very good reasons 🙂 PS this make up looks fab!xx

  16. Hi Lauryn, gotta love date nights like that! I do something very similar with meals from a small Italian restaurant the town over from me, works like a charm 😉
    Question! Are you still using the tinkle to shave your face? I’ve been very interested in it since reading about it from you and from Michelle Money but I’d love to hear your thoughts after doing it a little bit longer??
    I’d also love to hear anything on contouring!

  17. The Lipstick color is really very HOT and suits you perfectly. And the overall looks and makeup was soo Good… Loved it. :*

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