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ARM PITS, Shaving & Post-Shave

shaving arm pits | by the skinny confidential


Weird topic today but what’s new with that?


Specifically your arm pits.

For some reason this is a topic of discussion. Seriously though, Snapchat holds a real discussion about arm pits, this may sound odd but people are wondering about…arm pits.

So I figured, let’s open the gates on this one. Especially since it’s Valentine’s Day on Sunday— I mean shit, we all gotta have smooth pits on V-Day right.

I’m no expert but I figured this is entirely a team effort: you help, I help, we help someone…you know, with ARM PITS.

My first arm pit tip is easy: a razor, but a MEN’S razor.

I ALWAYS use a men’s razor on my arm pits.

This is weird but I’m telling you, it’s a closer shave. Like a close, CLOSE shave. It gets the hair real good.

Also, this is bizarre too, but I’m a big fan of shaving with oils.

Like avocado oil. Just a few drops ( extra virgin olive oil works too. It’s a natural lubricant so it protects the skin from nicks & cuts ).

Forget shaving cream because there are so many chemicals in it, & there’s too many other options.

Keep it simple, stupid. With oils. It’s faster, cleaner, & leaves your skin baby smooth. I swear, a real game changer.

After the shower, I rub raw coconut oil on my arm pits ( make sure it’s post-shower ). You know, like deodorant. Because of its antibacterial properties it’s great for a pre sort of deodorant. Then after a few minutes, I apply my actual deodorant.

( …By the way, I have YET to find a deodorant that I like AND works. Anyone? )

Here’s the thing: this all provides a much closer shave WITHOUT razor burn.

Also I shave in one direction always & avoid travel-ish razors at all costs.

If you still get razor burn after this, you gotta try Tend Skin. It literally takes away razor burn. No one is telling me to say this, I’ve used this since 8th grade ( LOL ) for razor burn. It just works. A real miracle worker.

I’ve recommended it to a lot of my friends who get razor burn down there…if ya know what I mean.

And of course, if you’re prone to ingrown hairs or pimples, try tea tree oil. FAVORITE. If that still isn’t working speak with a laser specialist because they ALWAYS know what to do. Especially if you feel like nothing else is working.

Other tips: stay out of the sun ( I feel like it makes any razor burn worse- sun spots suck anyway ), dry brush ( fabulous for the skin’s stimulation ), & always moisturize head to toe ( I use basic coconut oil but what else is new there ).

So on that note, how do you keep your arm pits super soft & smooth? Anything I’m missing?

Share your tips, tricks, weird-ass advice too. I think by this point we’re all game!

Next up: bikini line. HA!

x lauryn

  1. I always use a men’s razor too. It works way better and gets into the curve area! I never thought of using coconut oil though, I use it everywhere else, so why not?? Genius! I do use a homemade sugar scrub before I shave, it seems to make everything more smooth afterward. Thanks for the tips!! 🙂

  2. Always shave in one direction! The hair grows in two directions yes, but shaving in two directions can cause ingrown hairs, irritation, razor burn and razor rash. Also your entire underarm area will be so much smoother because (not certain on this one) I think the hairs begin to all grow in the opposite direction you shave (I shave down only and I’m certain they all grow up)

  3. The other day I somehow forgot to shave my arm pits in the shower so a few hours after I got out it really started bothering me. I decided to try shaving them with dry arm pits and a dry razor and it worked better than in the shower. The razor went over better and I got a closer shave then normal. Weird I know but something new.

  4. Waxing your armpits is even better! the hair grows back slower, & finer; its a bit painful, but so worth not having to shaving every other day!

  5. I run a razor over my armpits every time I shower, I’ve done it for 15+ years now and as long as I keep that up no razor burn for me. I also use a scrub on them one a week or so which really helps.

  6. Hey everyone! Just wanted to say that I’ve always dealt with SUPER sensitive armpits when it comes to shaving. I used to have to wait like 3 days (I know gross) before shaving again because of how sensitive and irritated the skin got. Thankfully I found something that works for me and I figured I would share it here… SHAVE EVERY DAY! This is one of the main things that has helped and I know it seems counterintuitive but seriously it helps exfoliate the build up in that area and prevents ingrown hairs from developing. I would love to do a follow up on this post on my blog, as I think it’s an actual issue that a lot of people face that can affect your self esteem especially in the summer time. Thank you Lauryn for bringing this topic up! Hopefully some of my tips will help out even more!

    P.S. Oils are the shit–coconut oil is the only thing that helps my eczema in the winter!

  7. Great post! Wondering if the product you use on razor burn also works on the bikini line? That’s where I get the WORST razor burn ugh.

    Thanks xxx

    1. I’ve been using Tend Skin for years after brilliant waxing- It’s the BEST product for razor burn anywhere 😉

  8. These are my favorite posts about super random topics that need to be discussed (obviously). I’ve never tried shaving with oils but I’m obsessed with Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile liquid soaps- they’re really just a bunch of organic oils and are perfect for everything from shaving to cleaning your house.

  9. I was JUST thinking about how I’ve mastered the closest shave through shaving with oils! I love using coconut oil…I used to use hair conditioner! LOL!! But coconut oil moisturizes so nicely too!!

    Do you use a natural deodorant?


    1. Hey Kris! Do you use coconut oil for shaving legs as well? I often get pretty bad razor burn when shaving my legs and I have tried everything from different razors to different shaving creams. Never seems to work and its painful and I never get a close shave because of it. Never thought of oils until this post, maybe it’s the answer.


    2. I love using coconut oil for shaving my legs! It always leaves my skin SO smooth too. You should definitely give some oils a go if you’re prone to razor burn 🙂

  10. oh my god i love the tip with the coconut oil! Will definitely try that 😉
    xo, Sara

  11. Great topic! Definitely use oils rather than shaving cream, they are the bomb. And exfoliation is key!
    For razor burn I’ve successfully used Bikini Zone cream, witch hazel, aloe, ACV (kinda stinky tho) and hydrogen peroxide. <3

  12. What about… leaving your pits the way God made ’em w/perhaps a little judicious trimming?
    I gave up shaving pits when my son was an infant (17 yrs ago); NOT ONE COMPLAINT.
    We’ve all been brainwashed, ladies!

  13. I have been trying numerous natural deodorants. So far the one that works the best is Lavanila. I have the vanilla scent and it’s too strong when I first put it on and then it calms down and blends in nicely. Second favorite is Weleda spray (citrus scent). Although nothing works as great as an antiperspirant but I won’t use that anymore.

  14. LOVE this post!! I’ve been using an intuition razor forever and love the ease of use for my legs. However, it doesn’t get the closest shave on my arm pits. I shave every time I shower (which isn’t every day, let’s be real) and lately have been getting some ingrowns but not too bad. Literally going to buy a mens razor after work and I’m also obsessed with oils so check that one off the list. Thanks Lauryn! xo

  15. Totally agree on men’s razors! But I’ll have to try the oil. I’ve been a soap and water on the daily type of gal, but the pits could probably use a little bit of lovin. Also, on the deo: just started using Primal Pit Paste (the jasmine one is my fave). It’s natural, free of that nasty stuff you’ll find in Secret, and it works for everyday use. At the gym, not so much… still working on finding something effective enough for that.

  16. Lauryn!

    It’s a must to get laser hair removal on your armpits!! It’s seriously lifeeee changing.

    There’s a place in LA, specifically in Encino and it’s a place called New Look Skin Care Center. Get this-it’s only $40 every 6 weeks!!! You only need 8 treatments for it to be effective. Then touch ups every so often.

    I started a year ago and I NEVER shave. There’s no hair anymore and when it does grow back it’s super thin then I go get a touch up.

    I highly suggest this!

  17. if you use oil instead of shaving cream (i usually just use body wash but am loving the benefits you mentioned of oil), how do you keep the floor of your shower from being permanently oily and slippery?

  18. Men’s razors are definitely the way to go! Gotta get ready for spring break! Can’t wait to find out where you are traveling next Lauryn.

  19. I’ve tried so many natural deodorants but never found any I liked that also worked. However, I recently started using milk of magnesia as deodorant and it’s amazing! I’m hooked on using milk of magnesia and wish I’d found it sooner. Keeps me dry, odor free, and bonus – I get a little more magnesium in my body too. All you do is spread a thin layer on your underarms, give it a minute to dry, and you’re good to go. You can spread it with your fingers or buy an empty, reusable roll-on bottle for easy application. Just make sure to purchase milk of magnesia that only has magnesium hydroxide + filtered water. Some brands try to sneak in sodium hypocrite (bleach) and other not great stuff. The brand I buy is GoodSense Milk of Magnesia Saline Laxative, Original, 12 Fluid Oz. Got mine on Amazon ( and it lasts ages!

  20. I lasered my wholeeeeee body – armpits, Brazilian and legs – THE BEST decision ever – no hair no nothing.

    SO cheap too in NYC – I went to Skin Spa SOHO and it worked like a charm!

    I always appreciate a body hair discussion you know?



  21. i need to start using coconut oil for moisturizing. i’m such a bad moisturizer and it’s so so important! Thanks for the reminder! As for armpits…no secrets here – but i’m with you that shaving cream is chemical craziness. So glad you promote clean ingredients everywhere! xo


  22. You have to try getting an underarm wax! It leaves the armpit looking smooth and clean because you can’t see the hairs that are below the surface like you can with shaving. It doesn’t hurt too bad. 😉

  23. My fave deodorant is from Kiehl’s (I did a post on my blog about it!) It’s the only one that fully works for me and doesn’t irritate my skin.

  24. Great post! I started using a men’s razor after being recommended one by my mom. I love it. As for deodorant, I use the Dove Advanced Care deodorant in the clear tone version. It’s said to lighten armpits, which I found to be true.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

  25. I’m allllll about men’s razors. It’s a little F’ed up beacuse there has been so much proof that they (like Khaled says NO to THEY) up charge women for the same products as men! But I’m with you, I find they get a closer shave & maybe an extra blade or two. Love the avocado oil idea – I will def give it a go!

    As far as deodorant, my mom got me one from some random farm in Texas that I was OBSESSED with and it was the best ever but it was literally just coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot, and oils. I am thinking DIY is the best route! Another great one was Meow Meow Tweet – I loved their lavender one!

    Happy early Valentines day!

  26. yes, men’s razors! in a pinch I had to use my husband’s razor to shave my legs. I have been using them since.

  27. I have the same problem with deodorant…I recently started using the Dove spray. I find it works well (I sweat a lot–anxious much?) and smells really good. HOWEVER, I really want to start using natural deodorants, and I have my eye on this one at LUSH! Haven’t tried it yet but it smells AMAZING.
    Also, second Tendskin!!! I just make my own at home now, but it is a lifesaver, particularly for bikini area(which I refuse to touch with a razor anymore–waxing ftw!).

  28. Absolutely agree on the underarm wax! It is life changing. I wax legs, bikini and underarms and have given up razors completely. No regrets AT ALL!

  29. I use a gel deodorant because those “no show” solid deodorants never work for me… they pill up and leave stains on anything dark. Secret Outlast Unscented works great. Thanks for the other tips, I’ll have to try using oils!

  30. I always wax, I think its the only way that I have it smooth and nice.

    As for deodorants, a natural one that my mum used on me and my sisters growing up, is literally lemons, just slice it and use it as deodorant. It gets the job done and I swear it does not make you sweat at all

    Now that we are older we all use Borotalco original deodarant, it smells nice and you never sweat.

    Great post!

  31. If you’re a big fan of shaving with oils I highly recommend L’Occitane’s Almond Shower Oil. You can purchase it at Sephora or Nordstrom! It smells absolutely wonderful and leaves my legs/under arms as smooth as can be xo

  32. RE: Best Deodorant!

    My mom found this deodorant! It’s the best one I’ve ever used, though I haven’t used it consistently because I usually need to change mine up to avoid building a tolerance. However, this stuff is great. On another level.

  33. it’s not all natural, but the only deodorant I’ve found that really works is nivea black and white; anything else leaves yellow marks on white shirts, for me

  34. The only natural deodorant that I’ve found that works is Lavanila, especially if you can reapply. They sell travel size options that I keep in my purse so, I’ll usually reapply in the late afternoon. Although, if there’s any chance I have a meeting, I still use a regular deodorant because nervous sweating is caused by our hormones which induces the odor. Regular sweat doesn’t do that. (Sorry, gross, but interesting, right?)

  35. I think you should try Schmidt’s deodorant! It’s all natural, so it’s right up your alley! No harsh chemicals whatsoever, and some may think it’s expensive ($9) but I don’t go through deodorant super crazy fast so I think it’s worth it. And unlike other natural deodorants, this one actually stays smelling fresh and prevents the sweat! They also have lots of scents to choose from. God I sound like an informercial, sorry but I just love it that much!

  36. OMG i do the exact same thing! men’s razor and all. I am OBSESSED with this deodorant… must try no aluminum, parabens or any of that crap and it smells SO damn good!

  37. This sounds super weird…. but try waxing your pits. Yes, it hurts like hell the first few times but I did it every two weeks RELIGIOUSLY for a like 4 months and I literally have maybe 5 hairs under each arm. And, now that I do shave every couple weeks (sounds gross but seriously, the hair is so fine you can’t even see it!) I don’t get the irritation, ingrown hairs, etc. It sounds like a lot of work to go get waxed that frequently, but it’s worth it!

  38. I use a hard wax at home, it’s super super easy!!!! I bought a wax warmer on amazon for about $30, works great. I actually have kind of a big hole in my armpit because I had all of my Lymph nodes removed, and I literally can’t shave there now, I can’t get the razor into the dip. Going to a salon every time you need a wax is annoying, and doing it at home with a hard wax is sooooo easy. I highly recomend.

    I’m sure you prob have a post about this, but what kind of coconut oil do you use? I can’t use regular deodorant either and I think I would like coconut oil. I switch up what I use, but currently use arm & hammer essentials and my man likes everan jack… he’s actually tried many kinds and only likes that brand.

  39. I have FINALLY had success using the crystal at night and then Jason’s Purifying Tee Tree Deodorant when I get ready for the day. Its the only natural deaode I have ever used that keeps me smelling fresh all day. It’s super cheap too!!

  40. Started shaving with coconut oil as of recent; seriously don’t know why I didn’t start sooner. its amazing! No razor burns or irritations, as you shave the coconut oil moisturizes every inch of your skin. I’ve especially been using it down south – such an easier shave!
    My boyfriend shaves his chest and since he started using it, he doesn’t get irritations either.
    just a dab of coconut oil on wherever your shaving, and your skin will feel moisturized endlessly.

    xo love you!

  41. Check out Piperwai

    I found it on a Refinery29 article last year and I’m obsessed. No stink. I used to use Dove stick forever and this stuff actually works. I dont usually comment on posts but check them out!


  42. Since you brought up coconut oil after shaving, here’s my little deodorant tip.

    I also apply coconut oil after shaving for it’s antimicrobial and moisturizing properties. But I also mix in a drop or two of essential oils. Usually it’s peppermint, but sometimes lavender, lemon, or whatever I’m in the mood for. Later, after that has fully set in I spray on Weleda’s rose deodorant. That said, sometimes the coconut oil and essential oils are enough. I once forgot to put on the Weleda before going to Pure Barre one morning, and still smelled fresh after class, even though I did get a little sweaty.

    That said, if you are switching from a more conventional deodorant, I’m not sure this would work right away. I switched from a conventional over a year ago, and my body went through some weird detox type phase for like 2 weeks. Not fun during, but so worth it now to be going the more natural route.

  43. I have tried different shaving and waxing techniques, but went with laser hair removal – it is what I recommend. Thanks for sharing!

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