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Top Model Taya Starling Talks Fitness, Diet, & Salmon

Lauryn Evarts talks with model, Taya Starling about fitness tips, diet tricks, and how to prepare for a photoshot.

Lauryn Evarts talks with model, Taya Starling about fitness tips, diet tricks, and how to prepare for a photoshot.

Taya Starling is a babe.

And not only is she a total hottie, she’s also a jack of all trade. Modeling, hosting, acting, & blogging!

Love powerful, independent women. ESP powerful, independent women that eat healthy & maintain a healthy routine.

When she’s not kicking ass at life, she’s cooking.

I mean, really. Her homemade salmon dish with grapefruit/avocado salsa ( see below ) is literally making my mouth water…

Ok, now get excited for Taya’s amaze interview!!! x.

+ Introduce yourself.

Taya Starling: I’m a dreamer, actress, sometimes host, sometimes model, part-time mermaid, & wanderluster. I was born in Los Angeles but spent eight years growing up in Thailand; my parents have always encouraged traveling so I call many places home now, but LA is definitely my home base.

+ Quick skinny tips or tricks?

TS: I don’t think there are any truly healthy quick tips on being skinny but a few small tricks in your lifestyle will definitely help you stay at a weight you’re happy with! I encourage drinking lots of water & fresh pressed juices throughout the day- I keep my fridge stocked with bottles of juice since my days are too busy & unpredictable to really make my own juice blends. Stores like Whole Foods are doing such a great job now at providing customers with a variety of options so you don’t have to actually go out & buy a juicer + organic produce every week : ).

I am not a dieter. Honestly I suck at diets- I come from a “well balanced/ everything in moderation” upbringing where every meal had all the food groups so I try to balance out my days with a little bit of everything: veggies, meat, fruit, grains. However when eating out at new places I tend to pick whatever sounds most amazing on their menu. Obviously this isn’t usually the healthiest option but that later gets balanced out with a super healthy option for my next meal.

I don’t think it’s good to deny yourself any food pleasures ( unless you’re allergic or your doctor recommends otherwise )- if you want cake I strongly believe you should eat cake! But eat a small piece & enjoy it, you don’t need the whole thing!

And above all, stay active! Even if that just means taking the dog on long walks, playing with your kids, getting girlfriends together for a workout class, &/or finding something fun to do with your significant other. A lot of people dread working out; they don’t have the time, the funds, or they’re bored with fitness, but there’s ALWAYS options. I’ve tried all kinds of work out classes & different sports to find out this: I love yoga but dislike Bikram, I love aerial arts but I’m not into spin classes, I love basketball but tennis isn’t for me. There’s something out there for everyone, you just have to be willing to find it!

+ Weekly workout schedule?

On a recent trip back to Thailand I re-discovered Muay Thai- it’s such a great all around work out for girls because it tones you up in all the right places without the use of big weights. You also don’t get overly muscular. Plus sometimes it’s just fun to let some frustration out on a punching bag! Haha!

I balance Muay Thai with various types of yoga depending on what my body is needing. Lately it’s been sculpting yoga at Core Power Yoga. It’s a nice little blend of small weights, cardio, & yoga flow in a slightly heated room. It’s amazing how awesome you can feel after building up a nice sweat to some great music. I try to alternate the two workouts at least twice a week, but if it’s nice outside I’ll switch things up with a hike or a jog. I live by the beach, so any excuse to be outside in the sunshine is an excuse to get outdoors.

+ Favorite go-to healthy food?

I’d have to say it’s a tie between acai bowls & a nice big salad. II’m not talking about just lettuce- salads have endless possibilities. Think: colored veggies, delicious dressings, mixed spring greens from the local farmer’s markets, sliced strawberries, a little crumbled goat cheese, &/or steak slices. Salads aren’t just a side anymore ; ).

+ Cocktail of choice?

I’m more of a wine or champagne girl ; ). A nice bottle of bubbly or red wine will always be my favorites!

Lauryn Evarts talks with model, Taya Starling about diet tips, fitness tricks, and healthy recipes.

+ Can’t-live-without beauty product?

I can’t live without mascara & some sort of lip balm/gloss/stick. Those two things make all the difference when you feel like you need a little pick me up.

+ Five pieces of clothing that you’re currently dying over:

1.} I’m madly in love with AllSaints and just recently purchased ‘The Riviera Dress’ & it’s the perfect go to- you can dress it up or down, it’s super comfy, & just fits right in all the best places.

2.} As we head into summer & the California weather gets wishy washy ( hot one minute & chilly and misty the next ), my favorite go to jacket is this Free People parka. It’s light weight with a hood with a killer tie dye wash. The jacket also had some funky, fun, bright embroidery. SWOON.

3.} I’m a total beach girl so I’ve got two drawers full of bikinis & swimwear. One of my new favorite pieces is this Acacia bikini ( it has a gorgeous knit accent on the back & sides ). Perfect for a day in the sun & sand!

4.} My go to shoes lately have been my Nike ‘Dunk Sky Hi’s.’

5.} I’m also in love with an amazing pair of booties like the Freebird ‘Phoenix Boots.’

+ Natural beauty remedy?

I switched from my traditional makeup cleaners to coconut oil a year ago- I’ll never go back! Coconut oil is a staple in my bathroom ( so is honey ). Coconut oil is so great for hair, skin, & even removes stubborn waterproof mascara!

I also started washing my face with honey a few months ago & I’m obsessed. Once a week or so when I need a nice, little scrub I’ll add a little sugar to the honey & honestly my face has never been happier.

+ When I wake up I…

Take a few minutes to soak in the morning- I stretch the sleep from my bones, do a little meditation to set my intentions for the day, & then turn on some cool music & get moving!

Lauryn Evarts talks with model, Taya Starling about fitness tips, diet tricks, and how to prepare for a photoshot.

Lauryn Evarts talks with model, Taya Starling about fitness tips, diet tricks, and how to prepare for a photoshot.

+ What’s in your purse?

My friends always tease me because although I was never a Girl Scout growing up, I’m always prepared. You need it, I’ve got it: keys, phone, wallet, lip balm, Bandaids, gum, pen, hair tie, perfume, candy, hand cream, notebook, etc. It’s all in my Mary Poppins purse.

+ Naughty indulgence?

This list could be dangerously long…I have the biggest sweet tooth ever & I’m super happy to devour chocolate covered strawberries, French macaroons, cupcakes, or anything with caramel!

+ If you had a shoot in a week, how would you prepare?

I try to keep myself ‘work ready’ at all times, but always make sure I’m always really well hydrated. I also make sure I get my butt to the gym at least every other day & I cut back on my foods that are high in sugar or salt.

If I feel like I have been over indulgent, I’ll juice & eat raw for a few days to clean out my system. This has been especially helpful around the holidays after all those big heavy meals.

 + Quick, easy recipe?

Salmon is delicious & easy ( not to mention healthy! )- I take a filet of the fish, brush it with a little olive oil, sprinkle on some Hawaiian salt, & freshly cracked pepper ( sometimes I’ll add a little chili powder too ). Then I broil it for about five minutes or so.

I’ll throw that on top of a salad or if I’ve got a few extra minutes, I’ll serve it with an avocado grapefruit salsa.

For the salsa, use a grapefruit, an avocado, sliced jalapeño, minced red onion, cilantro, & a little lime juice. Make sure everything is chopped & then gently toss together with a little salt & pepper to taste.

Voilà! A fancy looking feast that was super easy to throw together : ).

++ Follow Taya on Twitter here & Instagram here.

Lauryn Evarts talks with model, Taya Starling about fitness tips, diet tricks, and how to prepare for a photoshot.

  1. So trying the honey face wash, love that idea! Anything natural I am 100% in for 🙂 Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful beauty tips, I love the interviews!!! Have an amazing weekend. Love + Shine CourtStar

  2. I have to try the salmon with grapefruit avocado salsa. love. I am curious, how much sleep do y’all get each night. I’m stuck at a certain weight, I eat clean and exercise daily. The only problem I face is maintaining a decent sleep schedule.


  3. I’m at my mom’s and she served salmon salad last night, she raised us on very healthy food and continues to eat healthy! I’m glad that Taya has a lot of bows in her quiver besides modeling. She’s gorgeous but it’s so healthy that she’s balancing that by developing her talent in lots of areas of her life.

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