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The Top 5 Things You Need From Amazon This Summer

Since we’re basically in the middle of summer I wanted to do a quick little roundup of things from Amazon that I’m loving this season.

You may have read in this post, about my new summer sheets, that I love adapting my home with the seasons. But who doesn’t need to pivot their wardrobe a bit for summer too? Even living in LA where it’s always warm, it’s fun to get new essentials for summer. & don’t worry, these are all going to look cute on your Instagram feed, I got ya covered. These top 5 hand-picked products have positive product reviews which are highly rated by Amazon customers!  Let’s get right to it.

Things You Need From Amazon This Summer

Reebok light pink slides.

These baby pink slides are a complete staple in my wardrobe. Literally, I wear them all the time. There’s nothing worse than squeezing your foot into a shoe when you’re running out the door, LATE. These ones are efficient. They stay right by my door so I can always just slip them on when I G2G.

Recently I had a pedicure with a ‘midnight black’ polish, threw on a couple toe rings & these slides & I felt youthful & fun. You should know that these are Reebok Classics so there are no frills. They’re super simple. The best part is the pale, delicious pink color. Wear these post-swim, with a white linen pant, or even slide them on after Pilates. ( Sidenote: read why I love Pilates & my Pilates teacher, Betsy Parker, so much. )

Retro cateye sunglasses.

These retro sunglasses are $10.89. I repeat- &10.89 !! Not only are they easy on your bank account, they’re a complete dupe of the Le Specs Air Heart Sunglasses. The Le Specs, by the way, are a favorite of Meghan Markle & Olivia Palermo.

This is a classic style & they look good on everyone’s face. You just can’t go wrong. I’m so happy I found this dupe because it’s an affordable way to be chic & iconic.  It doesn’t come with a carrying case but the product includes a microfiber pouch.  I wear them all the time- they’re really my go-to. They’re very Audrey Hepburn-esque & go with every single outfit.

Men’s mint sweatshirt.

Ok, bear with me. YES, this is a men’s comfort wash sweater. You know I love men’s clothes & this sweatshirt is COMFY. I got an XXL because I wanted it super oversized to wear with white linen shorts.

This color is so fun for summer. You can throw it on for a cool night while you’re sipping chilled rosé & BBQing. It also doesn’t hurt that the color is great for the Instagram feed- it’s kinda like a pastel teal. I don’t know about you, but I’m all about the oversized men’s sweaters & this one doesn’t disappoint.

The price won’t break the bank- it’s $18.05 & it looks so cute when you roll up the sleeves & wear it with some delicate gold bangles. Of course you can pop your new retro sunglasses on to keep it super fun. Just be sure to hand wash it or do a cold/delicate cycle & hang dry. You don’t want it to shrink up.

Seashell pool floaty.

You see so many floats on social media these days, you kinda don’t know where to look when you decide you want one. Am I right? There’s everything from unicorns & flamingos, to cars & big swans. BUT !! This one is by far the cutest. It’s a giant inflatable sea shell floaty.

It’s pink on the sides & white on the top, & it’s just the perfect summery floaty for you to relax on while you sip a skinny marg. Just be sure your significant other is ready with a camera to take 300 pics of you for your feed.

Another fun tip: blow them up when summer is over & put them around the house so your baby can lay on it. So comfy.  We even have a little blow up pool in the house filled with pink & white balls so Zaza can feel like she’s at McDonald’s.  This awesome seashell floaty is heavy duty and can withstand numerous use, perfect for any recreation purposes.

♡ Hats: denim ball cap & wide-brim beach hat.

I just had to pick two. The first one is a denim hat that you can casually throw on with a low bun & oversized sunglasses when when you don’t want to wear any makeup. This is inconspicuous & cool & reminds me of all the supermodels in the 90s. Very much a style Cindy Crawford would rock. It kinda reminds me of a Calvin Klein ad actually. Denim is a good color for the skin too. so grab yourself one- it’s only $9.75.

The next hat is sooooo South of France vibes. About a year ago I spent way too much money on a Jacquemus hat that Kylie Jenner was wearing at the time. This one looks so similar but is a fraction of the price. The quality is up to par & gives you a mysterious, sexy, fuck me look. 

It’s large-brimmed to cover you face so you won’t be getting sunspots on your upper lip like me. There are no bows & frills so it doesn’t look immature. It’s very 50s Hollywood glamour if you ask me. Reminds me of something Zsa Zsa Gábor would wear.

So grab the denim hat for the farmer’s market, & the wide-brimmed floppy one for the much needed vacay you’ll be taking next year. Pair them with your retro sunglasses & bring along your mint green sweatshirt & pink slides for the pool.

I can attest to all of these items because I have them & they’re all amazing. I hope you love them too. For more hot Amazon finds be sure to follow

Would love to know what items you guys are into for the summer. Spill all the deets below.

+ Always remember to keep yourself hydrated this summer.  It’s made of BPA-free stainless steel and dishwasher safe.    Read more about Hydroflask.


  1. These are all so great. I am going to have to spend a little time on Amazon I think!


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