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Ok, so I know a lot of you guys are college students & since school is starting soon ( boo! ), I figured I’d put together a little back to school collage.

All of these items are pieces I’d wear, own, or hope to own someday. Every single item I blog about is ACTUALLY STUFF I LIKE & WOULD WEAR. I try to never steer ya wrong.

That being said, check out these goodies ( the retro tee & backpack are life ):

1.} Striped Retro Tee:

This is such a throwback & would look so cute on babe going back to school/college/etc. I would also rock this to work with a little cardigan & oxford shoes.

2.} Snakeskin Backpack:

While looking for back to school stuff for you guys, I accidentally ( whoops ) bought this for myself. Why? Because there are a million snakeskin leather backpacks that are like thousands of dollars & I FOUND THIS ONE FOR $80. It comes in white too but I think I love it in black. Literally guys, this is a legit find…you wouldn’t believe how much designers are charging for backpacks like this one. I’ll be using this for traveling.

3.} White Kicks:

Uhhh because duh. Every girl needs white shoes for school or work. Kendall Jenner was caught recently rocking these white tennis shoes. They’re under $100 ( YES ). When I was in college my feet would get so damn sore because the campus was HUGE. I’m not a girl who wears heels to class, so if you’re like me, check these out. They are totally comfortable ( just got them in the mail a few days ago ) & your feet won’t get sore from walking around campus.

4.} Pretty, Little Notebooks:

Ummm, get in my office. These are full-on the chicest notebooks I’ve ever seen. They’re basically like marble notebooks & I love how they have a little ribbon that holds everything in. So fun for back to school or for a workspace.

5.} The Most Flattering Jeans Ever:

If you’re anything like I was in college ( eer, I’m still like this now too ), you like to stick with what looks good & re-wear it. I would rather have one pair of kick-ass, insane jeans that I wear five times a week than 20 pairs. If you’re more of a legging girl for class, check out these leggings…you’ll never look back. They’re great hangover pants too, lol. Anyway, back to the jeans, these ripped TopShop ones are inexpensive, durable, & make your butt look perky. YES PLZ.

6.} 2016 planner:

I take my planner as seriously as a heart attack. It takes me like 10390258 years to pick the perfect one. It needs to be perfect. After finding this black & white striped one, I have never looked back. If you’re a worker bee, mom, or going back to school, check it out. I’M HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH IT.

& of course, don’t forget your Lisa Frank folder, Trapper Keeper, & Jan Sport. Also, pack sliced apples with raw nut butter & a multi-green Kombucha, HA. Do I sound like a mom? Happy back to school shopping!



  1. OMG those marble notebooks are amazing! I almost wish I was still in college just so I would have an excuse to buy school supplies again! I am obsessed with school supplies. Thanks for sharing this! Off to buy that marble notebook…Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Alexis! I know right? I totally still buy “school supplies” but use them for work and idea logs. I had notes everywhere. Kind of weird right? I’m a blogger you’d think I would love everything on some kind of electronic device. I love writing stuff down! What are you going to use the marble notebook for? LMK! xx

  2. I’m in love with the backpack and I actually want it in black and white, it’s perfection! And those marble notebooks, dreamy.

  3. I am really obsessed with planners and agenda. I love Kate Spade and am definitely going to put this one in the running for 2016. Would it be so bad to have a couple different ones? 🙂

  4. Love all of these! I just got back to school today and am so ready to start the year. That planner is fabbbb.
    xx, Pia

    1. Hi Pia! Good luck with school this year! Hopefully some of this stuff will help you stay organized. Where do you go to school? xx

  5. I’m obsessed with the marble notebook! Where can i buy it? The link doesn’t work for me 🙁

    1. Hi Gina! Oh no! Here is the link for the marble notebook:

      Let me know it worked! xx

  6. Uhm, does graduate school count? Because I’m kind of dying over that backpack. Does it fit your laptop?? Definitely getting that planner though, anything to keep my to do lists in one place and stay organized is always a good idea for me. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  7. White tennis shoes are a total must! Mine are a major staple for me, makes it easier to run around the city doing chores and not having awful & sore feet. 🙂

    1. I SO agree Robyn! Comfortable shoes are a must! I’m so happy there are cute shoes with great support. Thanks for reading babe! xx

  8. YAY I was looking for a pair of black ripped jeans just like that, but was holding off on buying J brand.

    Those – I adore. Thank you boo!

  9. Hey! The link the best leggings ever doesn’t work! It takes you to the Nordstrom sight, but the page doesn’t exist. I’m dying to know the leggings! Just bought a pair of David Lerner, wondering if your suggestion is better. thx!

    1. Hi Elana, oh no so sorry the link didn’t work! Try this one:
      Also, definitely try any of the leggings by Zella, they’re amazing! And I LOVE David Lerner leggings, they’re great!

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