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Keep It Efficient With This To-Do List App

to-do list app tips | by the skinny confidential

YO! YO! YO! So this post has been a long time coming. I’ve talked in-depth about the efficiency of Google calendar-ing your life. There’s other way to do it.


I have news! REMINDERS- like the app, not a reminder like a bow tied around your finger- is the shit. There’s really nothing better to keep you on track in every aspect of your life. In fact, I really can’t live without it. Especially when it comes to my business. 1.) REMINDERS is absolutely insane when it comes to a quick easy note ( think of it like Post-It’s but virtual ). 2.) The app is color coded! Nothing better than having your life color coded. I feel like it’s almost an orgasmic situation to have everything pretty in pink, blue, yellow, & orange- you know? And 3.) What’s better than checking something off once it’s completed? I know there’s nothing I love more than putting a check mark next to a task.

The breakdown of my system is simple. That’s right, a system. I have a very specific way of making notes. These notes ensure I hit the goals or tasks to create the bigger overall picture.

Since this weird, little tip has helped me so much I figured I needed to share my system with you guys. Hopefully it helps for some of you- please let me know any suggestions or quick hacks you have when it comes to do lists.

The Skinny Confidential’s To-Do List Tips:

♡ Include a gratitude list within the list. The reason I do this is simple- my businesses are important & so is my to-do list but it’s also ideal to have a list of things I’m grateful for within the to-do list. Really, it checks my ass into reality if I’m stressed. My gratitude list gives me perspective & is a fabulous way to de-clutter the mind.

♡ If you own multiple businesses, make sure there’s a section for each business. Keep them colored differently. For instance, I have content creation for The Skinny Confidential & then I have a to-do list for blog-doo, that I co-founded with Erica from FashionLush ( we create beautiful branded blogs for bloggers ).

♡ Keep your top 7 your top 7. A very successful person once told me to take your top 7 priorities everyday & number them. Try to conquer all of them in the first part of the day. The first 3 are non-negotiable. I’ve been doing this forever & it’s helped A LOT. What I do is write down my priorities in the REMINDERS App every morning. Quick, easy, necessary!

to do list tips | by the skinny confidential 2

♡ HUGE HUGE HUGE believer in putting the note in your REMINDER App the second I think of something. Sure, it’s highly annoying when you’re in the shower & think of 5 ideas ( the shower is such a perfect spot to plan shit out, no? ). BUT the second I exit the shower, I will immediately put the note in my phone. I used to e-mail a bunch of shit to myself & it was becoming overwhelming. To have it on a to-do list in a simple format makes life easier. So- point being, the second you think of the idea, write it down.

♡ VIDEO IS IN- if you’re an influencer, start brainstorming with a list of video ideas. I’ve found this is an ideal way to create content- a list rules. There’s something about it. Sure, it’s a tip but lists in one place have really helped my business growth.

♡ Lastly if you’re a business owner- also use SLACK. SLACK is perfect to share to-do lists with a team of people. I’ve been using SLACK for a while now & found that mixed with REMINDERS, you’re good to go. E-mail is great & all but I find that e-mails can be superrrrrr counter productive. E-mail will be the death of me if I let them. Plus I’d rather engage with TSC readers any day than 3409348234 bazillion e-mails. SLACK is for what to work on your business, not in your business & keep each subject organized. You can comment back & forth to each other. I highly recommend this app. If you’re working within a big organization that doesn’t have SLACK, bring the idea to your boss & he will love you forever. I can assure you after talking to a friend of mine who runs a few very successful businesses, you will never look back. He swears by it- I actually need to up my SLACK game.

♡ To take it further, if you’re looking to clean your inbox up YOU HAVE TO TRY UNROLL ME. First of all there’s so much I want to UNSUBSCRIBE from but I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings ( you know, like maybe a newsletter from someone who you don’t know too well but don’t want to offend by unsubscribing? ). Unroll Me is just great, guys. Basically it will unroll you from any e-mails of your choosing & then send you one, long efficient email once a day with everything you’re unrolled from. I like this because instead of 500 e-mails, I get one. If I can unsubscribe from something instead of unroll myself, I’m about that. When you unsubscribe, it will disappear from your e-mail inbox right away.

If you’re going to own a growing business I think it’s highly important to zone in on your note game. Like I said, this post has been a long time coming. The idea of a mobile to-do list is simple but necessary.

Do anyone have any other to-do list ideas?

Be sure to check out this post on creating a compelling future– this will help to kind of work backwards to build out the future you envision for yourself. Plus it’s a free, cute ( PINK! ) printable.

Also! As promised, another quick 5 minute giveaway- going to give away 5 of my favorite skin care products. As an influencer I find it super important to give away a bunch of the products I’m sent as a big-ass THANK YOU. So ya, if you want to win- tell me your favorite to-do list tip on my latest Instagram.

With that, I’m off- we are in the middle of the ocean in Greece so the WiFi is very spotty. Spotty WiFi gives me severe anxiety- like cold sweats & palpitations. HA, I kid ( kind of ). At least I have my notes app?

Hope you’re all having a relaxing weekend. Cheers!

See you tomorrow, lauryn x

  1. Have so much fun in Greece!! It’s def a bucket list place for me 🙂 I love this post & it came at a perfect time. I’m finally starting to get organized as a blogger and it’s been a GAME CHANGER. I NEVER use my Reminders list so I’ll def make it a regular thing. I’ve been putting the exact times in my google calendar when to post on Instagram and it’s really helped me keep things in check, from planning content / captions to making sure I actually post! Another thing I started doing for my to-do list which is right up your alley is utilizing the TASKS feature in gmail. Basically, everytime I open my email (which is constantly), it pops right up and you can check off as you go or add notes. I wish I was this organized when I first started!! x Shannon ||

  2. Oh my gosh I love this post! These are actually a lot of the apps that I use and I’ve already learned some better ways to use them. I will definitely be using my reminders app more often.


  3. I swear by Todoist ( keep myself organized, especially as my job is very deadline driven. I like that I can organize by project type and that bit syncs with my Google calendar. Plus with both an app and website, I can use it anywhere.

  4. Unroll me is AMAZING! I actually did this to my inbox a couple of years ago and it’s saved me so many headaches. It’s absolutely insane how much time emails suck out of your day. I’ll definitely have to work on my lists and see if I can make Reminders work for me!

  5. This app doesn’t let me show all the different color codes to-do list on my phone like yours does ? If I try to switch the color, they all switch to that color. Hmmm

  6. Love this idea!! I do a ton of work online so I have the mac Sticky Notes app always open and color code them for different tasks. Deleting a line is not quite as satisfying as checking something off though. Plus I’ve become that person that hyper schedules things into iCal – literally everything down to the half hour to block out sections of time for work/errands/etc… keeps my to-dos realistic! While I don’t run any business I think it is SUPER important to have a “development” calendar/list to remind myself to go to lectures, read, whatever… keeps you growing and motivated. <3

  7. Truly, awesome post.Thanks to LAURYN for sharing this informative article.I really enjoyed reading this article and learned better about apps.In technology era, many important apps should help to complete next plan and reminder to the people.I will make sure to bookmark your blog and will often come back someday. I want to encourage continue your great writing, have a nice evening!

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