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  1. I actually do not have an instagram….but was hoping to be able to enter the giveaway still? I NEED one of these halos because I really need to expand my use of hair accessories. I have very thing hair though, so perhaps these would work great with my difficult hair? 🙂

  2. I would like to win one because your halos creations are beautiful and I never had one of them but I hope I can win. Fingers Crossed

  3. Would absolutely love to win a Halo! I am obsessed the the flower headbands and have been following TMG for awhile! Already posted my #regram on IG! @kbea88. (:

  4. These are SO amazing!!!!! I need them for Coachella this year! They are the absolute cutest accessory!!!

  5. These are so adorable! Anything cute and girly and colorful I can out on my head, I’m in! 100%! You go girls!!!!

  6. I actually NEED these halos because first of all they are just amazing (i used to TRY to make little ones out of flowers when i was a little girl) but 2nd of all why I HAVE to have these is because it would be good for TSCONF and TMG!! Since I live in south FL I would be able to wear these halos year-round, which means i’m a walking advertisement for TSCONF AND TMG! I would even be able to wear these at my job with one of my cute maxi’s!! These halos are right up my alley and I just HAVE to have them.

  7. OMG I so neeeeeeeeeeed one of these amazingly gorge flower halo crowns!! 🙂

    I do not have an instagram or twitter, but I was sooooooo hoping to still be able to enter the giveaway?! 😉

    I’m in LOVE w/ your favorite!! The Alyssa is so amaze! However I must admit I also LOVEeeee the White Kimmie! It would look super cute with my new Flynn Skye Farm Flower Flynn Dress that I also fell in love w/ and may have purchased right after I saw your post on it! 😉

    Crossing my fingers that I will still be able to get entered into this drawing, and dreaminggggggg that I will win one of these gorge x a million flower halo crowns. I want, I need, I must have!


  8. I need these because I don’t own any! They would go perfectly with my summer outfits. Thanks! 🙂 (instagram: itsmenikkimc) (email: nikleigh(at)bellsouth(dot)net)

  9. i neeeeeed these halos bc im an aquarius….. they scream my style and everything that my personality embodies 🙂

    love, love, love

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