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ACNE! What a pest! ISN’T IT THOUGH?

If you know me you know I sure do love to go there. I feel like you do too. We can’t just talk about shoes & lipsticks you know!

SO ACNE. It’s something a lot of women deal with on a day-to-day basis. You definitely know this if you’re a member of The Skinny Confidential secret FB group- I mean, we talk A LOT about skin. Pimples, if we’re getting specific.

Whenever I get a pimple, I turn to FaceTune.

I kid, I kid.

But really, when a pimple pops up, I do three very SIMPLE things. Things that I have tested. Things that work. And things- guys!!- things that are inexpensive! You with me? Good.

You know I’m your human guinea pig- always testing, trying, researching. Potions, lotions, the works. I’m here to try 800 bazillion products & inform you of the 2% that I like. The ones that are ride or die.

Anyway, this is a very long, rambly way of telling you all that life isn’t over if you have acne, so don’t freak out- we got this.

So next time you have a zit – we all get them — have this page bookmarked so you can refer to it. Of course, if you have any other magical additions to add to this quick, efficient list, leave them below so I can try them too. Ok. Let’s do this:


HAVE YOU HEARD? THIS IS ALL THE RAGE. What’s that, you ask? Well it’s basically your new best friend. Light therapy helps eliminate acne-causing bacteria that causes inflammation.

The one I love is super inexpensive. The mask is by Neutrogena & has tons of benefits: it clears acne, allows the skin to heal, & has blue light ( << which targets acne-causing bacteria ) which has clinically proven technology, by the way. So much so, it’s actually dermatologist strength light. YES PLZ, ALL DAY EVERYDAY.

YOU KNOW I am a freak about light/sunlight on my face, but this one by Neutrogena is different. It’s a UV-free treatment. Basically safe for skin and eyes because the mask emits no UV light. Also it won Allure’s Best of Beauty. Allure editors test thousands of products over a four-month period, and every October they announce 250+ winners. The awards are considered the beauty industry’s ultimate stamp of approval.


Using the mask situation is SO simple- it’s a one-step acne treatment that covers your face and is easy to use at home. All you do is:

1.) Cleanse & dry your face.
2.) Plug the mask’s power cord all the way into the activator.
3.) Put on the mask like a pair of sunglasses ( I LIVE FOR THIS! ).
4.) Press the power button and hold it down for one full second until the lights power on.
5.) Sit back, relax and enjoy your 10 minute treatment. You do not need to press the power button again- your mask will automatically turn off at the end of treatment ( I like to listen to a podcast while my mask is on ).

You can use it every day for clearer, healthier skin.

And sure, Michael thinks I’m psycho for walking around the house looking like Freddy Kruger in pink floral- but what kills me is that I CAUGHT HIM USING MY LIGHT THERAPY MASK LAST TUESDAY. So who’s nuts now?


I’ve been using this handy-dandy TOOL since I was in high school. And let me tell you- it works.

Here’s the thing: if you pop a zit the juice of the zit is what spreads the pimple. Whenever I pop anything I make sure not to get any of the residue on my skin. If you do get some of the ‘zit juice’ around the zit YOU CAN COUNT ON THE ZIT SPREADING. That’s right guys, bacteria spreads. In fact it’s relentless, it goes everywhere. Which is why when you get a zit & pop it- more zits pop up.

I take this very seriously because I’ve very much perfected this over the years. In fact it’s kind of a magical cure.



Ok on to the black head remover. The little, super inexpensive tool off Amazon. You will love.


♡ One end is a loop tip for pressing & extracting, the other sharp end is for piercing or poking.

♡ To minimize damage to your skin, the needle is an effective way to remove blackheads, acne, or pimples.

♡ The remover is also a safe way to clear your pores than squeezing blackheads using your fingernails.

♡ With the help of these needles, it will lessen trauma to the surrounding skin.

If you don’t have a black head remover…check out this breakdown to pop a zit: “When you get out of the shower, wipe your face with a clean, never-been-used, freshly washed towel. Cover your fingers with a tissue. Even after showering, your hands and nails have bacteria that can infect your about-to-be-popped pimple. To do this, fold a tissue in half and wrap it around your index finger. Repeat with your other hand. Consider yourself prepped for zit surgery.”

Throw your mask on afterwards.


Zit clay is essential. It’s nothing avant-garde. Quite simple, to the point of boring really. It’s this clay that’s “not regular clay. It infuses minerals that minimize oil production & significantly increase healing times up to 5X’s faster than water based acne products. It contains NO dyes, synthetic or added chemicals. It also clears acne fast, pimples, rashes, bug bites, itches, ingrown hair, blackheads,& much more. Basically it pulls out remaining impurities preventing potential scarring. Individual pimples will heal and clear up faster with spot treatments.”

This zit clay was recommended by my favorite esthetician, Lindsay. It’s from Sweden & has so much praise. Plus it has two flipping ingredients: TWO !!! One of them being WATER. And with no dyes or synthetic additives.

I have used this FOREVER. The stuff works ASAP, immediately. I’ve never seen anything so magical.

Here’s the main secret though: the directions says to leave it on for ten minutes…I leave it on the zit OVERNIGHT. So I sleep with the clay on the pimple. Works like a charm.

Those three items combined? Buh-bye acne. You will kill those little suckers.

What do you guys do for acne? Cutting dairy helps too. My skin is always clear when I cut it for a while.

ANYWAY! That’s it. I’m off to put on my light therapy mask, grab a cup of tea, & then lend the mask to Michael after ( LMFAO ).

Hope you’re having a fabulous Thursday!

Cheers, x lauryn

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++ this post is sponsored by Amazon & Neutrogena. As always all opinions are my own.


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  1. After a serious acne treatment I said bye to this problem for good and then – not long ago – it came back… In small portions and still less harsh the most of the acnes out there but I just don’t know what happened (blaming hormones and not treating my skin well during the winter times). Now that you mentioned this lovely tool – especially at not that high price at all! I want to try it out so bad! Thank you for that!

    With kindness

  2. I’ve been thinking about that acne mask and I’m so happy to hear from you that you tried and loved!! Looks like its on my to do list to get it ASAP. Also, I have one of those blackhead poppers and am afraid to use it!! Can you do a youtube video showing us how? Would love a good step by step so I don’t make my face any worse! xo

  3. Acne totally sucks. I dealt with it all throughout junior high and high school and finally cleared my skin up in the past year. Cutting milk definitely helps. Love all of your tips. Such a great post. AND YOUR ROBE IS GORGEOUS!
    Meghan |

  4. Hi Lauren what about the collagen light masks? from lightstream for example.
    Do you have any experience with that?


  5. Just ordered the mask! I also just ordered sand and skyy Australian pink clay mask! Would love to hear your opinion about that mask.

  6. Hey, you go girl, I think you hate Acne just like I do. And it’s true that we girls always want a simple and effective natural acne remedy. I am always in fond of some pure natural ways and I found this one on Amazon – You can also try this one!

  7. You really need to add a SoothieQ to your daily regimen AND especially when a Zit makes it debut on your pretty face. IT’S the secret weapon for helping to get rid of a pimple FAST!

  8. I was cured from herpes with herbal Med Email:(( Robinsonbucler@ gmail )). com_________________ Thank-you

    Sure Treatment!!

    Glad it worked for Me. ??????

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